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Dot Weekly

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Premium .co Domain Name Auction Underway

 Mark As Read .co Premium Domain Auction has begun! 208 .co domain names are on the auction block and many of the domain names are some of the BEST .co domains on the market! The auction runs from today (2/10/2011) to 2/17/2011. Some early bids are in on some of the popular domains like,,

Dot Weekly 1480 days ago By Groupon Ad

 Mark As Read    

Groupon started running commercials during the 2010/2011 Super Bowl and has continued to do so after the big game as well. One ad that grabbed my attention is the one with model Elizabeth Hurley which talks about the brazilian rain forest and it wasn't because of the ads message or the pretty lady. It was

Dot Weekly 1480 days ago

Movie Domain:

 Mark As Read    

Gnomeo & Juliet movie is set to launch on Feb 11, 2011 and I happened to see an interesting TV commercial last night for the movie. The ad was for the movie and basically "a movie trailer", but at the end of the movie trailer, the domain name was displayed. That caught me off

Dot Weekly 1480 days ago Domain Name Auctioned Off

 Mark As Read domain name has been auctioned off at domain name registrar in an expired domain name auction that ended on 2/7/2011. A total of 26 bids were placed between 6 bidders and the auction ended for $604 USD. The domain names surrounding Wikileaks have been a story in itself for at least a little

Dot Weekly 1481 days ago

Current .co Domain Name Auctions

 Mark As Read    

With $3 Million dollars in hype for .co I kind of had a feeling that it would generate some action for some .co domain names in the aftermarket. So I took a look today to see what is happening with .co domain name in the aftermarket and this is what I found. .co auctions Sedo has

Dot Weekly 1482 days ago Grabs $33,500 Domain Sale + More

 Mark As Read    

Sedo has started closing some of the domain names that were auctioned in the last Great Domains auction held at and is reporting some daily domain name sales with the domain name aftermarket service as well. Here is a wide mix of domain names as usual. No real big sales, but several nice solid

Dot Weekly 1482 days ago

Facebook Was Likely The Biggest Super Bowl Commercial Winner!

 Mark As Read    

I have talked about companies putting a lot of trust in sending traffic to pages for specific companies, because you are solely trusting a 3rd party service to handle the server load, what can be offered and more. The Super Bowl was no different and several companies put their trust in the hands of

Dot Weekly 1483 days ago

GoDaddy Goes .co On Main Site, Until You Click

 Mark As Read    

The big day has arrived and the commercial will air today! GoDaddy will be promoting .co domain names and will include a new logo in one of the two Super Bowl ads the company will run. One thing I noticed before and wondered what GoDaddy will do, is they were forwarding to

Dot Weekly 1484 days ago Domain Name Sells For $186,000 + More

 Mark As Read    

Here are some domain name sales that domain name aftermarket service is reporting as of early today. Several nice domain name sales with most in the five figure range and the title domain grabbing six figures! a great two letter domain name attracted the highest amount at $186,000 USD. CI-Network of the UK was

Dot Weekly 1486 days ago Offering .co Domains For $11.88 During Super Bowl

 Mark As Read tested the waters on January 25, 2011 by running a one day .co new domain name registration sale for the same price as .com domains for $11.99. sent out its monthly newsletter last night (2/3/2011) and is going to try and take advantage of GoDaddy's .co Super Bowl ad (IMO) and is running a

Dot Weekly 1486 days ago

Will ICE Seize, and Next?

 Mark As Read    

I have been covering the ICE seizures of domain names for a little while now because I see it has a HUGE threat to the domain name industry and domain names in general. Things stepped up a notch the other day with more domain seizures because sites were posting plain text references to sites that

Dot Weekly 1486 days ago Attracts $29,000 Domain Sale

 Mark As Read    

Another day, another set of five figure domain name sales over at the domain name aftermarket service! Today brings a nice group of domain names and all are in a little different category!, a nice 4 letter domain name that is a combination of two words, attracted the highest reported sale over at Sedo

Dot Weekly 1487 days ago Gaming Site or Eyeglasses Site?

 Mark As Read    

I can never bash a company when they use a catchy domain name in an ad because they are trying. People get tired of seeing the same old, same old all the time and mixing things up with a domain name can be one way to easily change up an ad. One thing I think

Dot Weekly 1487 days ago’s .co Super Bowl Ad! Barbie?

 Mark As Read    

If you ask me.. she looks like a plastic doll (aka Manikin)! Is it Barbie® that will be the next GoDaddy .co girl? She is moving in parts of the ad, but I do think a manikin stand in was in place at some point! Is it Barbie? Not likely. This was only 18 seconds, so

Dot Weekly 1488 days ago Grabs Awesome Domain Sale At $18K

 Mark As Read is keeping up to past domain name sales results it has produced and has a couple more five figure domain name sales reporting. One nice sale is that was owned by Domain Asset Holdings (Mike Mann) and sold for $18,000 USD. The domain name had a $25,000 asking price over at GoDaddy to

Dot Weekly 1488 days ago

ICE Seizes More Domains, Whois Changed On One

 Mark As Read    

I have been following the ICE seized domain names and the list that goes along with the sites / domain names that have been seized. It's getting more crazy!!!! In the past, with all the "seized" domain names, domain name servers were simply changed by ICE and that was pretty much it from what I could

Dot Weekly 1488 days ago

PGA Allows Domain Name To Expire

 Mark As Read    

Here is another high profile domain name to recently reached expired status and this time the PGA is the company behind the domain name. The good thing for the PGA, the expired domain name isn't, but instead..! It appears the PGA (The Professional Golfers' Association of America) used i some sort of way,

Dot Weekly 1488 days ago

Digital Map Store Upgrades Domain To For $24K

 Mark As Read    

I was browsing some domain name sales and grabbed my eye for a couple reasons. One, I didn't know there was such a thing and $24,000 was the other reason! Digital Map Store®, LLC is the owner of the domain name and has used that domain name since around 2003 selling waterproof printer paper,

Dot Weekly 1489 days ago Springs Up $11,500 Sale At

 Mark As Read has changed hands for $11,500 USD sale over at domain name marketplace. This isn't the first penis to change hands in the past year, as sold at DomainFEST in 2010 for $11,000 according to . The buyer of was Ms Jello LLC and the buyer of is…. Ms Jello

Dot Weekly 1489 days ago

How Is Doing Since Relaunch?

 Mark As Read    

I wanted to take a look at and see how things are going since the site relaunched with new owners in November 2010. These are stats based on the sales archive page directly from Bido from November 1, 2010 to January 28, 2011. Total Sales: 163 Total Dollar Amount From Sales: $22,576 Average Sale Price: $139 Average Sale

Dot Weekly 1490 days ago

GoDaddy Sends Out Press Release For Premium Listings

 Mark As Read    

With the up coming Super Bowl and's slated two commercial spots for the big game, GoDaddy has sent out a press release to get customers to list domain names for sale using the Premium Listing Service GoDaddy offers. This was a pretty interesting press release IMO, because it shows some forward progress that GoDaddy may

Dot Weekly 1490 days ago

Interesting: Expires, Owned By NameMedia?

 Mark As Read    

Here is an interesting expired domain name: ! Now it is not the most expensive domain or the best domain, but still nice considering the amount of search volume for the matching term. What makes this story a little more interesting is that NameMedia is listed as the "owner" of the domain name when

Dot Weekly 1492 days ago Lays Out $18,450 Domain Name Sale

 Mark As Read has attracted a $18,450 USD sales price over at domain name market place. holds a current creation date of  2/12/1999 and was actually registered before that time since the domain name dropped from the registry twice! The domain name is registered with at the time of the sale and used SedoParking.

Dot Weekly 1492 days ago

A Little This & That From DotWeekly

 Mark As Read    

So here is one of my random writings where I talk about a little bit of everything. Just some random things that are on my mind and not worth a full posting. A little this and that as the title states! Here are a couple domain names that I purchased recently. All these were purchase at

Dot Weekly 1493 days ago

Who The Hell Lets Expire!

 Mark As Read    

I guess Generation I Systems! expired on 1-16-2011 at Network Solutions and is currently listed in the Pre-Release section at with auction start date of 2-22-2011! So far, 24 bidders have placed the minimum required bid to be in the auction when it starts. If this domain makes it all the way to auction, expect

Dot Weekly 1495 days ago Search Engine May Be Great Domainer Tool

 Mark As Read    

Yesterday I ran into a new search engine called (I know, pretty crazy name) but they put a focus on what they call "Slash Search". Using slashes with the keywords you enter, easily allow you to not see thing you wish not to. To further beef up your search to get you results that

Dot Weekly 1495 days ago

GoDaddy Drops .co Domain Prices By 60% To $11.99

 Mark As Read    

Just the other day I speculated as to why was likely taking the chance with running a Super Bowl ad for .co when so many people still wonder what GoDaddy even offers. One thing I thought that attracted GoDaddy to do it, was the $29.99 price tag on .co domain names at the time

Dot Weekly 1496 days ago Domain Sells For $65,000 At

 Mark As Read has been sold at for $65,000 USD. Nice "brandable" domain name, as animal domains seem to always do pretty good when it comes to domain name sales. was owned by The domain name currently resolves to Coyote Logistics, but due to not showing current owners or name servers… I'm...

Dot Weekly 1496 days ago

So Why Is GoDaddy Running A .co Super Bowl Ad?

 Mark As Read    

I think it's a pretty big deal that GoDaddy is going to run a Super Bowl ad promoting .co domains! I mean, it is the most expensive 30 second ads a company can buy and yet GoDaddy is going to run one for a TLD that not many have heard of? Keep in mind that

Dot Weekly 1498 days ago

Keith Olbermann Still “Owned” By

 Mark As Read    

Back in July 2010, the "one upped" Keith Olbermann and purchased the domain name and put an interesting image that stated "We Own You"! Fast forward to January 2011 and I'm thinking that Keith is really "owned" now that he is no longer with MSNBC! Owning "your name" as a matching d...

Dot Weekly 1498 days ago New WDA TV About Baby Teeth

 Mark As Read    

The Wisconsin Dental Association has started a new ad campaign and is using a nice catchy domain name that fits the main message of the ad: The 30 second ad expresses the importance of good dental care for baby teeth as they are important for early physical, social and emotional development. The WDA did a

Dot Weekly 1499 days ago Amazon Deal Brings 1,301,296 Sales In 24hrs

 Mark As Read    

Yesterday, offered an gift card at 50% off. $20 for $10 and LivingSocial showed just how powerful the internet is, selling 1,301,296 gift card vouchers in 24 hours! The numbers are simply crazy if you ask me! Not only the amount of gift card vouchers sold, think of the amount of traffic got

Dot Weekly 1501 days ago Advertises Without Domain Name

 Mark As Read isn't Walmart, nor Google. They are an internet based company, yet I saw a TV advertisement yesterday and they didn't even include a domain name in the ad? I found it a bit odd that an internet company would advertise with only "saying" the domain in the ad with no visual presentation of the

Dot Weekly 1501 days ago

What Domain Names Are HOT Right Now?

 Mark As Read    

It has been a little while since I last posted about what category of domain names that I think are HOT right now, so I thought I would share some of my thoughts about what domain names I think are HOT or will be in the near future. Keep in mind that this is just

Dot Weekly 1501 days ago

Pitchmen Returns To Airing New Episodes ~ Shavemate

 Mark As Read    

Pitchmen was pulled from the air only after 3 episodes in late September 2010 with no explanation why. The show happened to stop after a hostage situation at a Discovery building, but that doesn't appear to be why the show suddenly stopped. The episode that didn't make it to air before the plug was pulled, was

Dot Weekly 1502 days ago Cruise Line Promotes Facebook Page

 Mark As Read    

Carnival Cruise Lines isn't the "first" company to promote its fan page in an ad spot, but Carnival is running a lot of TV commercial spots that I have seen lately and they contain the message at the end of the ad to visit instead of the companies domain name. So do I

Dot Weekly 1503 days ago Closed Today (1/17/11) + Other Tidbits

 Mark As Read    

I was waiting for some info over at Sedo as I have 2 domains that are in the closing process and was a little surprised I didn't hear anything from them today… until I read in their news section that the U.S. office is closed in observance of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. So if you

Dot Weekly 1503 days ago

A Losing Domain Bid Is Frustrating And Costly!

 Mark As Read    

Who doesn't hate to lose and when it comes to losing in a domain name auction, it's no different! Winning a domain name auction is often fun and it can be very rewarding as well. I haven't been bidding that much in domain name auctions but I have started again lately and it quickly reminded me

Dot Weekly 1504 days ago Loses #1 Search Engine Spots

 Mark As Read    

I have covered the domain name sale and the progression of the site in search engines for well over a year now and for some reason today, I thought I would check and make sure the site continued it's #1 spot in SE's. I was a little bit surprised but it hasn't! now ranks at

Dot Weekly 1507 days ago

Five Figure Domain Sale, It better Be Good! Does It?

 Mark As Read    

I have been selling domain names for several years now and I have yet to sell a domain name for five figures! I haven't paid thousands for domain names either, but should I have at least one five figure sale by now? I think I should but it simply hasn't happened yet for me! I

Dot Weekly 1507 days ago

Why I Write About Advertised Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

Many DotWeekly readers may wonder (and often not read) articles that I write about specific domain names that are used in advertising campaigns by different companies. So why the hell do I write about them? Because I can, as they are domain related and it stays relevant to what I write about. They create traffic for DotWeekly. I

Dot Weekly 1507 days ago Domain Briefly Expires, Takes Down Site

 Mark As Read, a great generic domain name that just about any domain name investor would love to have as a part of their portfolio!, a great domain name to build a business around that can easily bring customers to your door with little to no advertising!, a great potential brand!, a generic domain nam...

Dot Weekly 1508 days ago Anti-Wrinkle Facial Cream

 Mark As Read    

Here is another great call to action domain name put to use in advertising by Hydroxatone® and from my understanding the company Hydro-Skin LLC. screams at customers who want to smooth out wrinkles that have come with aging. The anti-wrinkle facial cream product being offered during the advertisements and with the call to acti...

Dot Weekly 1509 days ago

Domain Sellers, Watch Domain Name Wanted Sections

 Mark As Read    

Sometimes selling a domain name is as easy as browsing the Domain Names Wanted sections at popular domain name forum websites! I have used these sections on both and many times and have sold plenty of domain names in the process! The Domain Names Wanted sections are not always going to find you a

Dot Weekly 1511 days ago

Is Just Listing A Domain W/ A 3rd Party Service Enough?

 Mark As Read    

Is just listing a domain name with a third party service like, or enough to get a sale? Most of the time, NO! From what I have learned… most interested parties will do two things when interested in a domain.. some will do a third. It is not all that likely that somebody

Dot Weekly 1511 days ago Purchased For $40K After Seed Funding

 Mark As Read    

This seems to be some what of a trend…. A company starts that doesn't have much funding and starts off with a so/so domain name at best. Maybe an off the wall name even and then after some large amount of funding, purchases the premium domain name they wanted in the first place and sometimes

Dot Weekly 1512 days ago

History Repeats ~ 2010 Prediction On Highest Domain Sale

 Mark As Read    

It was nearly a year ago and I had wrote an article on January 15, 2010 about a couple predictions I had about what will be the highest reported domain name sale for 2010 and where it would happen. I used documented history to help with my prediction and it worked out. In last years article,

Dot Weekly 1513 days ago

Expired Domain Name Hot List ~ NSI Domains

 Mark As Read    

From time to time I will present several of the best expired domain names that will be going to auction at All the domain names are currently expired and are domains from Network Solutions. The reason I dig these lists at NSI, is because they are some of the oldest domain names registered and

Dot Weekly 1514 days ago Bowl Game Is Today On ESPN

 Mark As Read has sponsored a bowl game called " Bowl" and Middle Tennessee State University and Miami University of Ohio are the two college football teams to play the game on ESPN at 7 PM CST today (1/6/2011). GoDaddy sponsors a lot of things from NASCAR races, race cars, race car drivers, poker players, singers, INDY races

Dot Weekly 1515 days ago

Sedo Counter Offer Oops I Made You May Not Be Aware Of

 Mark As Read    

I made a little oops today over at Sedo and I didn't intend for the situation to turn out as it did. So here is my oops, so you don't have to learn it like I did! I got a $250 offer on from my domains for sale posting I did the other day. It

Dot Weekly 1515 days ago
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