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CIRA moves IDN .ca agenda forward

 Mark As Read    

DomainReport.ca Last year CIRA started talks on the possibility of creating IDN domains with the .ca extension to accommodate the french language, which is one of the two official languages of Canada. French is spoken as a first language by millions of Canadians, most of whom live in Quebec. The first round of consultations is complete, and th...

DomainReport.ca 1278 days ago

An Article About Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

Well, the title says it all! This article is going to be about domain names, just a little bit of different things floating around in my head that I didn't want to write about in single articles. Juice.com which is owned by Marksmen (or may be brokered by them, but I'm not sure why whois

Dot Weekly 1278 days ago

TossPillows.com – A Buying Opportunity?

 Mark As Read    

I spent the morning at the New York International Gift Fair piers, and one of the things I noticed was that there were a lot of companies selling toss pillows. There were all sorts of fabrics, colors, sizes, and designs – literally thousands of toss pillows. As I usually do when I come home from

Domain Investing 1278 days ago

How Often to Update Your Website

 Mark As Read    

One of the most popular questions and comments I get is how often should I update my website? The answer is it totally depends on the industry and site you are looking to maintain. Some ultra competitive areas might need an article a day or week while smaller areas only take a new article every Related posts: 5 Steps To Take Before Developing any ...

Teen Domainer 1278 days ago

My Top Picks For The DOMAINfest 2012 Live Auction And What I Think Will Take The #1 Spot

 Mark As Read    

With DOMAINfest 2012 only three days away the auction is already getting some good press as people start making their predictions. There are some very solid names in the auction so it will be exciting to see which end-up selling next week. I think when you look at these auctions you have to look at

Domainvestors.tv 1277 days ago

The Weekend’s Big List of Domains At Auction or Dropping

 Mark As Read    

Hoping to unveil a new layout to the blog this weekend if all goes well.  Some will like it, some will not.  Kind of like my new haircut that I also will be unveiling this weekend.  So as you can see, its going to be a very exciting two days.  Now here are the names.

Domain Shane 1278 days ago

A Quick Poll: Will These Three Names Sell at DomainFest?

 Mark As Read    

It's simple.  Click yes or no……..and one personal question at the bottom .. . And the bonus   Quipol

Domain Shane 1278 days ago

Francois launches Words With Domainers (WWD)

 Mark As Read    

Due to the huge success of the ever-popular Zynga game, Words With Friends, Francois – the French entrepreneur and owner of Domaining.com – decided to take the game to a whole new level. We spoke with Francois earlier this morning via voicephone from French Telecom. "Play game on Facebook and mobile, words with amis, friends....

DomainGang 1278 days ago

How Chinese domain traffic works

 Mark As Read    

DomainGang received more than 12 thousand visitors today, thanks to a Google snowflake. Later tonight, we thought it was all over, when we noticed getting fresh traffic from China. It turned out that CNBeta.com – a Chinese geek pasteboard web site – had linked to our snowflake story as well. Thank you Chinese people –

DomainGang 1277 days ago
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