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Ten points for Register.com

 Mark As Read    

Everyone has their registrar of choice and prefers to register their domains with them. For the purpose of organizing one's domains, it's prudent to keep your domain names with as fewer registrars as possible. Register.com is not my choice of registrar, although it belongs to the first group of domain registrars to become available after...

Acro.net 1278 days ago

Available Domains Jan 29

 Mark As Read    

Here are approximately 95 available domains that have dropped over the weekend. The list is made up primarily of compound keyword domains and I think there are a lot of good ones in there. Many of these have zero search volume but I included them because they sound great and can be filed in the

Bill Eisenmann 1278 days ago

Reported Domain Sales in 2011 Slide Vs. 2010 - Mostly Due to Impact of Sex.com

 Mark As Read    

DN Journal's January Newsletter is going out to opt-in subscribers today. It analyzes 2011 domain sales results vs. 2010 (as well as 4Q-2011 results). In addition to overall market numbers, the newsletter (also available at our site) looks at how well the individual categories, .coms, ccTLDs & non .com gTLDs, performed in 2011.

DNJournal 1278 days ago

BowlingBalls.com domain name sells for $225,000

 Mark As Read    

Chernoff hits a strike with latest domain sale. Garry Chernoff has completed another big domain name sale, this time selling BowlingBalls.com for $225,000. The buyer knows a thing or two about bowling balls. Nick Melnikoff has bowled in PBA tours and owns Bowlers Paradise, a web site that sells bowling balls and accessories. Chernoff told

Domain Name Wire 1278 days ago

See What Domains Are Selling At Sedo Before Others

 Mark As Read    

Here is a little tip and trick that I use for different services to get a "behind the scenes" look at domain name transactions. Today I will talk about the process I use to monitor domain names that are selling at Sedo.com before many people even know about them selling! What you will need A

Dot Weekly 1279 days ago

Skip Hoagland Making News in Hilton Head

 Mark As Read    

In my opinion, Skip Hoagland and his companies own some of the top geographic domain names (in addition to great descriptive domain names). According to various articles on DN Journal, Hoagland and his companies own names like Atlanta.com, BuenosAires.com, Fishing.com, Portland.com, HiltonHead.com, and many other top destination and keyword domain ...

Domain Investing 1279 days ago

Southern California Domainer MeetUp Gets 100th RSVP!

 Mark As Read    

Tomorrow is going to be a day to remember as our little MeetUp group, which started with about ten of us meeting in a bar in downtown LA. Now more than three years later we are excited to have our largest MeetUp ever with 100 people RSVPing as of today! This is also the first

Domainvestors.tv 1279 days ago

Weekend Musings – Free Beer On Me For Blog Commentators!

 Mark As Read    

Wow – what a weekend it has been! Last check out MeetUp group had hit 109 RSVP's and DOMAINfest 2012 is only a day away! This has been a busy weekend with lots of work getting ready for an action-packed week so I'm really going to keep this short and sweet this time! It's awesome

Domainvestors.tv 1278 days ago

Divyank Turakhia: Here’s how I destroy your wallet!

 Mark As Read    

Divyank Turakhia, co-Founder & President at Directi, is a very likable guy. Despite his sizable wealth, Divyank behaves very down to earth at domainer gatherings, such as TRAFFIC. He also knows how to party. There is one problem though: Divyank's known for ripping wallets, through the use of his business card. It's made of sharp, gold-plated...

DomainGang 1279 days ago

Five amusing Twitter accounts to follow

 Mark As Read    

One of the good things about Twitter is that there's no Whois (yet), which makes it fertile ground for pseudonymous humor. Here are the five bogus domain humor tweeters I find amusing. No, before you ask, none of these are me. I've only written one thing under a fake identity since I launched DI. @BobRectstrum Related posts:Twitter registers t.c...

DomainIncite.com 1279 days ago

No bull, just domains, at Domaining Europe in Spain

 Mark As Read    

iGoldrush: Domaining Europe is the newest conference on the domain name circuit and will host their inaugural event between April 26-28, 2012 at the Sercotel Sorolla Palace Hotel in Valencia, Spain. Numerous top domainers have already committed to attending and are excited about the trip. Dietmar Stefitz, CEO of Inverdom launched … Continue...

iGoldrush 1279 days ago
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