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Anyone have experience making money with Pay Per Call?

 Mark As Read    

Who makes money with Pay Per Call method, had read that it is easier than cpa is true? that promotion method used to earn money with Pay Per Call. Such offers being promoted with buys services of call or is the same that cpa? I would like to hear from those who know how to promote these offers.

A New gTLD Sighting in the Wild: .Show

 Mark As Read    

I was driving to a meeting last week when the URL on a billboard caught my eye: Coliseum.Show, and you can see a picture below. The domain redirects to, which promotes a recent mineral, fossil, gem and jewelry show hosted at the Denver Coliseum arena and events center, where 30,000 visitors were expected. The registrant of the dom...

Domain Shane 12 hours, 7 min ago

Someone is making good money with cpa free?

 Mark As Read    

I would like to hear from someone who is earning good money with cpa without paying for traffic. I understand that it is possible who They are making good money and how you're doing, that method used to promote free cpa offer. I have knowledge promotional, I understand that paid traffic is best to grow fast but I would like to promote free tra...

Out Menu/Call to Action video 75.00 to winner

 Mark As Read    

I am looking for a 10 second out menu I can place at the end of my video. Must include a jingle Pictures of services Logo Phone number Website. I have included a friends video with the ending I want to have. Go to the 2.13 mark Here is my logo My services are, Carpet... Out Menu/Call to Action video 75.00 to winner

How to transfer money to Webmoney? Thank you!

 Mark As Read    

Hi everyone, I'd like to know how to transfer money to Webmoney, for some of our business Russian partners who have Webmoney accounts. However, we only have PayPal account for now. If someone can provide exact procedures to make payment to Webmoney with Paypal, it would be much appreciated! Thank you!

Girlfriend Approval Website

 Mark As Read    

Does there exists a Website which approves females to make them eligible for becoming a Girlfriend on various criteria like she pays for her own coffee, keep her mouth shut on major situations etc. Not talking about normal dating website where Girls comes as Recycle Package.

Idea for Starting Classified website

 Mark As Read    

Dear all, Please move this post to right category if this is not a place for this one. I have plan to start a free classified website. I did some research and found few platform to use for classified ads.The site for visitor to post their ads free. The idea is, to run this site for long term and integrate some monetize method like adsense. I know ...

Auction Recap Of September 28, 2016

 Mark As Read    

A comprehensive look at the final auction prices, closeouts and more from the auction list posted on September 28, 2016.As  If you would like to submit names to be considered for inclusion in the upcoming October DSAD Namejet auction you can list them hereAs or use the white button at the top right of the page. As The commission is the standard Nam...

Domain Shane 12 hours, 49 min ago

UDRP Filed Against

 Mark As Read    

A UDRP has been filed against the descriptive domain name at the World Intellectual Property Organization. the UDRP is WIPO case #D2016-1975. According to Urban Dictionary, a hottie is "A very attractive person; can be either male or female." For instance, I regularly call my wife a "hottie." The domain name was created in Sep...

Domain Investing 12 hours, 49 min ago

Make content in drop downs on order form dynamic.

 Mark As Read    

Please note, I will make payment only after I see a working example I have an order form for ordering firewood, you can see an example here: I have also attached the plugin that I created for wordpress if you want to have a look. As you can see the shortcode [woodorder_form] displays the order form on a page. ...

2016 Could be a record year for domain disputes at the WIPO

 Mark As Read    

Doug Isenberg, Attorney & Founder of The GigaLaw Firm published an article today on Circle ID with regard to UDRP disputes at the WIPO. Doug noted,"WIPO statistics do not represent all of the complaints filed under the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) (since there are four other service providers), but WIPO traditionally has...

The Domains 13 hours, 43 min ago

Delete duplicate rows but keep one.

 Mark As Read    

Hello, I want to delete only the repeated records that belong to the office. Should remain one of the greatest ID. Repeated phones with different offitseId must remain. Phone table: id officeId phone ----------------------- 1 10 111 2 11 222 3 11 222 4 12 111 5 13 ...

What's the best way to delete categories and tags?

 Mark As Read    

I'm a bit confused. I want to delete a few categories and tags, and rename a couple of categories. For the categories and tags that I delete/rename, do I have to perform some kind of redirect to prevent getting a page-not-found error? What is the proper SEO-friendly way of deleting/renaming categories and tags? Forgive my ignorance!

Need suggestion to use Page level ads in my website.

 Mark As Read    

Hi, recently I have website .I have google Adsense ads up and running on my site.In each page, I placed 3 ads.Now I want to place google Adsense Page level ads in my website.Can I do it or not? In google page level Adsense tutorial i can see the following instruction highlighted in red color, which still not clear to me.P...

 Mark As Read    

FruitPate (Pate de Fruit) Bidding Starts - $3 Bid Increments - $1 or more Or $20 BIN Post SOLD to claim The domain is registered with FASTHOSTS - push to your account there. Domain expires September, 29th 2017 AUCTION ENDS IN 24HRS FROM NOW! Payment by PayPal within 24hrs of auction close 14 hours, 2 min ago - monster geo 1 word .co. Landrush.

 Mark As Read dynadot expires july 2017 paypal registered during .co landrush in 2010 $299 You got California, Italy and Florida geo in one big domain. And a brand... 14 hours, 6 min ago

7x Single Word .ORG Domains (Some AGED)

 Mark As Read    

Looking to get some appraisals on a few of my single word .ORG domains. The first three are old/dated/aged domains whereas some of others are newly registered. Thanks. 14 hours, 19 min ago

Solid Robot related domains | SolidRobot dot com + more ...

 Mark As Read    

Auction is for individual domain: 1. 2011/08/08 2017/08/082. 2013/08/30 2017/08/303. 2014/01/16 2017/01/16 Start: $99/each ==> $89/each Increment: $2 or more BIN: TBA Auction ends 72 hours... 14 hours, 23 min ago

RHRR.INFO ABAA Premium Pattern Short Low Start

 Mark As Read (December 2, 2016 - Free Godaddy Push.) Start: $6 Increment: $1 BIN: $75 Ends: 72 hours after last bid or if bin is added and claimed! Note: Godaddy Push is free or can provide auth. code if you wish to pay another register to move there. Payment: Paypal Only Please! 14 hours, 24 min ago

Domain with DA/PA=27/39, TF/CF=18/48, 175 Ref. IP

 Mark As Read    

Also available more than 1100 domains. Summary: Majestic data: data:... Domain with DA/PA=27/39, TF/CF=18/48, 175 Ref. IP

Music.Land for sale

 Mark As Read    

Hi guys I am taking offer for this Premium Domain this domain has been sold once for $6500 last yr if you are interested pm your offer please thanks 14 hours, 26 min ago ABAA Pattern Premium Domain Name

 Mark As Read (April 14, 2017 - Godaddy Push Only!) Please post your nice fair offers here. Payment: Paypal Only! 14 hours, 26 min ago

Classified wordpress theme

 Mark As Read    

Hi all, I am looking for a good and simple wordpress classified theme. Any advice? Regardz

Expiring Domains [,,]

 Mark As Read    

$5 each, 2016-10-02, 2016-10-02, 2016-10-02, 2016-10-02, 2016-10-02, 2016-10-02, 2016-10-02... 14 hours, 30 min ago

Mike Mann Sells Three Domains For $77,776

 Mark As Read    

Domain investor Mike Mann is back, posting new details of high value domain sales this week, and has revealed over $70,000 worth of sales publicly. Mr Mann has been in the news recently after publishing his views on new gTLDs and their worth in relation to .COM domain names; something that has sparked debate throughout social media and domain blogs...

NamePros 14 hours, 33 min ago

 Mark As Read    

Domain Name Technology Solution Kart For Sale Contact Mr.Murali +919036367595 14 hours, 42 min ago

Lot of 15 LLLL.NET, VR and pronounceable names like VRPP, VRSD, BILN .NET, now only $32

 Mark As Read    

The great portfolio of 15 LLLL.NET domains, included VR and pronounceable names. Bulk auction. Domains:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Registrar: Expiration Date: 29-sep-2016 - 08-oct-2016 Starting Bid: $1 (for the lot) B... 14 hours, 44 min ago

Anyone tried "" ?

 Mark As Read    

héy guys, i have question any one tried before ? iwant some opinion about this company!

I Want To Be A Domainer. Please Help Me!

 Mark As Read    

Hi everyone, im rico from the philippines. ive been researching about domain flipping for a month know and i figure i would like to try if i can be a domainer.. im currently jobless right now.. im staying here at my house just searching the internet on how i can earn some money for my expenses.. hope you can help me guys! What's your name? A: ric... 15 hours, 8 min ago

[$30 Very Easy] Logo Contest - Paypal by 24 hours

 Mark As Read    

Hi DP, We have made a lot of logo contests here from the past and paid the winners. Our client needs a quick and easy logo redesign for The font, colors and design can get inspiration from the attached file

32 Names @ $50 Each -,, etc.

 Mark As Read    

$50 each. Names are all at GD. Post SOLD to claim. NS... 15 hours, 59 min ago

UZFA.COM BB PUBLISHED $3095 bin $350

 Mark As Read    


 Mark As Read Push at Godaddy Expires June 28, 2017 Soooo many end users for this domain, massive amount of kennels out there around the globe. Easy flip for the active seller. 16 hours, 7 min ago CVCV Great pattern - Pronounceable

 Mark As Read Registered at Moniker until - 2017-05-15 Start - $1 Inc - $1 End - 72 hours after last bid. It is grammatically correct with the qu / it is CVCV / Get it now. 16 hours, 16 min ago

Should i Renew these domains?, &

 Mark As Read    

I need kind advice Should I renews these domains, Response will be highly appreciated. Thanks 16 hours, 17 min ago

Chinese domain market report : SSL certificate issuer from China under fire

 Mark As Read    

A Chinese secure certificate issuer is under fire, for giving them away to unauthorized entities. According to the Mozilla researchers, Shenzhen-based WoSign has been handing out SSL certificates for websites, to people that had no business getting them. WoSign is also being accused of backdating the certificate date of issuance, in order to circum...

DomainGang 16 hours, 23 min ago

Drop down menus a thing of the past?

 Mark As Read    

Hello Digital World! I am very new to web design and am in the process of starting my first blog! I want to set up my blog in a well designed way that readers can easily manage before dumping in a bunch of content. I have been reading that drop down menus are not the best for readability or for SEO purposes, as they stop they flow of the reader an...

??? FREE [BrandBucket listing fee paid] (Read eligibility rules - still AVAILABLE) ???

 Mark As Read    

[ATTACH] Registrar: NameCheap Regged: November 28, 2015 Expiration: November 28, 2016 What is iskew you ask? It's a typo of askew... What is askew you ask? It's a Google Easter Egg. See for yourself HERE FREE to any BrandBucket seller with 1+ year bb experience, and 0... 16 hours, 33 min ago

Make Offer:,, etc.

 Mark As Read    

All at UNI. 16 hours, 39 min ago

BrandBucket accepted & published

 Mark As Read    

looking for brandbucket published and accepted names rules for sending a pm The names MUST be at godaddy Names must have ATLEAST 6 month until expiry MUST be either 2 keyword or 5 letter or play on keyword Payment via paypal Budget is $10 - $15 for accepted $20 - $25 for published please pm your name along with a PRICE & EXPIRY than... 16 hours, 40 min ago

 Mark As Read / 2005 GoDaddy registrar / PUSH Expires: 03, 2017 Start - $3 Increment - $1+ BIN - $ 15 End - 72 hours last the bid or BIN PayPal 16 hours, 41 min ago

Absolute Minimum Value of

 Mark As Read    

What is today's absolute lowest minimum liquidation value of the worst possible 3 letter dot com domain name? 16 hours, 48 min ago brandable previously sold for $347

 Mark As Read    

[IMG] Previously sold at sedo on 2007 for $347 Brandable. Registrar: Dotster (push or transfer to any registrar) Expiration date: 2017/8/17 Start: $1 Increments: $1 BIN: TBA Auction ends 120H after the last bids. Payment paypal must be made within 24H after the winner has been finalized or bin placed. 16 hours, 50 min ago

Any .com domains!! ($1 - $5)

 Mark As Read    

I am looking to buy .com domain names. Domain length: Any Price range: $1 - $5. Only .com (with price). Nothing else. No .net, no .org, no .info No hyphens "-". So the following are not acceptable:,, No IDNs. Only English domain names. No adult names or names which contain four letter... 16 hours, 50 min ago - Amazing Bitcoin Brandable Domain

 Mark As Read uniregistry expires april 2017 paypal or btc $350 16 hours, 52 min ago

<< UHOOD.COM >>- Read Inside Why You MUST bid! "????"

 Mark As Read    

Up For Auction this "ULTRA Premium" "Ultra Rare" Domain and here's why: 1- It's a VERY popular First Name (Female First Name in Arabic) - It's mostly Popular in the Gulf , it's actually Ultra popular Especially in the UAE and that's where ALL the money is in comparison to the total Arab Nation. "????" 2- It's a GREATLY pronounceable 5L .com , M... 17 hours, 0 min ago

LLLL, chips and other short domains like,,

 Mark As Read    

Domain/Price/Expiry Paypal only godaddy $8 oct.2 $22 expired sept.24 includes renewal $8 oct.2 $14 nov.6 $14 nov.9 $8 nov.20 whois $8 oct.6 namesilo $14 oct.23 $14 nov.1 $14 oct.20 17 hours, 8 min ago

4 x Chinese Premiums||$10 each or $30 for All

 Mark As Read    

Hey Folks Okay this a seriously awesome lot for sale! Chines Domains: (xia?ngxi?n - Means Believe) (Means Wish You Good Luck) $10 each or $30 for All Payment Via Paypal Domains Registered with Godaddy & 17 hours, 9 min ago

List of newly registered domains?

 Mark As Read    

Hi, I recently registered a couple of new domains. Within a day I was getting emails from companies offering to build a web site, etc., for my domains. I deliberately did not get privacy protection on these domains so I know my info is public. My question is how did these companies find out I had registered my domains right after the fact? Is ther... 17 hours, 9 min ago
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