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WTB old domain names with over 100K exact searches - CHEAP

 Mark As Read    

Hello I'm looking for cheap domain names with over 100 K exact searches. extension doesn't matter. Domain must be over 10 year

Niche concept: How it affects your blogging and online business

 Mark As Read    

I did an article and i am getting so much mails now, i intend to do a sequel, but i want to gather more knowledge from the gurus on the board. and-online-business/ I felt it is elaborate, but i always want to learn more from here. So i want to ask my great forumites, What ef...

Blogging Niche: How it affects your blogging and online business

 Mark As Read    

I did an article and i am getting so much mails now, i intend to do a sequel, but i want to gather more knowledge from the gurus on the board. Blogging Niche: How it affects your blogging and online business I felt it is elaborate, but i always want to learn more from here. So i want to ask my great board members, What effect does niche has on...

Romoving feature image from appearing in post.

 Mark As Read    

I understand that this might not be the best place to ask this question, but I ask in different forums before posting it here, I like to remove feature image from my post, I only want it in my thumbnail, instead of repeating myself I will simply post the link question I asked in wordpress forum.

AMAZING DESIGN ! Premium SEO Social Media Business/Newbie Friendly /No Exp.

 Mark As Read    

Do you dream to have a HOT Trend SEO & Social Media business.If yes, You have a great opportunity to start Internet Profitable busniess & Get Financial Freedom in your Life. You're Bidding on 25 in 1 webservices business Potential earning is up to $3000/week NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! --------------------------------------------------------...

Graphic / Web Design Services - Logos, Mascots, Print Designs Starts from $35

 Mark As Read    

Design Services!​ Hi everyone, I have divided the images since it isn't giving high quality. Not sure why though. And I have done web-designs so link'd them at the end of the post. Check them out! We offer any web page development or programming services from now. If you have any additional inquiries please let us... Graphic / Web...

PR4, Culinary, with DA46 PA34 Moz.Rank 4.21

 Mark As Read PR4, Culinary, with DA46 PA34 Moz.Rank 4.21 registered in namebright

Need Indian-based content writer (long-term arrangement) - Salaried Position

 Mark As Read    

I need a good content writer for a long-term basis. You just write have to write 5 articles (average 500 words) on topics that I give. I may also help with links and researching tips in some cases. The topics that I give are fairly simple, and do not need in-depth research too. The most important requirement is grammatically correct English, prope...

dot INFO domains for sale - make an offer

 Mark As Read    

I have a number of .info domain names for sale. Most are registered until August next year. The auction is for but if you want to make an offer on any of the other sites below, please PM me. BUSINESSESSENTIALS.INFO DOMAINCHAMPS.INFO FUCKINGOATH.INFO GIVEMEHOPE.INFO INVESTMENTDOMAINS.INFO LIFERIDDLE.INFO ONETWO.INFO SOLVINGPUZZLES.INF...

PR2 domain, 7 year old domain, keyword domain

 Mark As Read    

PR 2 domain, 7 year old domain and keyword domain, 4,400 monthly google searches and fronzilla name is 21 products you earn for amazon, hottopic and Adsense

Premium Australian domain names for sale

 Mark As Read    

I have some premium Australian domain names for sale. Please feel free to make me an offer. Note - you must be able to satisfy the registration requirements of owning a domain name. All domains are on godaddy and have just under 2 years registration on them. DOMAINCHAMPS.COM.AU DOMAINESTATES.COM.AU DOMAINFIRE.COM.AU DOMAINROBOT.CO...

how to convert user's facebook fanpage to user website

 Mark As Read    

Hi guys, I have a fanpage with 56k mem number. How to convert this user into a number of users on my website. i so sorry because english not good. many thanks every body.

free metrics & backlink for your website

 Mark As Read    

I just wanted to share a good free resource with my fellow Digital Point members here who own a website. Use it to get useful insights for almost any website and create a backlink.

What type of paid is suitable for my campagin?

 Mark As Read    

Just want to start experiencing paid traffic as an affilated marketer. So I already got accpeted into a CPA netowrk, picked out an email submit offer and made a landing page for it. The niche is a giveaway niche, where the user sign up for a free gift. I was thinking about going completely mobile traffic for this campagin, but don't know the m...

Redirecting and Google meta-tags

 Mark As Read    

Hello every one, I'm trying to make a redirection of an additional domain I've bought for my website. I've already added the URL the domain should redirect to, and it works, but I would like to be able to change the meta-tags shown in the Google results (these ones): The website the address redirects to is a Wordpress website. How...

Goldmine, easy money for all

 Mark As Read    

THIS ISN'T SPAM BUT JUST INFORMATION, YOU DON'T HAVE TO CLICK ON THE LINKS Hey, do you know about Goldmine ? so look this it takes 10 minutes if you want to buy something use this link with beautiful costs: and if you won't buy but share links, subscri...

Bump/Edit/Relist - Change the Title?

 Mark As Read    

Hi guys, Is it possible to change the title of a thread that you bump/edit/relist? I am able to edit the post, and bump it, but I can't change the title. Help please!

Affiliate Stats Module - Opencart

 Mark As Read    

Hello, I was wondering can somebody make a statistics for my affiliate partners? I want affiliate partners when sign in to see clicks from their affiliate links and any sales made through them. Can somebody make this ? Thanks

Affiliate partners statistics - Opencart

 Mark As Read    

Hi, Can someone tell me if there are any opencart module where the affiliate partners when sign in can see clicks from their affiliate links and any sales made through them. Can somebody make this ? Thanks

JailBreaking (.) Net Super Premium

 Mark As Read Expiration Date:07-apr-2016 Alexa Rank Global: 5,617,397 Comes with Website if you're interested and will be sold as is... Category: Tech, Cellular, Apple IOS, Services, Promos and more possibilities that are endless Avg. Searches Results (keyword): 463,000 Avg. Searches Results (sld): 1,260,000 re endless..... Exact Month...

Keyword Difficulty Checker

 Mark As Read    

Can I rank that keyword?​ That's a question most internet marketers find themselves asking from time-to-time. Unless you're REALLY good at keyword research, getting that answer wrong could end up costing you a metric ton of time and money. Stop fighting with Google and start targeting keywords you KNOW you can rank! What do I d...

PR4 Auto Sports & 7xPR5

 Mark As Read Reg. in Expired on 29/08/2016 Transfer to other registrar fee cover by buyer. Other domain PR5 still available: 1. BinghamMcCutchen.Biz DA13 PA19 Reg. Namecheap Renew 06/09/2016 BL Wikipedia Price $25 2. DA13 PA27 Reg. Namecheap Renew 09/06/2016 Price $25 3. DA12 PA25 MozRank ...

 Mark As Read Premium Ecommerce Dropshipping Site in Hot Niche with Massive Volume Potential No stock, No headaches, all items are Dropshipped direct from the supplier. Ordering and having items sent directly to your customers takes around 30 seconds per order. Premium domain name!! domain is worth $3,350 and cooltshirtsst...

Can a blog about programming take off?

 Mark As Read    

Hello. I am new to blogging. I started about a month ago with a blog about Software Development. In it i write tutorials about programming, or talk in general about How to get started or what can you do with programming. I wrote 10 articles, all over 500 words but i don't get any traffic from search engines. I posted on facebook groups but all...

Nikon DSLR Shop & Review Website, Earn $14-$23 per Sale,High CTR Theme!

 Mark As Read    

Why are you selling this site? Because is my business. How is it monetized? Using Amazon Affiliate Does this site come with any social media accounts? No How much time does this site take to run? 2 or 3 hours per week What challenges are there with running this site? You need create a new reviews for website. Only contain 3 and you need add.| Best Pay 5$ Per 1000 Download | Minmum 5$ | Payment within hours

 Mark As Read Rewards Program : You can earn money with our partner program. Our partner program is accessible to any registered user on up2box.coand we offers you the payment for your files that you sharing it in forums , blogs and social networks . Why you should choosing : - All countries supported and we pay for any file ...

PR3 Logo Services Website - Beautifully Designed - Fully Automated!

 Mark As Read    

Become a Logo Services company! All you need to do is just outsource customer orders to the outsource company and keep the difference on your PayPal account. 100% White Label Solution! No maintenance required. Everything is fully automated! It’s a very simple business to run even for a newbie. Features : Logo Services website with very potential ...

1800+ FB likes, reach less than 100 and worse

 Mark As Read    

Hi, so this is my FB page As you can see my page have more than 1800+ likes but my most recent 3 posts reach less than 30. Thats really pathetic. My FB marketing style is to follow interesting pages and share their contents in my page and then also post about my products. Pls tell me what am i doing wrong ?

Want to Buy Aged, Keyword & Brandable domains

 Mark As Read    

I am looking for many aged and brandable domains. If someone have them, please PM me. I want to buy many domains which are aged, having keywords in them, pronouncable & brandable. PM me your list of portfolio


 Mark As Read    

digitalpoint said: ↑ Without knowing the content of the message, it's tough to say if it looks spammy or not. Basically your message would have been flagged by Akismet. It's not just the message they look at, but also your IP address, username and email address. So if any of those have a history of spam (in...

Hiring Native Writer and Platinum author

 Mark As Read    

As title says Hiring Native Writer and Platinum author of Ezinearticles for rewriting work and paying pricing of $0.6 per 100 words... Will prefer native writers.... Require blog commenters also.

Looking for iDevAffiliate

 Mark As Read    

Hi, I am looking for idevaffiliate. Please let me know if you have. Thanks

playkid: $33 - Logo design for a tube videos for kids website.

 Mark As Read    

Dear all, This is my second logo contest project at DigitalPoint. You can check my first here. At this time, I'm looking for a new logo for a tube videos for kids website, called playkid. Use your creativity to build a new brand that refers a memorable and awesome logo. The logo alone, should appear concerning the concept of the website. T...

Hi guys

 Mark As Read    

Hi, I'm planning to spend a lot of time on Digital Point so I'll take some time to introduce myself My name is Thibault, I am an IT student from Belgium although I'm planning to focus on webdesign in the future. I was looking for a place where all the cool webdesigners hang out and I'm sure Digital Point is the place to be Be...

I want to send you an awesome backlink each day!

 Mark As Read    

Per permission from @digitalpoint, this is the dedicated support thread for If you have purchased full access to the website, please use this thread for support. I will be sure to answer all queries as fast as possible. ​

requisites to post in sites subforum ?

 Mark As Read    

Hello, Id like to post new threads in sites subforums but I dont know which are the requisites need for it? can someone help me? thx

Advertising companies that pay per day?

 Mark As Read    

Hey First I didn't find a better section to ask because I believe affiliate section isn't good. Ok so my question is that what advertising services do you suggest me to place their banners in my meme or like 9gag website that will pay per day? I know a company that pays per day but it's not that good. It pays for placing their bann...

Why the sudden devastating Adense drop in CPC?

 Mark As Read    

Hi! I started a new sister site to one of my high traffic sites and I've seen some nice traffic and good CTR. HOWEVER, somehow my CPC has dropped from around 0.20 to around 0.02(!) overnight. Today I have had about 1000 clicks but i've only made about 20 bucks. What causes this? Is it just a natural fluctuation or is it because of the ...

conversation errors

 Mark As Read    

no matter what I type I am unable to reply to private conversations without some error message starting contact the admin. I purchased something from the marketplace and would like to communicate with the person I entered the transaction with. please correct this issue. Viral CPM Network [Official Thread]

 Mark As Read    

Hey, we are and we think that you dont need to annoy your visitors with boring ad banners or popunders, in order to monetize your website. We show your visitors relevant and exciting content, along with some targeted ads from premium advertisers. We offer you 2 ways to earn money with us: 1. Create a landing page, all you need to do is ...

Want to Buy word domains

 Mark As Read    

We have good budget to acquire high quality domain names. These domains include: 1 word domains Branded Only interested in .com. Maybe .net Please message me your domain name and your price. We are looking for quality domains that worth good money. Looking forward to hear from you

Facebook Ad account blocked, Any advice ?

 Mark As Read    

Hello Few months ago facebook blocked my ads account without any reason.They say there's some fraud activity but I used all my real info. I contacted them many times but every time they reply me and said its their final decision and they can't unblock now ... any advice how I can run facebook ads again ?

Fact for choosing keyword?

 Mark As Read    

Hello everyone, I'm Sunviraz. An SEO freelancer. I like on page SEO. I do keyword research applying my strategies. But i want to know, which is the big fact for choosing keyword?? Search volume or suggested bid or allintitle competition?

Tech / Game Blog Posts

 Mark As Read    

Looking for high quality tech/games related guest post links with at least a PA 30+. No spammy blogs! Will pay $40/per post inc copy-writing (600+ words) PM details,

Looking for strong links on news sites in travel niche

 Mark As Read    

I want to get a link from strong media sites. It must be travel related article. Please PM with your sites and prices. Thanks

How to increase the traffic.........

 Mark As Read    

Hi, I have a Singapore website and want to increase the traffic....And i want more traffic from Singapore side. PLz suggest me any tool or technique if any body is having in their mind....

Traffic from India ONLY

 Mark As Read    

hi there, i want to buy real traffic from Indian ips. traffic resources can be: facebook entertainment blogs songs related sites fun blogs... thanks. waiting for offers.

Chef Said, he will not add anything to Pizza according to my choice

 Mark As Read    

Hi guys, An incident happened and I want your views on that. I visit a french Pizza restaurant to do my lunch, First thing I noticed was that the menu was not in readable words to choose ingredients, I pointed them to the waiter and then she told me an amazing thing that you can not alter your pizza according to your choice. Our Chef doesn't l...

Woman Beauty Site with Low Reverse Price Unique

 Mark As Read    

I am selling my woman beauty health site site has unique content getting daily traffic low daily 5-6 from google organic seaches. I didnt use adsense on this site.

How do I center this form without adding more classes or divs

 Mark As Read    

Hi guys, I want to center this form with minimal HTML and CSS code possible. How do I do it without giving the form a class name to center it. HTML: <div id=container><div id=wrapper> <form method=post action='load.php'> <fieldset> <legend>Register</legend> <input ...

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