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 Mark As Read offers welcome on this chip looking to sell . Namesilo 19 hours, 25 min ago

$25 Logo - For Lawn Care Site

 Mark As Read    

I need a logo for a lawn care site. Must Say: "Houston Lawn Care Pro" The rest is up to you, use your creativity and imagination. P.S. I have other contests with similar contest, but they're for different websites.


 Mark As Read    

MARINEDRONE.COM Exp. 28/12/2016 RIOTDRONE.COM Exp. 25/05/2016 PM me with offer. 19 hours, 31 min ago

Market Recap 2/10/16 Tucows up 8.2% – Verisign up 1% ahead of earnings tomorrow

 Mark As Read    

Market Recap 2/10/16 Tucows (TCX) was the top performer on the day, after announcing a $40 million stock buyback the stock closed up 8.2%. Verisign (VRSN) was up over 1% today, earnings are out tomorrow. Alphabet Inc GOOGL 706.85 +5.83 (0.83%) Godaddy Inc GDDY 24.71 +0.02 (0.08%) Rightside Group Ltd NAME 8.37 +0.11 (1.33%) Minds […] The post ...

The Domains 19 hours, 36 min ago

PR4 Logo Services Website - Beautifully Designed - Fully Automated!

 Mark As Read    

Become a Logo Services company! All you need to do is just outsource customer orders to the outsource company and keep the difference on your PayPal account. 100% White Label Solution! No maintenance required. Everything is fully automated! It’s a very simple business to run even for a newbie. Features : Logo Services website with very potential ...

China Repeating LLLL Chinese Premium Four Letters

 Mark As Read (Nov. 2015 @ free push to bigrock account) CN=China or CNDQ=Southern Area (Nov. 2015 @ free push to bigrock account) Valuable Repeating K's (Nov. 2015 @ free push to bigrock account) Easy to Remember MAKE OFFERS FOR ONE OR EACH DOMAIN ABOVE. THIS IS NOT AN AUCTION SO I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO ACCEPT OR REJECT OFFERS! PM OR P... 19 hours, 49 min ago

Please appraise

 Mark As Read    

One more appraisal request, please LEADS.IN Obviously lead gen is a huge market and there is a high volume of direct and broad matching search traffic related to the keyword "leads" , avg. PPC price on "leads" at Google is about $8 A few recent .in domain sale comparisons: - $10,974 5/13/2015 sedo - $7,500 7/7/2015 sedo r... 19 hours, 52 min ago

Pending transfer state confusing!

 Mark As Read    

Hi, According to enom's website, they describe a pending transfer in the following way: [QUOTE][B]Transfer Pending - Awaiting Release...

Web Hosting Talk - Domain Names 19 hours, 55 min ago


 Mark As Read    

Make best and final offer. If I don't respond, I am not interested. GoDaddy 10/16/2016 11/12/2016 11/12/2016 11/12/2016 10/15/2016 9/8/2017 9/8/2017 9/22/2017 9/22/2017 10/6/2016 DynaDot 9/8/2016 10/28/2016 10/7/2016 L... 20 hours, 10 min ago

SalesForce buys the domain through

 Mark As Read    

Salesforce has just bought the domain name through According to the owner of the domain name was Baroda Ventures LLC of Beverly Hills, who seemed to own the domain for many years. The live whois records changed yesterday to reflect that bought the domain name which is now registered thro... 20 hours, 10 min ago

 Mark As Read Registrar: Godaddy Auction Info Starting Bid: $1 Increments: $2 BIN: tba Auction Ends: 72 hours after last bid, or BIN purchase. Payment: PayPal 20 hours, 16 min ago

Chinese Sales Trends For February 10, 2016

 Mark As Read    

I've included a chart showing the last 30 days of (No 0/4), because there has been so much activity in that space. As On top of the volume spikes, the data shows a nice increase in average prices for this category of names. The post CHINESE SALES TRENDS FOR FEBRUARY 10, 2016 appeared first on Domain Shane and Accidental Domainer.

Domain Shane 20 hours, 20 min ago

Brandbucket accepted

 Mark As Read    

Fantastic 5L brandable domain. Registered at Expires on December 18, 2016 Auction starts at $1 Minimum increment - $2 BIN- TBD Auction ends after 72 hours of last bid or BIN. Payment: Verified Paypal, Skrill or NEFT(India). Payment must be made within 24 hours of completion or we reserve the right to relist it. [IMG] 20 hours, 22 min ago

Brandables - | and more 5$ (vector logos included)

 Mark As Read (Namesilo) [IMG] (Uniregistry) [IMG] (GoDaddy) [IMG] (Namesilo)... 20 hours, 25 min ago


 Mark As Read Expires October 30, 2016 registered at available for push to Internet bs account or transfer to another registrar Payment with Paypal Starting Bid: $ 1 Increments $ 1 or more Auction ends 72 hours after last bid or BIN Buy it Now added: $ 99. Reduced to $59. 20 hours, 28 min ago

(100) Domains at Flippa (No Reserve - Ending Soon)

 Mark As Read    

Up for sale at Flippa is my portfolio of (100) rare domains. All are registered at GoDaddy and over 90% of them have 8+ months of registration remaining. This auction is set at NO RESERVE and ends on February 11th at 8pm EST. Here's a link: ?????????????????????? WINNER GETS ALL 100 DOMAINS! ?????????????????????... 20 hours, 40 min ago | Probably one of the best 6N .COM you'll see in an auction HERE Today!

 Mark As Read    

Up for auction - this ULTRA PREMIUM 6N .COM Domain / When you bid, you probably know the value here! Registered with Starting at $1 Increments: $5 BIN: $4888 Auction Ends 120 hours after the last bid or if BIN is met. Payment via PayPal , or DN.COM no longer than 48 hours after winning. Thanks & Good Luck, ... 20 hours, 42 min ago

 Mark As Read is for grab, Taking offers will sell it in next 24Hours please offer in thread only , so that it would be transparent 20 hours, 46 min ago

How to increase view on GoDaddy auctions?

 Mark As Read    

I have a domain ( listed in GoDaddy 7-day auction now. How to increase the view on that? Any suggestion ? 20 hours, 46 min ago

80+ Premium .com Domains -

 Mark As Read    

Large collection of 80+ premium .com domain names Don't have time to piece these out, but there are a lot of good names here Domains priced at $300 each. Deals for domains in bulk (4 or more). Premium Domains we have: Den... 20 hours, 49 min ago

********** Rare CHIP domain!

 Mark As Read (November, 2016) Starting bid: 10$ Min. inc.: 1$ BIN: 75$ Auction ends: 48H after biggest bid. PayPal or Skrill 20 hours, 55 min ago

72h Fitness logo design contest: 30$

 Mark As Read    

Hi, I need a logo for a fitness blog called Briefing: It will be a blog about healthy and fitness lifestyle, that will provide daily tips about good food, diets, exercices and weight loss both for men and women. Logo text: Style: Not sure about the exactly style that logo should be. I'm thinking in a grap...


 Mark As Read (October, 2016) Starting bid: 10$ Min. inc.: 1$ BIN: TBA Auction ends: 48H after biggest bid. PayPal or Skrill 21 hours, 3 min ago

Huge Domains participating in Godaddy Auctions

 Mark As Read    

I was looking at (domain hack) sales history for certain keywords and noted a few decent domains which sold cheap (low $XX) in 2014 or 2015. Apparently Godaddy is feeding their sales data for Godaddy auctions (not uncontested backorders but contested multi-bid auctions). I checked the Whois and found that HugeDomains was the ... 21 hours, 6 min ago

$8 for 1 GB RAM, 20 GB 100% SSD RAID 10 Storage, DDoS Protection, KVM VPS

 Mark As Read    

IO Zoom is a BBB accredited and registered company based in Houston, Texas. Our datacenter is located in Los Angeles, CA at 700 Wilshire Blvd with connectivity to Comcast, nLayer, TiNet, Zayo, HE, PCCW, China Unicom, and China Telecom. Not all VPS hosting providers are the same. Here is why I/O Zoom is better. Lightning Fast Servers Our servers w... 21 hours, 6 min ago

****** - $80 each!!!

 Mark As Read    

Last thread of 100 domains sold out this morning: Prices are rising fast! Get these before they're gone!! All at Godaddy for quick push. Post SOLD to claim: 803981.c... 21 hours, 8 min ago

Wondering about domain register

 Mark As Read    

Hello there, I just wondering which domain register is better and why is it? 21 hours, 8 min ago + more chips

 Mark As Read PM or post offers for one or any starting at $10 each. BIN: $40 each (or take all five for $175) All at Namecheap, account push only. Expire Nov/2016. Payment within 24hrs. Paypal ok for members with good feedback. 21 hours, 16 min ago

Not all CHIPS are equal. Buy and sell better

 Mark As Read    

As in all languages the frequency of letter use, especially Initials offers better opportunities to sell more often at higher prices. Having studied Chinese/PinYin for 2 years, it was always apparent to me, some letters are used way more often than others. I looked at the 1000 most used words and worked out the initial letter frequency. This is my ... 21 hours, 18 min ago Bin $30

 Mark As Read 21/11/2016 $30 PayPal GoDaddy free transfer 21 hours, 19 min ago is Just Listed at

 Mark As Read is Just Listed at Brandable Names? Business Names? Website Names? Where People Find The Best Website Names, Where Domainers Find The Best Resources [IMG] 21 hours, 21 min ago

 Mark As Read    

3-k $2.1k<$2k<$1.9k(fees on me). Payment via Push to current registrar. Multiforum post. 21 hours, 21 min ago is Just Listed at

 Mark As Read is Just Listed at Brandable Names? Business Names? Website...

 Mark As Read    

Price $50, must be a push, expires 09 Jan 2017. Price goes up next week after Chinese New Year to $100. First one to respond "sold" get's name. 21 hours, 22 min ago

Verisign files opening brief in appeal against .XYZ

 Mark As Read    

David v. Goliath battle continues in appeals court. Verisign has filed its opening brief (pdf) with the U.S. Court of Appeals, Fourth Circuit, in its dispute with new top level domain name company XYZ. In October 2015, a federal district judge dismissed Verisign's lawsuit against the operator of the .xyz domain name. Verisign subsequently appealed....

Domain Name Wire 21 hours, 27 min ago is Just Listed at

 Mark As Read is Just Listed at Brandable Names? Business Names? Website...

Remove your domain acquisition from for sale venues

 Mark As Read    

As a domain investor, I often acquire domains after a considerable amount of negotiation. My goal is to maintain the privacy of the terms and the...

Remove your domain acquisition from “for sale” venues

 Mark As Read    

As a domain investor, I often acquire domains after a considerable amount of negotiation. My goal is to maintain the privacy of the terms and the associated price. Although a non-disclosure agreement can take care of the general terms of an exchange, there is a weak point that is not always controlled by me or […] 21 hours, 39 min ago

10 New Domainer Mistakes We All Made

 Mark As Read    

All new domainers start out with passion and dreams of the quick money that can be made from buying and selling domains because of what they read on the internet. The problem is that just like any new thing there is a learning curve and you will make mistakes. Just ask any domainer that has... The post 10 New Domainer Mistakes We All Made appeared ... 21 hours, 57 min ago

Verisign's top trending keywords for January were dominated by China

 Mark As Read    

Verisign released their top trending keywords for January. Chinese terms dominated the .com list while .net was led by inter, heart and beach. Here are the top trending names: .COM Jin Fang Yun Bao Rong Smith Lock Che Feng Yin .NET Inter heart Beach Girl Daily More Tor Smith Lock Connect Source 22 hours, 4 min ago

TNT's Best of the Drop List for 2/10/2016!

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to today's 2/9/2016 edition of TNT's Best of the Drop list! As I will not be back-ordering or bidding on any of these domains my self. If you have any thoughts or comments please leave a comment below! Good Luck! … Continue reading → 22 hours, 12 min ago and in trademark spat

 Mark As Read    

Two similarly-named companies are on a collision course. The owner of has filed a lawsuit against personal fundraising site over the similarity of their names and trademarks, and a bit of nuance around types of crowfunding. has a trademark related to business funding. GoFundMe is a site for personal or charitable ...

Domain Name Wire 22 hours, 14 min ago on Auction at GoDaddy at No Reserve!

 Mark As Read Auction Ends 2016/02/17 09:00 AM (PST) Registrar: GoDaddy Created: July 31st, 1998 Expires: July 30th, 2017 Great letters for a charity. Thanks for looking! 22 hours, 22 min ago

Brandable Domain for Website Builder

 Mark As Read    

I have a website builder that I'm looking for a decent brandable name for, something will be memorable and easy to pronounce. PM your offer. Cheers. 22 hours, 24 min ago

6N portfolio- and more ++++

 Mark As Read    

229942.COM ( double pattern) payment via paypal only from good members. No bad trade reviews please. Godaddy push- expire late 2016 Offers welcome for each or lot 22 hours, 25 min ago | Starts at $1

 Mark As Read What a HUGE domain name for mortgage and refinancing! Auction runs for 72 hours after the last bid. Starts at $1 and goes up in increments of $2. Reg'd with GoDaddy until 6/13/2016. Payment through PayPal. Happy Bidding! 22 hours, 27 min ago

How to Sell Domain Names with Godaddy Auctions

 Mark As Read    

Godaddy is highly active domain auction place, for sure here at namepros there are some great domain investors highly experienced in using Godaddy auctions. It will be great for all of us here, if you guys please shed light on How to Use Godaddy Auctions? How to Utilize Godaddy premium auction features & how to give your domain names the maximum ex... 22 hours, 34 min ago | | | and many more! $10 each only!

 Mark As Read    

Post the name/names you like with "Sold" to claim. Payment : Paypal - (22nd April 2016) - (24th April 2016) - (24th April 2016) - (24th April 2016) - (24th April 2016) - (25th April 2016) - (25th April 2016) - (22nd April 2016) ... 22 hours, 44 min ago is in auction!

 Mark As Read    

Bid on this great cloud domain by clicking HERE! 22 hours, 45 min ago

Big companies recently registered these domain names

 Mark As Read    

Here are some interesting domain name registrations undertaken by large companies in recent days. Companies made a bunch of hand registrations and domain acquisitions the past couple days. Although none of them rise to the level of writing a dedicated article about them, I think it's worth combining them into a single article… I don't […...

Domain Name Wire 23 hours, 0 min ago
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