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 Mark As Read Discount Clubs Registered from 1998 Top name for discount clubs / coupon codes Website to sell sports wears / tshirts / 3d printed sports / mugs for world wide clubs like real Madrid / Barcelona / Valenica / milan etc very nice name for domain and hosting discount clubs sold for 50,000 US$ ... 4 hours, 49 min ago

Huge list for sale:

 Mark As Read    

I need to raise some funds this week and planning to sell a few of these, taking offers on each domain separately or in groups. please do NOT ask for bin, make your best offer in the thread or pm and if I like I'll accept. 2v... 4 hours, 50 min ago

payment process/cart for digital download online store?

 Mark As Read    

i just took upon a new project at work selling media downloads online. just wanted to know is there another option besides paypal micropayment. A lot of the services i see around r charging montly fees that included site hosting which i don't need. I prefer pay as u sold, but not like 30% that's just too high for a dollar transaction. ...

need help choosing a domain name

 Mark As Read    

Hi everyone. I'm starting up a small mobile home screen repair business in my area. I'm having difficulty choosing a domain name. Can you...

Web Hosting Talk - Domain Names 4 hours, 56 min ago

$2 start 5 brandable domains lot auction?,

 Mark As Read    

Domain: (CVCVCV also a Last name) Exp: November 11 2016 Registrar: namecheap Domain: (CVCVCV also a Last name) Exp: November 11 2016 Registrar: namecheap Domain: (CVCVCV also a Last name) Exp: November 11 2016 Registrar: namecheap Domain: (Upload + Automatic) Exp: December 17 2016 Registra... 4 hours, 58 min ago

Resizing Pictures

 Mark As Read    

I have about 10,000 images that I am looking to get resized. How can I go about doing this most efficiently? Should I do it with editing software or is there a service or site where you can just convert it in bulk? Need recommendations. - Auction ends 6 hours after the last bid

 Mark As Read Registrar: Go Daddy Renewal: Feb 2017 Payment: Paypal Auction ends in 6 hours after the last bid Happy Bidding! 5 hours, 18 min ago

HUGE 300 lot all .XYZ (1word, virtual reality vr, holo, ar):, virtualgame, arcasino..

 Mark As Read    

considering offers on all or any... pm or post here.. paypal payment. this is NOT an auction.. there are some nice 1word and 2 word domains below + you will also find THE BEST keywords possible for VR/ar/holo (poker,casino,technology, game etc) right here on my list! I'm also setting a quick sale BIN of 4k... for all domains listed below.. that'... 5 hours, 19 min ago

20+ brandables including:,,,

 Mark As Read    

BB accepted = BrandBucket accepted (BB accepted) ********.com SOLD ********.com SOLD ********.com (BB accepted) SOLD *******.com (BB accepted) SOLD ******.com SOLD ********.com (BB accepted) (BB accepted) (BB acce... 5 hours, 22 min ago

66 5L CHIP .com domains including . . .

 Mark As Read    

Some good ones in this mix! Make an offer in thread or PM for all 66 domains Paypal feb 2017 feb 2017 feb 2017 godaddy feb 2017 mar 2017 feb 2017 feb 2017 feb 2017 FF... 5 hours, 30 min ago -- Pronounceable 4L -- $1 Start

 Mark As Read    

Pronounceable! 8 Years Aged START: $1 INCREMENTS: $2 BIN: $375 At GoDaddy -- Free Push Expires 7/26/2016 Payment via PayPal Auction Ends 72 Hours After Last Bid ZO Zone Zoloft (Medication Brand) Zinc Oxide Zoom Out OY Optimum Yield Operating Year Osakeyhtio? -- Abbreviation for Finnish Equivalent of a Limited Company (Ltd. or LLC)... 5 hours, 38 min ago - $1 start

 Mark As Read Godaddy Account Expires On March 05, 2017 Start $1 Bid increment: $1+ Payment: PayPal Auction ends: 96h. after highest bid ------------------------------------ Happy Bidding! 5 hours, 45 min ago

I need Link Experts for Quality Promotional Services!

 Mark As Read    

HI Guys, I am looking for Cheap link experts who know very well to promote websites via online marketing Promotional Methods Need individuals, freelancer experts affordable only! I would like to get content promoted, distributed via PR, Guest Post or better sites Social Promotion methods - all types Landing page promotion Link promotion via vari...

need help with aquarium volume calculator

 Mark As Read    

I have a javascript aquarium volume calculator located here Here is the code: <script type="text/javascript" src=" in.js"></script> <script type="text/javascript" src="

Domain Name with "Free" or "Unique Name"?

 Mark As Read    

Hello all, Just working on early stages of a Classified ads website, and I am undecided between Example - or Which would you pick and why? Have a great weekend and any suggestion's are greatly appreciated.

Fred Mercaldo's City Brand Media Announces New Partnership with Ammar Kubba's Afterth

 Mark As Read    

City Brand Media has announced a new partnership agreement with Ammar Kubba s Afterthought, Inc., owner of the @Identity vanity email platform, with...

Namejet Reports Over $1,250,000 In Domain Sales In April

 Mark As Read reported over $1,250,000 in domain name sales in April 2016. Only domain names that sold for $2,000 or more are included and only those...

Different ways to market to end users

 Mark As Read    

Today:As As What would change your view toward new TLDs? /As Mike Mann, HugeDomains, BuyDomains Business Models /As Sold for $14,444; for As‚¬5,000 / And more. Here are the new discussions and domain name news that caught...

Robbie's Blog 8 hours, 2 min ago

Namejet Reports Over $1,250,000 In Domain Sales In April

 Mark As Read reported over $1,250,000 in domain name sales in April 2016. Only domain names that sold for $2,000 or more are included and only those domains that sold and were paid for in April are included All sales were led by at $121,000 The next 4 highest sales were 3 letter .Com domain names. […] The post Namejet Reports Over $1,2...

The Domains 8 hours, 30 min ago

Fred Mercaldo's City Brand Media Announces New Partnership with Ammar Kubba's Afterthought Inc.

 Mark As Read    

City Brand Media has announced a new partnership agreement with Ammar Kubba’s Afterthought, Inc., owner of the @Identity vanity email platform, with plans to implement the program in over 150 markets where CBM owns and/or manages City(dot)com brands.

DNJournal 8 hours, 32 min ago

Expert Exchange: An Interview With Nat Cohen, Owner of Telepathy and ICA Board Member

 Mark As Read    

On this edition of "Expert Exchange" is Nat Cohen, a seasoned domain investor and owner of Telepathy, Inc. Nat's company owns a portfolio of several thousand domains, consisting of some of the most valuable domains available. Alongside one-word domains such as, and, Telepathy owns a large portfolio of two and thr... 9 hours, 1 min ago Low Start Single Word Premium Domain Name

 Mark As Read (April 17, 2017 namecheap push only) Start: $0 Increments: $1 BIN: TBD Sorry but Push Only. Ends: 5 days after last bid or if bin is added and claimed! 9 hours, 2 min ago - A Saudi Arabia Gold Mine!

 Mark As Read - a Premium English One-word Saudi Arabia ccTLD Domain Name. Practically every other "insurance" domain is taken, with the dot-com that sold for record breaking millions. Here's how owning this Saudi Arabia ccTLD will benefit you: "The domain name extension represents a great chance for both Saudi webmasters and anyone try... 9 hours, 4 min ago

NPNN.INFO 4L LLLL Repeating Chinese Premium Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

NPNN.INFO (Godaddy Push free immediately. If you move outside godaddy at your cost you can't until May 1st due to godaddy outside transfer lock so you'd pay then have to wait until Monday May 2nd....No wait if you move from my godaddy account to your godaddy account.) Expires December 2, 2016 Start: $0 Increments: $1 BIN: $35 (If you want lower bin... 9 hours, 6 min ago

Someone said I'm always full of sh*t! Is a sh*tty name?

 Mark As Read    

Fairytale Brownies gross roughly $10 million in sales annually with around 60 percent of it's revenue from online sales. Fairytale Brownies, Inc. owns (Main Homepage) (Redirect) (Inactive) (Redirect) (Redirect) is parked at Sedo and owner is asking for 5,000 Euros. All ot... 9 hours, 16 min ago

18 year old domain just $389

 Mark As Read $389 Great short brandable picks domain. Could be used for sports picks, stock picks, tech picks or anything really. Some past "picks" domain sales. $91,250 $25,000 $9,900 $5,000 $3,750 $3,650 $2,888 $2.5... 9 hours, 54 min ago

Domains $39 Each

 Mark As Read    

All with godaddy $39 Each or 3 for $100 9 hours, 55 min ago

LLLL.ORG - URRI.ORG Start : 5$

 Mark As Read    

URRI.ORG ( Net sol Push ) ( 2017 feb ) DOUBLE RR Starts : 5$ INC : 3$ BIN 30 Payment : Paypal Auction Time : 96 hours Happy Biddings :) 9 hours, 55 min ago

 Mark As Read    

Starting bid $25 Increments + $1 Auction ends 72 hours after last bid Fees on me Expires 4-29-2017 Namebright [IMG] 10 hours, 0 min ago

$100 Flyer Design Contest - Paypal - FAST PAYOUT!!

 Mark As Read    

Hello DP Designers- $100 Flyer Design Contest - Payment By Paypal - Ends in 48 Hours! $75 First Place $25 Second Place 2 Sided Flyer - Front and Back PDF Ready to Print 8.5 X 11 ( Must Use CMYK Color Codes For RED cmyk(0%, 100%, 100%, 0%) Content Can Be Taken From Our Website - Here The Only Thing we ask that you dont use is any of the pric...

$100 Logo Design - 3 Days

 Mark As Read    

We are looking to design a new fishing logo for a Company called Pushing Wake. We want the logo to be in the shape of a badge or circle. We like this design and would like to possibly see something similar to this (with it's own unique design of course). We would like to see it with the head of a trout instead of the fish tail pictured below. ...

So Many People Are Going to Lose Their Shirts

 Mark As Read    

This afternoon, someone posted the following comment in response to a new gTLD video that was created by 101Domain: "So sad that so many people are...

The Adventures of Angie Graves: How the Writing, Rocking, Web Wizard Became an Indust

 Mark As Read    

DNJournal's latest Cover Story details the remarkable background of WEB Group Inc. Co-Founder Angie Graves. Among other things she was the original...

Dot .Mom : Domains now available, on time for Mother s Day!

 Mark As Read    

Uniregistry announced the immediate availability of dot .Mom, the gTLD for all mothers and their admirers. After a full week of EAP, dot .Mom domains...

Update : Dot .Mom rocks 10,000 domain registrations

 Mark As Read    

Dot .Mom, the latest gTLD from Uniregistry, has passed 10,000 domain registrations. In less than 2 hours since EAP ended, Uniregistry's .Mom gTLD is...

3 Roles You Should Play on a Sales Call; This Isn t Crying Wolf: Your Job Is On The L

 Mark As Read    

The Ad Agency of the Future Is Coming. Are You Ready? Machines will take white-collar jobs during the next administration; A *Google executive...

Travel, Fitness, Weight Loss Brandables - and more!

 Mark As Read    

Travel, Fitness & Weight Loss Domains Reduced to $7.99 each! [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] [ATTACH] All Domains Registered at GoDaddy. Sale price includes GoDaddy push only Payments via PayPal only please All domains expire between Aug 31st and Sept 28th... 11 hours, 44 min ago |Spanish for Marker, Scoreboard, Bookmark |22K Exacts | $0.87 CPC

 Mark As Read    

Domain: MARCADOR.NET Age: 10 years Meaning: Marcador means marker, scoreboard, bookmark in Spanish. Search volume: 22.000 times per month on average CPC: $ 0,87 Sedo's estimation is in the $ 5000-1000 range [IMG] Estibot: $1100 Related sales: sold for $8000 on Sedo sold for $405 on GoDaddy BIN: $500 Payment via..... 11 hours, 44 min ago

 Mark As Read    

Over the past few weeks, I have been learning Gradle so that I can work on my project. While exploring it, I decided to create a small demo application to get hand-on experience of writing code. I always believe, programming is all about practice! Reading tutorials, exploring documentation indeed help you to get theoretical knowledge but at the end... 11 hours, 45 min ago

 Mark As Read    

Domain - Exact Match Search Volume: 40,500 Search Results : 429,000 results CPC: $1.60 Registrar - Godaddy (free push) A perfect domain name that matches the .org extension! Massive search volume with a great CPC. Great for an informational website targeted towards people who are suffering from ankle pain! Lot's of affiliate products... 11 hours, 46 min ago

 Mark As Read Godaddy make a good name for website selling Golf Clubs Offers welcome guys 11 hours, 47 min ago make an offer

 Mark As Read    

Are u a onliner ? if yes,please join us to chat ,wonderful! this domain name can be used as a website for instant messages when u are alone ,right?or make an oppointment with someone else,i mean, ask him or her out for a date by means of chatting,ahah:ahhh: ,thats a good idea,right?,whats more, the domain name can be used as personal e-ma... 11 hours, 59 min ago

 Mark As Read Expiration Date: 2017/02/19 Dynadot Push Only Auction is for all 3 names Auction End 48hours last bid or Bin Bin Tba $1 start bids $2 or more... Good Luck 12 hours, 0 min ago

LOW BIN! Virtual Reality VR .com domains: VirtualVeil, VirtualAmmo...

 Mark As Read    

Low bin, quality VR Virtual reality domains! two seperate sets of domains at 2 registrars.. read below... all payments are paypal: LOT 1: domains are on godaddy and all are recently expired. no push! transfer out only with auth codes... buyer pays transfer fee at his registrar. buyer must pay within 48 hours of getting my payment info by pm. bin ... 12 hours, 1 min ago

BrandBucket PUblished || Phonovo.Com

 Mark As Read    

** Please Bid for Each Name Separately ** L***B***.Com | SOLD Phonovo.Com | GoDaddy | Sep. 2016 | $1,595 | BIN: $49 NEW Motoroza.Com | GoDaddy | Jul. 2016 | $1,895 | BIN: $59 Start: $10 Min. Increment: $1 End: 80 hours after last bid or BIN activation Transfer:... 12 hours, 4 min ago

[$7] - Highly Brandable 2 Word .COM + BONUS!

 Mark As Read    

[IMG] Summary: Great for your next Marketing blog or product website $40+ Billion Market Industry in the US only Easy to Remember Exact Match Domain Highly Brandable! $7 No Reserve Auction FREE Vector Logo Comparable Sales: - $3,655 @ Afternic - $4,088 @ Afternic - $5,000 @ Aftern... 12 hours, 4 min ago | ?? China

 Mark As Read ?? China ZhongGuo is name for China meaning middle kingdom. Namecheap Aug 2016 Start : $5 Increments: $1 Ends: 72 hrs after last bid 12 hours, 6 min ago | Rare One Word VR | Starts @ $1

 Mark As Read Renewal : April, 2017 Registrar: Godaddy Starting bid: $1 Increment: $1 or more BIN: $500 Send me a pm If you have a BIN offer to make Auction ends 96 hours after last bid or via BIN. Similar 'Gifting' Keyword Sales - $2,488 - $2,000 $1,400 - $800 Payment: ... 12 hours, 6 min ago

“So Many People Are Going to Lose Their Shirts”

 Mark As Read    

This afternoon, someone posted the following comment in response to a new gTLD video that was created by 101Domain: "So sad that so many people are going to lose their shirts over these new tlds. Sob, sob." I regularly see comments here, on other industry blogs, and on forums that seem to express pity for people who are, in the opinion of some comm...

Domain Investing 12 hours, 9 min ago

$1 : 27 .com brandables - GoMoKo / FishCup / iFunApp

 Mark As Read    

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ <== @BrandXDomains leads with $3 <== @BrandXDomains leads with $3 <== @BrandXDomains leads with $7 <== @BrandXDomains leads with $7 <=== @CamMK27 leads with $6 <== @BrandXDomains leads with $9 <== @BrandXDomains leads with $11 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ... 12 hours, 15 min ago
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