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DOMAINFest Global Review: Industry Changes Prompted a New Direction for the Big Event

 Mark As Read    

The DOMAINfest Global conference held in Santa Monica, California Jan. 31 - Feb. 2, 2012 was the show's 6th annual event but it was considerably different than the ones that came before. Oversee.net decided it was time to broaden the scope of the show with an agenda aimed at "Internet entrepreneurs of all stripes."

DNJournal 1266 days ago

Hundreds of Whitney Houston domains registered after death

 Mark As Read    

Singer's death prompts speculators to register Whitney Houston related domain names. Speculators have registered a flurry of domain names related to Whitney Houston since the singer's death yesterday. According to domain registrar GoDaddy, 325 Whitney Houston related domain names were registered in fewer than 24 hours after her death. You'll find a...

Domain Name Wire 1266 days ago

Making Money with Clickbank

 Mark As Read    

DomainReport.ca Do you use Clickbank to make money with your domains? I have used Clickbank for close to 10 years now, with varying success. I just read the Get Rick Click book by Marc Ostrofsky and it's made me have another hard look at the Clickbank program. Clickbank is an all-digital marketplace of mostly information products that you can s...

DomainReport.ca 1266 days ago

Zearn.com GoDaddy Domain Auction Site Soft Launch

 Mark As Read    

Zearn.com is moving out of beta and is soft launching! What is Zearn.com? Zearn is a free service that allows you to watch, find and bid on expired domain names that are on auction at GoDaddy Auctions®! Did I mention that Zearn is FREE!!! The bread and butter of Zearn is the live domain auction

Dot Weekly 1266 days ago

Branding Strategies With Facebook, Twitter and the Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

Social Networking Social networking is a key element in brand building today. It’s all in your face and you cannot ignore it. Like computers and mobile phones, social networking is becoming a key component of everyday life. This goes for the business world as well. You need to have a strategy of placing your brand [&hellip

eBusinessDomains 1267 days ago

Go Daddy Reports “Significant Surge” in Whitney Houston Domain Registrations

 Mark As Read    

I was saddened to learn about the death of Whitney Houston. I think her performance of the national anthem before Super Bowl XXV was probably one of the best renditions in recent memory. Unfortunately, it's being reported that many people have taken to hand registering Whitney Houston related domain names. Although some might become memorial...

Domain Investing 1266 days ago

There Are No Accidents

 Mark As Read    

It’s been a while since I posted on my blog. “There are no accidents” as the wise Turtle in Kung-fu Panda once said. That statement is true of my most recent hiatus from this blog as much as it is of other serendipitous happenings in my life.  When I’m blogging, I’m not innovating.  Blogging is

Frank Schilling 1266 days ago

Cybersquatting Whitney Houston: Celebrity Cybersquatting Is Never as Profitable as When The Famous Person Dies

 Mark As Read    

Stealing Whitney's Houston's legacy web traffic: Cybersquatting is when you register someones trademark, company name, brand or personal name withe the bad faith intent to profit from their mark or fame. Many cybersquatters register typographical variations of the persons trademark...

Traverse Legal 1267 days ago

Domain Development Tools: Make Mockups In A Snap With Balsamiq

 Mark As Read    

Good afternoon and welcome to my latest feature on MorganLinton.com – Domain Development Tools! Today I am very excited to share a very cool tool that has been incredibly useful in my business, and will probably help many other domain developers out there. The tool is called Balsamiq and it is honestly the quickest and

Domainvestors.tv 1267 days ago

Sunday’s Little List of Domains At Auction and Dropping Around the Net

 Mark As Read    

After Santa Monica last week, the cold here in Illinois is brutal.  Went out for a little 15 mile run yesterday and it was 12 degrees with a -10 wind chill.  After about 10 minutes I wasn't cold at all but keeping a good pace is a little difficult when you have all that winter

Domain Shane 1267 days ago

Father Domainicus: All praise Moses!

 Mark As Read    

Good Sunday, my fellow brothers and sisters in Domaining. This is Father Domainicus with an important message. The other day I was perusing the writings of Brother Michael, at TheDomains.com Brother Michael is a mellow domain evangelist with a strong heart and an even stronger domain portfolio. For some reason, Brother Michael was being attacked...

DomainGang 1266 days ago

Linsanity: Jeremy Lin (???) and Yao Ming (??) IDNs

 Mark As Read    

Jeremy Lin is the Chinese-American basketball sensation who has led the Knicks to five straight wins. Lin's underdog story began when he was an undrafted Harvard graduate who was sleeping on his brother's couch and was without a guaranteed contract. He rose rapidly to become the starting point guard for the New York Knicks and

IDN Blog 1266 days ago

Don’t Be Too Quick To Judge an Odesk Contractor’s Test Score Until You’ve Taken the Test Yourself

 Mark As Read    

I'm attempting to hire a writer for one of my developed websites.  I've been using Odesk to subcontract other types of work for a while now, so I turned to them to seek some help. The site I'm hiring for is about distance learning at the University level, so it's pretty important that the person

DomainAnimal 1267 days ago

First .xxx cybersquatting complaint filed by porn site

 Mark As Read    

The new .xxx top-level domain has seen its first cybersquatting complaint filed by a porn site. The registrant of the domain femjoy.xxx was hit by a UDRP complaint in with the World Intellectual Property Organization late last week. FemJoy.com is a well-known "artistic nude" porn site, according to the adult industry trade press. While there Rel...

DomainIncite.com 1267 days ago
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