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We Have White Christmases Too: Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah From Florida!

 Mark As Read    

We had a wonderful Christmas in Florida Sunday. It was 82 degrees & sunny so snow was a little scarce but we still have White Christmases - it's just that the white stuff here is sand instead of snow! Our Christmas wish is that you & your families are having an equally joyous holiday season and that 2012 will be your best year ever.

DNJournal 1285 days ago

119 Expired Domains

 Mark As Read    

The following 119 domain names are expired and available to register at the time of writing this. As usual, all names are linked to the Godaddy, Moniker and Network Solutions buy screens for quick access as the names are usually gone quickly. Godaddy Moniker NetSol Godaddy Moniker NetSol Goda...

DNXpert 1286 days ago

Godaddy Domain Auction – My Selection Of PageRank Domains 62

 Mark As Read    

The following 31 domain names are available to bid on at the Godaddy auctions at the time of writing this. All names are linked to the Godaddy auction bid screen for quick access. I have tried to confirm all PRs to make sure they are not fake but you still have to do your own

DNXpert 1286 days ago

Domain Spammers Fill-Up Christmas Inboxes

 Mark As Read    

The onslaught of domain spammers emailing solicitations to acquire domain names that are dropping or pitching domains for sale seems to have increased dramatically over the last month.  Seeing that there is no rest for the wicked, I woke to find these devious elves had filled my Christmas morning in-box full of left-over fruit-cake domains

Domain Name News 1285 days ago data is widely misunderstood

 Mark As Read    

Don't look to to see how many domains GoDaddy has lost. Ever since GoDaddy faced a boycott of its services over its (since changed) position on SOPA, people have been trying to quantify domain losses for the company. A typical data source is, which monitors changes to nameservers. This is a bad source

Domain Name Wire 1285 days ago

“A Bit More” Government Involvement Can’t Hurt… Right? Wrong!

 Mark As Read    

Humans aren't perfect and this economic climate tends to bring out the worst in most people but situations such as the SOPA drama manage to restore my faith in humanity every once in a while. White people, black people, yellow people. Republican "rednecks" and democrat "hippies" as well as libertarians and so on. People from all...

Domaining Tips 1285 days ago

Namecheap Calls Out GoDaddy On Transfer Out Problems

 Mark As Read is calling out with transfer out problems relating to domain names transferring out of to Namecheap. The article posted on the Namecheap Blog states that GoDaddy is sending incomplete whois data to Namecheap. "GoDaddy appears to be returning incomplete WHOIS information to Namecheap, delaying the transfer p...

Dot Weekly 1285 days ago

Go Daddy Headlines Inaccurate

 Mark As Read    

First off, I want to be very clear in stating that I am ardently opposed to SOPA as it is currently written, and I think anyone who makes a living online should be opposed to SOPA right now. In fact, I met with a US Congressman a couple of weeks ago, and I told him

Domain Investing 1286 days ago

US Justice Dept Now Said “Not To Oppose Online Gambling Other Than On Sports”

 Mark As Read    

According to a story in the New York Times,  citing a memorandum from the US Justice Department issued in September but first made public on Friday, the US in a reversal of a long standing position against online gambling, may not oppose it when it comes to anything other than betting on sports. The memo

The Domains 1286 days ago

New York Times Urges ICANN TTo Roll Out The New gTLD Program Slowly As A Pilot Program

 Mark As Read    

In an editorial published today by the New York Times, it urges ICANN to follow the suggestion of the FTC and roll out the new gTLD plan slowly. ""a plethora of new suffixes is just as likely to cause confusion for consumers and enable malefactors to use the new arenas for deception. Icann expects 500

The Domains 1285 days ago Domain Name Auction Starts On

 Mark As Read    

The court ordered auction of the domain name started today on As many of you are aware, isn't just a ordinary domain name. The story has been followed very closely by which reported that  Righthaven LLC, filed 275  lawsuits for copyright infringement seeking not only damages but the forfeitur...

The Domains 1285 days ago

Holiday Updates

 Mark As Read    

It is amazing to me that 2011 is already coming to an end. I have not blogged much in the last few months because of something called college which took up most of my time, but I just wanted to update some of my readers with what I have been working on. Just because I Related posts: Busy Weekend Getting Work Done Some Updates

Teen Domainer 1285 days ago

Domain Development Drops For The Week Of Dec 26th, 2011

 Mark As Read    

I hope that you all enjoyed the holiday weekend! We just got back from an absolutely incredible adventures and I'm more excited than ever to start the week. Of course this means I'm taking a look at what's dropping this week and searching for some domain development diamonds in the rough. Once again, the basic 1285 days ago

Monday’s Big List of Domains At Auction and Dropping From Around the Net 12-26-11

 Mark As Read    

Hope everyone enjoyed the day yesterday.  Many of us are taking today off as well since the holiday fell on the weekend but I had a little time so I thought I would throw a quick list up. Agriculture law may not seem like a large business unless you are like me and completely

Domain Shane 1286 days ago

Superdomain of Domainer Lawyers to be launched

 Mark As Read    

Domainers around the world should be rejoicing, after revelations that a web site featuring the collective partnership of several famous domainer lawyers has been formed. Domainer attorneys, Ari Goldberger, Howard Neu, Marc Randazza and John Berryhill decided to put their collective minds and legal expertise on domain names together, forming NeuBer...

DomainGang 1285 days ago on the domain Chopping Block!

 Mark As Read    

After winning the case against Righthaven on behalf of his client, IP attorney Marc Randazza announced at his blog earlier today that the quintessential asset of Righthaven LLC – a company that aggressively preyed on alleged copyright violations – is experiencing the biggest shocker of it all. The domain name is being auc...

DomainGang 1285 days ago

Domain blog aggregator Domainsville sustained a DDoS attack

 Mark As Read    

Popular domain blog aggregator, has been down for a large part of the day today. Abdu Tarabichi, domain investor and developer who runs Domainsville, sent out this email notice: "This is to inform you that has experienced downtime throughout the day.  We are still working on bringing it up, and suspect a DDoS...

DomainGang 1285 days ago capitalizes on GoDaddy’s stance on SOPA

 Mark As Read    

A new, non-complex web site at attempts to add a humorous and rather silly twist to the SOPA saga of GoDaddy. Since Bob Parsons flip-flopped on the support of the Stop Online Piracy Act, thousands of domains have been transferred away from the world's largest registrar. simply looks up a domain and confirms

DomainGang 1285 days ago

Danica Patrick’s legs priced at $242,600 and what GoDaddy did with them!

 Mark As Read    

A full page color ad for GoDaddy appeared on the Friday, December 23rd edition of USA Today. We're talking about the print edition, which costs $1 at the newsstands across the US. The GoDaddy ad, features a seductive Danica Patrick appearing all leggy and smiling, hiding most of her upper body behind a panel, inviting

DomainGang 1285 days ago

New gTLD failure risk bond capped at $300k

 Mark As Read    

New generic top-level domain applicants will have to find between $18,000 and $300,000 per gTLD to cover the risk of their business failing, according to ICANN. ICANN revealed the figures, which have been calculated from prices quoted by 14 potential emergency back-end registry operators, in a pre-Christmas info-dump on Friday. The so-called Contin... 1286 days ago

Whois throttling returns to bite Go Daddy on the ass

 Mark As Read    

Go Daddy has been accused by a competitor of "thwarting" domain name transfers in violation of ICANN rules. The problem has reared its head due to the ongoing SOPA-related boycott of the company's services, and appears to be related to Go Daddy's decision earlier this year to throttle Whois queries. NameCheap, one of the registrars Related posts... 1285 days ago

Naf Update Iii - Who Is In Your Corner

 Mark As Read    

Every 6 Months we bring you the results or our research on which Panelists have denied more complaints than any others.

Best Way to Determine a Domain Name Value

 Mark As Read    

I asked Adam Dicker, CEO of and, about the best way to value a domain name. Here's what he said in the interview.Read the Entire Article on DomainSherpa.comSponsors of DomainSherpa.comDomainTools is the recognized leader in domain name intelligence, providing a powerful set of research and monitoring tools built on the in...

DomainSherpa 1286 days ago

Righthaven Website And Domain Name Auction Under Way

 Mark As Read    

According to the website Vegas Inc ~ The auction is being conducted by SnapNames, bidders have until January 06 2011 to submit bids...

Danno's Blog 1285 days ago

Is GoDaddy Blocking Domain Transfers After The SOPA Boycott?

 Mark As Read    

A few days ago thousands of customers turned against domain registrar GoDaddy for their support of the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA)...

Danno's Blog 1285 days ago
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