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Saturday’s Feb-18 Expired Domain Auction List

 Mark As Read    

I usually shut things down on the weekend but some unexpected free time on Friday evening allowed me to put this list together for Saturday morning. I'm going to continue posting more expired domain auctions instead of just highlighting my top picks. This will quickly make the closeout lists smaller but I'll continue to post

Bill Eisenmann 1263 days ago

Videos Of Me Using The ZipZing Domain Filter Software

 Mark As Read    

I know several people have asked for some videos of me using the ZipZing dictionary based domain name filter software that I offer, so I took a little time this morning and have created a couple videos of it! I hope these videos help you and they also give you an insiders look as to

Dot Weekly 1263 days ago

Vote for the Contest Winner

 Mark As Read    

Thank you once again for submitting so many domain names for the contest I am sponsoring to try and help you sell a domain name. I will pay for a Domaining.com sponsored headline for a DNForum sales post where the winning domain name will be listed for sale. I am also willing to help the owner

Domain Investing 1263 days ago

Marchex Reports Earnings: Sells $2.3 Million In Domains In 4th Q and $9.4 Million in 2011

 Mark As Read    

Marchex, Inc. (NASDAQ:MCHX) reported its results for the quarter ended December 31, 2011, on Thursday after the market closed. Shares of March fell over 5% on Friday following the earnings report to close at $4.80 a share, giving the company a lower market cap, once again, than the $165 million dollar purchase of the domain name portfolio of Yung Y...

The Domains 1263 days ago

Weekend Musings Plus Me And Chris D’Elia In Hollywood

 Mark As Read    

Is it just me or is 2012 just flying by? It honestly feels like just last week that Daina and I were up in the mountains relaxing in our cabin in the snow and now its mid February! This has been one heck of an exciting year and I can tell you it’s only getting

Domainvestors.tv 1263 days ago

Coca-Cola expected to sue Google in Kenya

 Mark As Read    

Beverage giant Coca-Cola is about to consider filing a lawsuit against Google – the 800 lbs gorilla of search engines – in Kenya of all places. Coca-Cola is very protective of their trademarks, one of which is "Coke". "It's ridiculous that Google was allowed to violate our trademark", said Julia Goulia of Coca-Cola Corporation. "It...

DomainGang 1263 days ago

How To Locate a Buyer’s Contact Info For Domains You’ve Sold On Sedo, Regardless Of Privacy

 Mark As Read    

If you've sold a domain name through Sedo, after the transaction has closed, or in the event it has been canceled, (as happened to me in December after I accepted an offer on one of my domains and the buyer subsequently failed to make payment) you will be able to view the signed Domain Sales

DomainAnimal 1263 days ago
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