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11 domains $199

 Mark As Read exp 3/4/17 exp 2/16/17 exp 2/23/17 exp 2/26/17 exp 1/24/17 exp 2/26/17 exp 2/28/17 exp 2/7/17 exp 6/20/16 exp 6/1/16 exp 6/11/16 21 hours, 14 min ago

$1 start: + Domain Auction name

 Mark As Read - (DomainBidy) but the "D" could be what you want Domains Only... Good name for a domain auction site ;) Some of you may recognize the name. I did have a marketplace on this for a while it is in search engines, has backlinks, fb page etc. but I have had it forwarded to my other site for a while and will not hold any claim as t... 21 hours, 17 min ago

Is .xyz a generic top-level domains

 Mark As Read    

i have some .xyz names i bought, i just want to ask if .xyz is a generic top-level domains? 21 hours, 22 min ago

Good morning everyone

 Mark As Read    

Good morning everyone, my name is Aigbedo Iyamu, am new to NamePros, and am here to search and study on how to improve on domain name marketing and learn one or two strategy to sell domain names. Thanks 21 hours, 44 min ago

AUCTION RECAP, the 27th and 28th of May 2016

 Mark As Read    

The Daily Recap of Shane's Auction Picks, the 27th and 28th of MayAs 2016 Auction Quick Recap The .us domains from the other day did pretty well, still waiting to see if the owner pays the $80 godaddy "redemption" fee or just transferrs the names to another registrar. I actually sold a .us the other day on Godaddy offer counter offer, It was only A...

Domain Shane 22 hours, 6 min ago

A Hand Reg Home Run and Why You Need Patience

 Mark As Read    

This week on Sedo the domain name sold for $4,500. This domain was hand registered in October of 2015 and sold on May 18, 2016. Pretty crazy ROI on that one. This was a smart hand registration IMO, a cheap speculative play with the potential for a big payout. Playing off the hoopla around […]

TLD Investors 22 hours, 13 min ago

Sharp rise in 4 letters Chips .com as of this minute.

 Mark As Read    

As of this minute, 550+ 4 letters chips .com are purchased by a group of huge fund / big bosses domain juggernauts. A huge sharp rise in the value of 4L .coms. The trading volume is of this minute (only noon time in China!) is already 5 times MORE than one average whole day yesterday. Congratulations to all those who have purchased domains cheaply... 22 hours, 47 min ago

Bigcommerce does NOT have Multilingual capabilities.

 Mark As Read    

This might be more of a public service than a question, but I'm open to suggestions as well. The mighty huge Bigcommerce, as they say one of the biggest in e-commerce world, does not have any multilingual capabilities??????????????????? How the hell is that even possible in 2016? And the worst part is, you can have a separate shop for for exa...

My facebook didn't get the Info and 5 featured photos update

 Mark As Read    

A lot of time has passed and I still didn't get the Info and 5 featured photos update, my timeline doesn not have it and I also can't see it on others. Mine is like in the picture on the right. Is there a way to force this update?

BITCOIN Web Hosting Companies?

 Mark As Read    

Can anyone tell me a list of companies that take bitcoin? I know that Godaddy, Hostgator, Flywheel - do NOT Who does?

Domain Flips (, and Flops (,,

 Mark As Read    

Below is another look at a few recent domain flips and flops, with data courtesy of NameBio. Flips sold for 36,200 USD recently at NameJet, vs 13,000 USD on 2013-12-19 at NameJet. Nice return for a keyword domain in 2 1/2 years considering the purchase and sale was on the same domainer marketplace. Picked up by Dharshinee Naidu, who ...

Domain Shane 1 day ago

Need help with turning URLs into hyperlinks

 Mark As Read    

It turns URLs into hyperlinks only if I press the space bar or Enter after I type a URL. I want it to turn a URL into a hyperlink as soon as I finish typing it (right after I finish typing .com, .org, .net, etc). I am guessing it has something to do with startOffset / endOffset/ start / end / rng but I can't figure it out: tinymce.Plu...

Chinese domain market sales : China’s wives give good directions

 Mark As Read    

China never ceases to amaze, as the world's second largest economy expands on its unique "Communist Capitalism" in ways Cuba could not achieve for half a century. Instead of isolation, Chinese markets are thriving in volume, just about a year after the big stock market crash. China's consumerist society is hungry for wealth through financial [̷...

DomainGang 1 day ago

Beware of NameCheap Unreliable DNS

 Mark As Read    

BEWARE! I've been hosting websites for 17 years and the last 12 I was with GoDaddy. I hate GoDaddy's "style" of business but for domain...

 Mark As Read    

what the best price to buy for ? plz share me ur advice guys and thank u 1 day ago

157 X 7N.NET Domains & More. BID $64 only For the WHOLE LOT!

 Mark As Read    

***** CLOSING SOON ***** You're BIDDING on 157 domains !! Highest Bid is only $64 for the WHOLE LOT! (Start or End with 888) Up for sale - this MEGA LOT of 7Ns: 1 LOT - All "EXCELLENT" Patterns - Highest Value here! All the risk on me! 0... 1 day ago, and more (two old BR)

 Mark As Read, GoDaddy, expires June 19 (only for eu companies or residents) (used to be on BR), GoDaddy, expires July 5 (used to be on BR), GoDaddy, expires, June 17 - pending payment,, expires September 20, GoDaddy, expires June 3.,, expires July 12 Zenitive.... 1 day ago

[Expert in One Year] Week #1 - My first page

 Mark As Read    

Hi bros! It's been seven days since I started the project and this is my first progress review. My tasks this week were: Read about 100 pages from “HTML5 and CSS3 for dummies”. In these pages I’ve learnt the HTML5’s basic codes, and I’ve understood its function in a site. I read some pages from and now I know how to creat...

.XYZ Planning “biggest sale the domain world has ever seen”

 Mark As Read    

I saw the tweet below from .XYZ CEO Daniel Negari, and I reached out to him to see if he could share what he has planned for the company's anniversary. From the looks of it, we are going to hear a lot about .XYZ domain names via domain name registrar channels and perhaps other outlets. I have set aside several million dollars for our Birthday month...

Domain Investing 1 day ago

BrandBucket Accepted - - Start 1$

 Mark As Read [ATTACH] BB [Suggested Price $1795], [Max List Price $2155] Registrar - Godaddy & BB [Free Push] Payment - Paypal only. Start Price - $1 Increment Price - $3 BIN - $50 End Time - 96 hours after the last bid. Payment Terms - Payment must be made within 48 hours after the auction ends. Otherwise second highest bidder will get the c... 1 day ago

3L.US / -12 years history

 Mark As Read JBL.US last sold for $2,250 on 2016-05-28 CGI.US last sold for $1,511 on 2016-05-28 Start -... 1 day ago

I keep getting insufficient content for my blog

 Mark As Read    

Hey guys, I'm new to adsense and I wanted to monetize my blog (made with Wordpress), but I keep getting turned down for "insufficient content". I have like 8 so far with minimum of 300-400 words each. What can I do to make these bot crawlers to find my content. Also, would I be adding the ad code before or after I get approved for a...

CraftsTube/com, LocksmithBrantford/com, Swagmen $20

 Mark As Read    

A few .COM names up for auction. I dont proactively chase sales so these were never offered to potential end users whilst i've had them. good luck CraftsTube starting at $20 LocksmithBrantford starting at $15 StudentLoanCompare startig at $5... 1 day ago

872199.COM - Without 4 , 0 - Low BIN

 Mark As Read    

872199.COM ( Namepal 28-feb-2017 ) Starts : 150$ INC: 10$ BIN : 200$ Paypal , Payoneer in 24 hours after winning auction . 96 hours after last bid or via BIN . Happy Biddings :) 1 day ago + - Sedo Suggested Price $40 000 - My Price $699

 Mark As Read    

Hey Folks Okay so I grabbed a .GA and .GQ domain - (Paid Registrations) The Sedo Suggested Retail price for EACH of these domains is $19 999 - Sold for $5 000 000 (Yep, $5 million) "As Seen On TV" is not a trademarked slogan. So no worries about trademark infringement I have them parked on Sedo at ... 1 day ago

Car.Company ' don't miss this opportunity '

 Mark As Read    

Hello everyone I like to offer my domain name for sale to the companies or investors . Car.Company If you are interested, please contact me via email at : [IMG] Thank you 1 day ago

Travel Niche DeltaCheckin .com $25+ parking revenue with verification

 Mark As Read    

Selling One domain from my traffic and revenue portfolio. screenshot attached months revenue and countries details. If you want any verification just shoot me a PM in my inbox and I will share the teamviewer details verify all details in real time . --------------------------------------------------------------- Domain: Deltacheckin .com Keyword... 1 day ago

$5.00 GeoKeyword Domains - PaydayLoansUtahCounty(.)com

 Mark As Read    

Hey there, I have the following GEO keyword domains for sale at $5.00 each They are all registered at (expiry date shown) and all are (dot)coms LakeTravisHouseRentals(.)com 24/04/2017 PaydayLoansUtahCounty(.)com 28/03/2017 SanibelIslandCottageRentals(.)com28/01/2017 FishLakeTahoe(.)com 29/01/2017 GloucesterDeepSeaFishing(.)com 29/01/20... 1 day ago

Garage Sale - Brandable & Liquid Domains selfi - 101001 - hostinget - goldensox - cahve

 Mark As Read    

.com hostinget goldensox goasoft cahve zirki dnxxl preschoolneeds presentchest modopen affiliatehints csgo-lounge droneplaystore personalvcards iotnewsmagazine iotrod fullpatent tekci urlye 30mp 85dn 235476 .net selfi coupecars medicaluse mobilde 101001 246357 * Feel free to make an offer 1 day ago

The Domain Auction Closed. Thanks!

 Mark As Read    

Starts: $7 each Bid increment: $2 or more BIN - TBD Ends: 120h. or TBD after highest bid/BIN Transaction Method: Push to your account or transfer to your domain account via the authcode. Payment Method Preferred: PayPal. Get one or more domain below before someone else: - More... 1 day ago and

 Mark As Read    

Hi, Just picked these up for $26 and wanted to know if they have any serous value. 1 day ago

 Mark As Read GoDaddy, 15-02-2017 Auction start: $1 Bid increment: $1+ BIN - TBA Transfer: GoDaddy push Payment: PayPal Ends: 122h. after highest bid (or via BIN) Good luck and happy bidding 1 day ago

When Major Conglomerates Assist Small Businesses, Everyone Benefits!

 Mark As Read    

In 1996, when I was launching my first online businesses, I saw the Internet as a great vehicle for offering goods and services to people who would not have easy access to them otherwise. My very first online business offered Drakes Cakes to customers across the country. Drakes Cakes (Devil Dogs, Yankee Doodles, Ring Dings and more) are delectable... 1 day ago

 Mark As Read - expires 9/8/16 - PM me to make an offer! 1 day ago


 Mark As Read - expires 8/13/16 - - expires 8/13/16 - PM me to make an offer! 1 day ago

 Mark As Read    

I am taking offers via pm for This domain name is premium because: 2 letters only! ''fm'' allows many combinations like female,female-male, female models, or even radio station! .agency is one of the best and most prestigious ngtld's today! No lowballs-I plan to sell this only for a serious buyer. 1 day ago Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Sunday, May 29th

 Mark As Read    

I probably represent 95% of the people in this industry when I get jealous of some of the amazing sales by other domainers.As  When I see Michael Berkens selling a name for $30K that I can't even get a bid for $1000.As  But there are two key ingredients to the equation. One, a big portfolio.As  Michael had tens of thousands of names .As  Two, patie...

Domain Shane 1 day ago

 Mark As Read    

"we golf" is for sale! WE.GOLF asking price $799 Also available: 1 day ago only 20$

 Mark As Read Domain Name: JAPANLIFE.ORG Domain ID: D178598332-LROR WHOIS Server: Referral URL: eNom, Inc. Creation Date: 2015-11-30T18:06:49Z Registry Expiry Date: 2016-11-30T18:06:49Z 1 day ago

Automobile Category - - High Searches & CPC

 Mark As Read Tlds Taken - com, org, biz Category - Automobile. Words - 2 Registrar - Bigrock (Push) Expiry - May - 2017 Estibot - 450$ Exact Match Search - 781,000 Monthly Searches - USA - 14,800 - CPC - 8.80$ Monthly Searches - Global (With Search Partners) - 33,100 - CPC - 7.70$ BIN - 395$ Similar Sales (From Namebio) - 920$ ... 1 day ago

 Mark As Read Registered with Expires on 2016-02-25 $150 for a fast deal Offer by PM 1 day ago - $10 ! 8h auction from first BID!

 Mark As Read Starts: $10 Increment: $2 or any higher Bin: later 8 h auction or BIN Godaddy 2017 Great premium name for your Domain Portfolio 1 day ago & & More

 Mark As Read lll 6/9/2016 lll 29 usd lll 6/18/2016 lll 6 usd lll 6/11/2016 lll 29 usd lll 6/9/2016 lll 19 usd lll 6/19/2016 lll 16 usd lll... 1 day ago - Highly Targeted and Niche Specific Domain

 Mark As Read    

Hey Folks Have another highly targeted and niche specific domain Massively growing niche, those in the know will appreciate the value of this domain along with it's potential. Price: $999 (negotiable) Payment: Paypal Push to account I would consider a discounted price on a combo deal with the domain below as they a... 1 day ago

Go Daddy Auction Picks 5-29-16

 Mark As Read    

Go Daddy Auction Picks 5-29-16 Powered by closed at $20,100 on Saturday, I am sure it will get renewed but interesting to see what names got bid up. Some good names today, is currently at $155 but should find it's way north of $750 by the close. Cloud continues to be a […]

TLD Investors 1 day ago - current bid 2$

 Mark As Read (Namecheap expire 5-6-16) Starts 2$ inc: 2$ BIN : 50$ paypal , payoneer auction time : 96 hours after last bid or bin . Happy Biddings ? 1 day ago

DN.Properties - Domain Auction Site

 Mark As Read offers the following; Free domain auctions with very cheap upgrades if needed. Lowest sold fee around and only 1% of the sale price. We also have a classified section and wanted ad section at very reasonable pricing too. Set your own terms and conditions within your auction. Although PayPal is an option within the site you can also ... 1 day ago

Spike in .TOP sales - More than 18 000 sold in last 24 hours - Why?

 Mark As Read    

Hey Folks I just checked on NameStat that .top sales spiked over the past 24 hours. More than 18 000 registered. Does anyone know what caused this spike? Main country was China with 16 500 registrations 1 day ago

2 word Brand Bucket Published Domains

 Mark As Read    

Any niches will be considered, please only offer me 2 word BB published domains. Budget: up to $100 each Please PM me if you have any names that meet the above requirements. 1 day ago

Strictly(dot)Vip - Grab This Super Brandable Domain Now - $1299

 Mark As Read    

Hey Folks As most of you already know .Vip domains sales has broken all records of new TLD's so far. A recent auction of .Vip domains pulled $146 000 for the following 6 domains: I.Vip 520.VIP ( meaning I love you) 100.VIP 18.VIP Che.VIP ( Car) TM.VIP There seems to be a lot of Interest from the Chinese market for his extension. Anyway, t... 1 day ago
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