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Dot Weekly

View This Blog Frequency: 1.6 posts / day Used Car Domain Name For Sale

 Mark As Read domain name is for sale! What is a Budget Lot? A budget lot is a discount used automotive sales business. From big brands to the small corner lots, almost every auto dealership has a budget lot section for lower priced vehicles to sell. Often times for small used automotive dealerships, the entire business has a focus

Dot Weekly 1389 days ago State Farm? Insurance Agent Site

 Mark As Read    

State Farm® Insurance has rolled out a "Why you need an insurance agent" advertising campaign and is using the domain name in the ads. I watched the commercial and felt a bit lost to tell you the truth. didn't "Pop Out" at me and I scratched my head looking at the domain name.

Dot Weekly 1389 days ago

Asstrick Marketing Efforts Are False Advertising

 Mark As Read    

Did you ever get some promotional item in the mail, email or see something on a website and the big bold headline grabs your attention.. then only to see an asstrick (asterisk) * popping your balloon? I hate that and this is a rant post about them and why I think they are a form of

Dot Weekly 1390 days ago $1LB Candy Buy Back

 Mark As Read    

So your kids went out yesterday and likely collected several pounds of candy! They had fun doing it but is it the smartest idea to allow them to EAT those pounds of sweets? Local dentist think otherwise and are willing to buy back the candy your little ones collected on Halloween and they are willing

Dot Weekly 1390 days ago Nexium? Acid Reflux Purple Pill Site

 Mark As Read    

Here is a catchy domain name used in advertising by the company AstraZeneca® for the brand name Nexium® acid reflux medication.! Since the heartburn medication is in the form of a "purple pill", it is a color that stands out from other medication simply due its color! AstraZeneca uses this color to its advantage and...

Dot Weekly 1390 days ago

Upcoming Expired Domain Auctions To Watch

 Mark As Read    

From time to time I will make a list of upcoming expired domain names over at to keep an eye on and here is another one of those lists! All domains have a range of when the auction starts (when you need to place a minimum bid ($69) to be in the private auction).

Dot Weekly 1391 days ago Sobakawa Cloud Pillow On TV

 Mark As Read! Can't get any more straightforward than that with a domain name! With Sobakawa® not being the easiest to remember, let alone pronounce, the team has done some thinking and brought this cloud pillow™ to the market with such a make sense domain name in the TV ads that I had to write about it! Clearly

Dot Weekly 1391 days ago

A Little This And That

 Mark As Read    

Back in September I was going to pull the plug on blogging on DotWeekly and just blog from time to time but then Google Instant came about and since I use DotWeekly for a lot of testing, I felt I needed to continue writing and learning! Google Instant is for sure a game changer even

Dot Weekly 1392 days ago

My Business Cards From

 Mark As Read    

I felt the need to order some business cards because I am starting to attend some social networking events and often run into people who I could be giving one to but I never ordered them before but I felt I needed them now. In doing so, I wanted to get some high quality ones!

Dot Weekly 1394 days ago Sells For $50K + More Domain Sales

 Mark As Read    

Sedo continues to roll out a lot of nice domain name sales and today is no different! Sedo is reporting several solid five figure domain name sales and some of those include: which sold for $50,000 USD which was purchased by United Names AG. The domain name was registered in June of 2001. took $55,000

Dot Weekly 1395 days ago Domain Name Sells For $500,000

 Mark As Read    

The domain name has sold for $500,000 at the domain name aftermarket service The domain name was first registered in May of 1995 and was previously owed by a Marcus Kocak according to whois records. The new owner has not been updated in whois records at time of posting. The $500,000 sale of ties

Dot Weekly 1397 days ago Brand Saver P&G Coupons Site

 Mark As Read    

Proctor & Gamble has rolled out a new domain name in a Brand Saver ad for coupons of $113 of its very popular products like Charmin®, Bounce®, Olay® and many more. I was a bit surprised to see the domain name used because it didn't fit with really anything they talked about in the TV

Dot Weekly 1399 days ago

Google Instant Hurting Some SERP?s: Example

 Mark As Read    

Back when Google Instant was launched I figured it may be a game changer and it is. Here is an example how one of my SERP's is being effected and I think in a negative way even though a searcher is searching for the correct term. A couple things to understand about Google Instant first. Even

Dot Weekly 1400 days ago

Several Nice At Expired Auction At GoDaddy

 Mark As Read    

I was browsing some expired domain name auctions at today and noticed several nice 3 letter .info domain names. I am not a huge fan of .info domain names but sometimes the terms work pretty well with providing information about the terms. Here are mainly all 3 letter word .info domain names that are currently

Dot Weekly 1400 days ago

Keywords Are Important To Get People In Your Virtual Door!

 Mark As Read    

The internet is built around keywords, so it's vital that you use keywords that target the customers you want to end up at your website, best matching what they are looking for! The things that people type at search engines, are keywords. The words in your domain name, are keywords. The title you use on

Dot Weekly 1400 days ago

2009 Top 10 Domain Sales: What They Are Doing Now

 Mark As Read    

2009 presented 8 domain names to cross the 7 figure mark and the remaining two domains in the top 10 were $875K and $770K respectively. So I wanted to see what has been made of these domain name purchases since making the top 10 reported domain name sales over at . Here is what I

Dot Weekly 1401 days ago

October 2010 Snapnames Showcase Domain Auction Results

 Mark As Read "quietly" ran another monthly showcase domain name auction and this time around had a theme of Generic & Keyword and had some pretty good results with one domain name reaching reserve price in the six figure range! The domain name had an ending price of $117,650.00 USD and the sister domain selling...

Dot Weekly 1401 days ago

Free Domain Name Keyword Parser Tool

 Mark As Read    

Anytime you deal with things in bulk it makes the task at hand a little bit harder. Domain names are no different as many domain name investors own hundred or thousands of domain names. I think that paying attention to the "little things" can make a huge difference and a Keyword Parser Tool helps you pay

Dot Weekly 1402 days ago

4 Letter Domain Name Sales Picking Up Steam Again

 Mark As Read    

4 Letter domain name sales were going very strong in 2008 and early 2009 after all 4 letter .com versions became registered. Many thought it would never happen but they all were registered. During this time the quad premium 4 letter domains were selling at pretty nice prices and as always, CVCV, VCVC and other

Dot Weekly 1402 days ago

Interesting Domain Sale:

 Mark As Read    

Here is one of those domain name sales that makes you scratch your head a little bit by just looking at the sale amount. $2,000 $1,000 To most, I would think that the prices would be switched due to technically making more sense and the more common term than Well, Hollywood FotoFix Inc. was

Dot Weekly 1404 days ago Extreme Makeover Rex Arboleda Site

 Mark As Read    

ABC Extreme Makeover Home Edition aired the Arboleda episode of the Wisconsin family and the dance fitness program created by Rex, Move To The Groove. The father, Rex Arboleda is making a push with his music and energy to help fight childhood obesity with his music and dance and got a huge push for the

Dot Weekly 1404 days ago Sells For $18,800 Who Is Stephen Miholovich?

 Mark As Read    

The domain name expired at and was inserted into NameJET's pre-release domain names set for upcoming auction if not renewed by the past owners. According to whois records, expired on September 4, 2010. The domain name followed the normal NSI process and was sold at auction on NameJET. According to curren...

Dot Weekly 1406 days ago

Domain Name For Sale Landing Page

 Mark As Read    

The other day I wrote about The Lost Domain Name For Sale and in that article I talked about: there is a good chance that somebody may be looking to see if your domain name is for sale but simply having your domain "parked" may lead them to believe the domain name is not for

Dot Weekly 1408 days ago

Sedo Tip: Domain Locked Due to Bid Placed

 Mark As Read    

Sedo has a little issue with the way its system works when a bid is placed on a domain name. I had received a bid on one of my domain names, I counter offered and never heard back from the interested party. As time passes (I think 7 days) and if the buyer doesn't respond

Dot Weekly 1409 days ago

Hand Picked Expired Domain Names List

 Mark As Read    

Here are some valuable expired domain names the keep an eye on that are currently in auto-renew expired status. All domain names will hold current creation date age and all hold at least 10+ years of creation date. All domain names are in the pre-release auction section over at and have different auction starts

Dot Weekly 1409 days ago

Obama Streaker Promotes For $1 Million Dollars

 Mark As Read    

Billionaire Alki David put a $1 Million dollar offer on the table for any man or woman willing to streak in front of US President Barack Obama back in August 2010 to help promote a website he owns and two months later it happened. 24-year-old Juan J. Rodriguez, from Staten Island, New York was the

Dot Weekly 1410 days ago Toyota Scion TC Coupe

 Mark As Read    

Toyota® has rolled out a new ad campaign for their 2011 Scion TC Coupe and is using the domain name in TV advertisements to continue their message online. "At Scion, we feel that the aggressive features of this next-generation tC are very exciting, and we know that a lot of young owners will be equally

Dot Weekly 1410 days ago

SERP?s W/ Google Instant, Before or After Enter?

 Mark As Read    

One important aspect of the value of a domain name could be due to a search engine rank position (SERP) and since many focus on SERP's, I find it even harder to decide what way to explain a SERP to a potential buyer. As of now, we have no way to tell how many

Dot Weekly 1411 days ago

The Lost Domain Name For Sale

 Mark As Read    

Being a domain name investor I know of different places to "look" for domain names but as a domain name owner are thinking outside the box to allow an end user to even know your domain name is for sale? I have said many times that "end users" will likely do two things to see the

Dot Weekly 1414 days ago

Insight Into The Naming Of

 Mark As Read did a video interview with co-founders Adam Goldstein & Steve Huffman formally of Reddit and spoke of the naming process of a new travel booking site called they are starting. Here is the video portion talking about domain names and picking the name. As you may have guessed, they started the search based on

Dot Weekly 1415 days ago Offering ?Richard Whitney? Portfolio Domains For Sale

 Mark As Read    

It appears is offering a partial portfolio of a private seller's domain names for sale on its auction service. In the market activity section of its site, Sedo lists: The domain name portfolio sale is a "smaller one" and consists of 30 domain names and several that have bids already have met reserve at very

Dot Weekly 1415 days ago Domain Sells For $45,000

 Mark As Read    

Sedo has rolled out two more solid five figure domain name sales and those include: $45,000 $40,000 doesn't surprise me all that much at $45,000 but at $40,000 does a little bit! was first registered in March of 1997 and has been since. The domain name likely gets a couple thousand unique v...

Dot Weekly 1415 days ago 2010 McDonalds Monopoly Game Launched

 Mark As Read    

What a difference a year makes! Last year I covered the domain name McDonalds® used to bring its super popular Monopoly® game "online" with and that domain name was So they are using the same domain name this year as used in 2009 but in a totally different way. was simply used as a

Dot Weekly 1416 days ago

P&G Launches Pampers Webstore On Facebook

 Mark As Read    

Most domain name investors are well aware of the Amazon aStore but back around May 2010 launched a Webstore product that is different than the aStore many of us are aware of and is an eCommerce platform. I didn't hear about this webstore feature until I recently saw Amazon launch the webstore for P&G

Dot Weekly 1416 days ago Domain Purchased By For $20K

 Mark As Read / has done a renovation to its domain names and branding power and purchased the exact match domain name for $20,000 USD. Although their domain names add on acronyms at the end of each domain, the company goes by the term WeWork. This was a great upgrade for them and although it

Dot Weekly 1416 days ago Olay Skin Care Coupon Site

 Mark As Read    

Here is an example of a large company understand the value of keywords, well kind of! Proctor & Gamble owns the domain name and started using it in an Olay® skin care commercial. Not only do they use in the TV commercial, they use a second domain name in the ad as well,

Dot Weekly 1417 days ago Domain Sells For $17,250

 Mark As Read a domain name which was created in 2003 has been brokered through for $17,250 USD. The domain name was owned by NameMedia and listed in whois as the common RN Webreg RareNames, Inc. Although / has its own active aftermarket business, they still use avenues like and GoDaddy Auctions to list...

Dot Weekly 1417 days ago Graco Paint Sprayer

 Mark As Read    

Graco has started using a great, make sense domain name in advertising to match the tag line they are using with their paint sprayers:! I hate painting just like everybody else that I know hates it and it always seems to take much longer than expected to paint a specific project you planned on

Dot Weekly 1418 days ago 5 Months, $5 Grand Difference

 Mark As Read    

I always like to report things like this when I see them happening. domain name sold at on or about May 27, 2010 for $5,200 USD. The new owner according to whois records, Anno Pabon had set the domain name servers to Sedo Parking and put an "expected" price tag on the domain

Dot Weekly 1420 days ago Remains Idle But Did it Sell?

 Mark As Read    

The "social" domain name auction service abruptly ceased operation on May 5, 2010 and has remained idle for about the past 5 months. the domain name, the website, script and other assets were announced to be for sale shortly after the ceased operation of the website but nothing appears to happen and a

Dot Weekly 1421 days ago

.net Product Related Domains Selling In Aftermarket

 Mark As Read    

One nice trend I have been seeing lately are .net product and service related domain names selling and most are selling for pretty fair prices for both buyer and sellers. I have never really loved .net domains because they are the ugly step-child to the powerful .com domain names. If you can not afford to

Dot Weekly 1421 days ago Domain Sells For $150,000

 Mark As Read has closed another very strong six figure domain name sale and this time around the domain is for $150,000 was first registered in 1995. The domain name is currently in the transfer process, so the new owner is not known at this time. The domain name had privacy protection since late 2006, so

Dot Weekly 1422 days ago

Sedo Partners With DomainsBot On Toll Free Numbers?

 Mark As Read, the domain name aftermarket service sent out an email this morning to its users that simply made me shake my head and scratch my head! Our Sedo team is excited to help our partners at DomainsBot announce the introduction of new toll free vanity numbers to the market! Just like with domain names, incorporating a

Dot Weekly 1422 days ago Domain Auction Service Offering $1 Registration

 Mark As Read has been launched by the people from and started with a $29.95 annual membership fee but for a short time the guys have went from premium draft beer to accepting the cheapest they can find while continuing to launch what many expect to be a domain name auction service that will not soon

Dot Weekly 1423 days ago & Get New Look

 Mark As Read and have a new look! SnapNames Moniker Clearly both resemble each site a lot more than in the past. Some new features on each and basic layout changes etc. Each site offers a video of the new site designs on their home pages, so that may be the best way to find out about all the

Dot Weekly 1423 days ago

Expired Domain Names To Keep An Eye On

 Mark As Read    

Here is a hand picked list of expired domain names that are currently set up to go to auction shortly that would be wise to keep an eye on. The vast majority of these domain names are Pre-Release domain names at I rarely bid in expired domain auctions but that doesn't mean you can't.

Dot Weekly 1423 days ago Worlds Largest Generic Domain Name?

 Mark As Read very well could be the LARGEST generic domain name ever to be displayed! OK, yes is a generic domain name and is owned by The Farmers Insurance Group but why would it be the largest generic domain name? is being displayed as advertising on a Zeppelin NT Airship owned by and this

Dot Weekly 1424 days ago

So Many Questions About Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

Being a domain name owner and sometimes domain name seller, I often run into so many questions when being contacted about somebody wanting to purchase a domain name that I own. Who's the buyer? Why may they be interested in purchasing? Can I replace the domain if I sell? How much do I have invested? Does the domain have age?

Dot Weekly 1424 days ago

Blackberry Tablet not Name!

 Mark As Read    

Although Research In Motion purchased the domain name in July 2010 and sparked a large amount of talk that the domain name purchase was likely the new name for the expected tablet computer from Blackberry®, RIM announced today the real name for their tablet computer is: PlayBook RIM purchased on or about July 26, 2010...

Dot Weekly 1425 days ago

Check Recent Domain Name Sales Before Accepting An Offer

 Mark As Read    

Earlier today I wrote about a couple .org domain name sales and one of those happened to be which sold for $5,000 over at Sedo. During some research I did for the story, I often check past domain name sales matching the keyword and when I did this, I discovered two more recent sales

Dot Weekly 1425 days ago
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