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Food Ordering Solution

 Mark As Read    

We are gratified to proclaim our product Comeneat from an online food ordering script ( ....


 Mark As Read    

Anyone here on LinkedIn? Here's my profile - would be great to link up with members here :) 8 days ago

Schoolkids dot org - 1999 reg

 Mark As Read    

Taking offers on Schoolkids dot org 1999 Category Killer 1.5mil searches/mo! 8 days ago same like my website domain

 Mark As Read    

Hello Dear, I before use cloudflare, now i want to use same ns1. and ns2. like my website domain: website: ...

 Mark As Read How much can it be? I think it'll be a good one name for site of small quiet hotel placed somewere in calmness... I have assotiations with peacefull place. 8 days ago >>>> Low BIN <<<<

 Mark As Read    

[ATTACH] expires 17/11/2015 registered at Godaddy Paypal Only GD Push Only BIN : $35 Starting Bid : $5 Min Inc : $2 Ends : 72 hours after final bid 8 days ago

Google nixing domain names in mobile search

 Mark As Read    

Search results replace domain name with site name. Google is making sweeping changes to its search rankings on mobile devices next week, but the search giant just introduced another pretty big change. Starting yesterday, Google began replacing the URL in search results with the site's name and breadcrumb. The site-name-instead-of-domain is rolling ...

Domain Name Wire 8 days ago | 6 years old | estibot value: $1000 | start: $20

 Mark As Read ESTIBOT VALUE: $1000 Registrar: Creation Date: 2009-02-25 Expiration: 2016-02-25 Start: $20 Increments: $2 or more BIN: $250 Ends: BIN or 72 hours after last bid Payment: Paypal / Neteller 8 days ago | More than 13 years old name

 Mark As Read    

Hi guys, Taking offers for this One word domain name .info. BIN: $195 13 years old name. Exp Date: October 04, 2015. GoDaddy push. 8 days ago

GoDaddy Teams Up With MIT

 Mark As Read    

I have visited the Go Daddy and Afternic office in Cambridge, Massachusetts two times. One of the things I noticed when driving to the office was the close proximity to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology campus. MIT is one of the leading engineering schools in the world, and it produces some talented graduates. The GoDaddy office is a stone'...

Domain Investing 8 days ago

Famous Online Products

 Mark As Read    

Roamsoft Technologies ( is one of the rapid-growing and leading-edge PHP web application and high-end...

Help with DNS configuration - one domain not always working correctly

 Mark As Read    

Hi there I've just created an account here to seek help for a problem I'm having. I'm fairly new to web hosting (still at university).... Premium and more's

 Mark As Read 7 Year old Estibot Appraisal Value $1200 Registrar Moniker MZHV.COM 8 year old EstiBot Appraisal: $800 Registrar Godaddy Pr1 DA:29 PA:41 8 year old Registrar Godaddy Make an Offer! Payment by Paypal. 8 days ago

SEO Factor - Mobile Friendly

 Mark As Read    

SEO Factor - Mobile Friendly Google has started showing the term "Mobile Friendly" in their search results. The balance is tipping towards a...

New Bee

 Mark As Read    

I am a new bee here. But involve in domain business from 2014. Is the forum is very helpful to buy or sell domains ? 8 days ago

DomainShane s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Friday, April 17th, 2015

 Mark As Read    

Not the greatest list today but there's always times when the names coming across aren't as strong. Today's one of those days. *And if you guys...

DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Friday, April 17th, 2015

 Mark As Read    

Not the greatest list today but there's always times when the names coming across aren't as strong. Today's one of those days.  And if you guys aren't getting your emails responded to as quickly as normal I aplogize.  I am at peak time in a lot of aspects of my businesses and I'm physically and mentally tired.  So people don't like to admit it but ...

Domain Shane 8 days ago for offer

 Mark As Read Registered at GoDaddy Expires On April 11, 2016 Only Godaddy Push All major extension were taken I need only serious offers 8 days ago @Flippa RARE 2 character domain - 33,100Exact searches/mo -Super Brandable !!

 Mark As Read    

Domain: (click HERE to go to auction) Auction on: Terms: NO RESERVE!! - Super Brandable !! 8 days ago - All major TLDs taken ! Drone photography

 Mark As Read Domain Expires: 28 Mar 2016 Registrar: Drone Photography 5,400 Searches Drone Photo 1,300 Searches Drone Pictures 1,600 Searches 25 Major TLDs taken ! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $2 Start $2 Increments Auction Ends... 8 days ago


 Mark As Read    

Hello to all members of name pro! Let me ask for what about information can i collect from namepro? 8 days ago

 Mark As Read    

Domain: Registrar: Namecheap Expires on 2015-12-01 - 'Promote anything with this domain name.' BIN: $300 Start: $5 Increments: $1 End: 24 hours after last bid Payment: PayPal Send you EPP code and unlock domain. 8 days ago - Perfect name for business, High Appraisal...

 Mark As Read Perfect name for business. Registrar - Please, only serious offers. Any ask or offers? Please PM. Sedo or direct sale, PayPal, Escrow. Best Regards, Marco 8 days ago and other .CO domains .

 Mark As Read    


For Sale - $12

 Mark As Read Price: $12 Reg: Exp: December 2015 PM or reply here 8 days ago


 Mark As Read    

YVJT.COM GoDaddy 28 September 2015 QCVH.COM NameCheap 8 April 2016 All for $250 only Free push to your account (at the same registrar) Payment via PayPal 8 days ago PR1

 Mark As Read The Page Rank:1 Expires on 2016-04-16 FREE push within Starts: $1 Min. Inc. $1 Ends 5 days from thread start BIN: $47 Payment: Paypal only Abbreviations: VPT=Video/ Photo Tripod VPT=Vermont Public Television... 8 days ago - 10 Year Old Domain, PR2, Brandable

 Mark As Read was registered on April 1st, 2005 and has never been dropped. It is PR2, and has plenty of backlinks from when it was a video portal hosting funny videos. At one point, this site was receiving over 20k UV daily. The name is very friendly and brandable. Registered with GoDaddy. PM me if interested. 8 days ago

Two LLLLs, &, Low BIN!

 Mark As Read Expiry: 22/06/2015 Aged 5 Years Plus Starts: $30 Min. Inc. $2 Ends 72 hours after last bid BIN: $80 Special BIN: $50 if purchased within 24 hours from the auction goes live. NB: Domain without vowels. ------------------------------------------------- Expiry: 18/07/2015 Aged 5 Years Plus Starts: $30 M... 8 days ago

Getting a domain name already registered which is about to expire

 Mark As Read    

Hello to all, I am having a problem right now. I was looking for a domain name and found it registered but the person has registered it...

Dayy .com

 Mark As Read    

Hi, NamePros members. I need your assistance to appraise this domain. I bought this domain in mid $xxx and just curious how much it can be worth for reseller and for the end user. Any Kind of the comments are welcome 8 days ago

Logo for a car rental

 Mark As Read    

The logo is for a car rental company. PRIZE: $30 USD for the Winner! Current logo just needs to be re-done. [IMG] Background: White V: Color code: #59b847 , Font: Arial Car: Black (#000000) , Direction: Left * Feel free to try different things with the car. Contest ends 18/Apr/2015 @ 6:00 PM PDT. Thank you and good luck! :) 8 days ago

Cheap SSD VPS - XEN - Linux, Windows - RDP - Raid-10 - 1 GBPS - UK/USA

 Mark As Read    

Looking for fast UK based VPS servers? AJKservers now provides high performance VPS servers using xen virtualisation and SSD raid-10 storage. All of our vps servers come with full administrative/Root access allowing you to create a hosting environment that is tailored to your requirements. They are equipped with quad core processors and pure SSD R... 8 days ago for sale - 2 Word Domain - Generic English Dictionary

 Mark As Read for sale - 2 Word Domain - Generic English Dictionary [ATTACH] 8 days ago

Please appraise,,

 Mark As Read    

I am new at this and was hoping I could get some others opinions on the above domains. - ABC ch. 7 is the local ABC station in New York City, ( is registered to NBC Universal) and are also already registered. - was not sure about this one... still unsure about it - possibly to develo... 8 days ago

JITT.NET | 4-letter

 Mark As Read    

JITT.NET Expiry: 14/04/2016 FREE push within Starts: $3 Min. Inc. $1 Ends 72 hours after last bid BIN: $47 Payment: Paypal only Generic 4-letter Perfect Domain for these Categories: Technology, Teaching, Training, Tourism,Acronyms... JITT= Just in Time Teaching (pedagogical system) JITT=Just in... 8 days ago,

 Mark As Read Registered: 07-31-2003 Expires: 07-31-2016 (non US spelling) Registered: 04-25-2010 Expires: 04-25-2016 Both domains are registered at GoDaddy and are being sold together. Escrow will be split if a sale price is agreed upon. All serious offers are welcome. 8 days ago

VJOK.COM @GoDaddyAuctions

 Mark As Read    

VJOK.COM 8 days ago (alex rank 781k - exact match 37mil/month PR 1 broad search 220m+)

 Mark As Read Traffic Rank: Alexa Traffic Rank: 781,685 Google Page Rank: 1 Average Monthly Search Stats - Broad Match - m a p s Monthly Searches: 6,100,000 Cost Per Click: $1.50 USD Average Monthly Search Stats - Exact Match - [m a p s] Monthly Searches: 16,592,000 Cost Per Click: $1.50 USD Average Monthly Search Stats - Bro... 8 days ago

Rightside Looking To Cash in With .News

 Mark As Read    

Jacob Demmitt wrote a post on the Upstart section of The article led with the launch of the .news extension and how Rightside plans to cash in. Taryn Naidu the CEO of Rightside is interviewed and gives some commentary. In the article which I quoted below, Naidu says we are seeing five and six […]

The Domains 8 days ago

llll.coms Wanted (Preference without aeiou & V)

 Mark As Read    

Need domains asap. Preference will be given to those without AEIOU. Budget: $xx Kindly update me about what you have asap. Thanks. 8 days ago - 8 Yrs Old brandable - Starting $20.00

 Mark As Read    

BJUA .COM ESTIBOT VALUE: $1600 Registrar: NAME.COM Creation Date: 2007-08-08 Expiration: 2015-08-08 Start: $20 Increments: $2 BJ: Beijing Blackjack Blowj*b Blue Jeans UA: Undergraduate Association Ultimate Adventure United Artists Universal Access User Assistance User Agent Unlimited Access And many more combinations possible!! Auction ... 8 days ago - start $1, BIN $15

 Mark As Read    

40,500 exact monthly searches all reasonable extensions taken Domain: Registrar: GoDaddy Expires: 13 Mar 2016 Start: $1 Increment: $1 or more BIN (Buy Now): $15 Ends: BIN or 72 hours after the last bid Payment: Paypal 8 days ago

 Mark As Read    

Domain Name: FYO.INFO Expiration Date: 2016-APRIL Starts: $6 Bidding increment: $ 1 BIN: $80 Ends 72 hours after the last bid. Payment: Paypal Names will be pushed to GoDaddy account only. ___________________________________________________________________ EstiBot Value: 1600 USD 8 days ago

Brandables $0 Start!

 Mark As Read    

Clearing my brandable portfolio. Here's a list of brandables up for auction - all at $0 starting bid! $0 start EACH, $1 increment. Auction ends 72 hours after last bid. Free push You can bid one any 1 of them, a combination of them or all of them. [Current high bid $2] Godaddy exp Dec 2015 Great for any kind of start up with a fluent... 8 days ago

LOT of LLLL.coms, +, More Inside (Logo Included)

 Mark As Read    

[ATTACH] ------------------------------------------------- Aged 5 Years, 6 Months Double "Z", High Resell Value, Without vowels. Expiry: 25 Sep, 2015. Starts: $30 Min. Inc. $5 Ends 48 hours after last bid Special BIN: $97 Professionally designed logo ------------------------------------------------- [ATTACH] ------------------------------... 8 days ago

Sedo landing page redirecting to some other site

 Mark As Read    

I parked a lot of domains sedo but it's redirecting else where ,does this happen to everyone 8 days ago,, and other premium domains

 Mark As Read    

Hi, I am selling following domains. Auction Closes after 5 days of last bid received. All Domains expire in July, 2015. Auction starts with $50 for whole lot. Bid Increase by $5. Buy NOW price is $500. All domains are registered at NAME.COM. Payment via paypal only. Happy Bidding... 8 days ago
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