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Dot Weekly

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Sedo Counter Offer Oops I Made You May Not Be Aware Of

 Mark As Read    

I made a little oops today over at Sedo and I didn't intend for the situation to turn out as it did. So here is my oops, so you don't have to learn it like I did! I got a $250 offer on from my domains for sale posting I did the other day. It

Dot Weekly 1444 days ago

Interesting: Link Indexed In Search Engine

 Mark As Read    

This is going to be a little hard to explain but I will try my best. I promote several affiliate products and from time to time will build a specific site for the affiliate product. So I built this one site and one common thing I do, is stick affiliate links in the sidebar to

Dot Weekly 1444 days ago Eyelash Enhancer By Lashatone™

 Mark As Read    

Lashatone™ has launched a new campaign for their product that enhances eyelashes for a natural appearance of longer and thicker looking lashes. They are offering a risk free 30 day trial with the website  used in the ad that is using the catchy, make sense domain name ! Many women dream about having full and

Dot Weekly 1444 days ago

GoDaddy Premium Listing Service & Whois Search Amounts

 Mark As Read    

Awhile back I had wrote an article on how to obtain the amount of whois searches that are done for domain names you own, that are registered with . I downloaded a list when I first wrote about it and did so again today as I am going to use GoDaddy's Premium Listing service

Dot Weekly 1445 days ago

Take A Domain Survey, Win An Old Book! :)

 Mark As Read    

Andrew at is running his 6th annual domain name survey and if you take the survey, provide him with your contact info… you may win a book that was published in 2008 . Hello Andrew, it's 2011! Andrew's clearly no Chef Patrick based on the The Domain Game books he is giving away

Dot Weekly 1445 days ago

Ukraine & Saint Helena Domains Added To ICE Seized Domain List

 Mark As Read    

I haven't checked the list of the ICE Seized Domain list for a little while, since I wasn't around a computer much in the month of December but today when I checked it… it was interesting to see a couple domains added to it with ccTLD domains of Ukraine and Saint Helena! Until now, the TLD's

Dot Weekly 1446 days ago

I Need Your Help, Investment Domains Available

 Mark As Read    

With the birth of our first child, bills are stacking up and need to be paid! I haven't worked much since the start of December due to being in the hospital with my wife and my money accounts are drastically showing it! I need your help and am offering some nice investment quality domains at

Dot Weekly 1446 days ago World Cup Domain Sells For $10,099

 Mark As Read    

The World Cup soccer event that will be held in Russia in 2018 is almost 7 years in the future but that didn't stop 3 bidders from fighting for at a domain name auction at in early December . The bidding process for the 2018 & 2022 World Cup officially began in March 2009

Dot Weekly 1447 days ago

$189 Million Spent But No for OWN Network

 Mark As Read    

Oprah Winfrey launched her own TV network today to start off the New Year and a reported $189 Million was spent in the process of launching the network. With the importance of the internet and giving people an easy access to what you offer, Oprah and her team failed at obtaining the matching acronym to

Dot Weekly 1448 days ago

Humana Inc. Plunks Down $16.5K For Domain

 Mark As Read    

Humana Inc. has purchased the hyphenated domain name for $16,500 USD at domain name aftermarket service . The reason this domain grabbed my eye is because of its odd placed, single hyphen. Normally, hyphens are used to split up keywords as a person would "search for the term" at a search engine. My Well

Dot Weekly 1448 days ago E! VS Dish Network

 Mark As Read    

Many of us have seen TV contracts be brought to the public eye and is another site being made available to TV viewers to fight back against a television provider. E! and Style networks are in a contract until 01/01/2011 with Dish Network and they have yet to reach an agreement, so channels E!

Dot Weekly 1449 days ago

Hitwise Releases Most Search Sites For 2010

 Mark As Read which is owned by Experian, has released its Top 10 most searched / visited sites and has posted Facebook beating out Google for the #1 spot. 2010 Hitwise list I always find it interesting to look at these stats and domainers are often more understanding to the reason behind many of the search terms. Hitwise

Dot Weekly 1450 days ago

DotWeekly Welcomes A Baby Boy!

 Mark As Read    

My wife Heather and I are pleased to announce the arrival of our first child, Parker Jay Zoch who was born by emergency c-section on December 10, 2010. Our journey started with a planned induction date on the evening of December 9 and all things were going well until mid morning on the 10th. As contractions

Dot Weekly 1450 days ago

Bill Nguyen, Co-Founder of LaLa, Likely Purchased For $350K

 Mark As Read    

GoDaddy had reported the sale of the domain name for $350,000 around November 29, 2010 as reported on and I did a little digging to see who the buyer may be considering whois privacy protection was added to whois. It appears that the buyer likely is serial entrepreneur Bill Nguyen. Bill recently sold

Dot Weekly 1471 days ago

Whois Spammer:,

 Mark As Read    

I had hand registered a domain name earlier this week (12/6/10) to be exact and today (12/9/10) I received a spam email from the address . The email stated (links removed): I noticed you just bought Our statistics indicate that your domain's primary keyword phrase, ‘DomainHere', gets around 210 exact local...

Dot Weekly 1471 days ago Added To ICE Seized Domain List

 Mark As Read    

I have been keeping an eye on the list of seized domain names by ICE since I first wrote about it on November 27, 2010 to see if it grows and the list has grown by about 2 domain names to 84 according to whois records. One of the added domain names that I could pick

Dot Weekly 1472 days ago “Shortcut” Promoted By! Also Owned

 Mark As Read has been running holiday TV ad spots and has included there $350,000 purchase of the domain name in the TV ads. Overstock gives the domain name small text and is providing the domain name by the text "Shortcut" under the main Overstock logo and domain name®. The domain name is not mentioned

Dot Weekly 1473 days ago

December This And That

 Mark As Read    

It has been busy for me lately getting ready for our first child coming any day now. My wife is 39 weeks, 1 day today and we should find out more today with another doctors appointment this afternoon as to when the birth day will be. Weekly ultrasounds and doctor appointments sure do take up

Dot Weekly 1474 days ago

Sedo Adds ?Domain Auctions? Link To Homepage

 Mark As Read has added a "Domain Auctions" link to its homepage! This may not seem like that big of a deal, but I think it is! It was a pure pain in the ass to get to the auctions page after Sedo redesigned its site several months ago and for people who have never visited before

Dot Weekly 1478 days ago Movie By Warner Brothers Coming

 Mark As Read    

Yogi Bear® is coming to movie theaters December 17, 2010 and Warner Brothers® has used the exact match domain name in TV commercials and the official trailers to help promote the upcoming movie. This is a nice change from many domain names used for movies as many of us have seen. The average movie will

Dot Weekly 1479 days ago

Collections Notification Because I Own A Domain?

 Mark As Read    

Being in the domain industry for about 6 years now, I though I have seen a lot relating to owning a domain name but I was surprised last week with another first. I was sent a collections notice for $463.11? I always pay my bills on time, so I knew this had to be some

Dot Weekly 1479 days ago Sells For $70K, $75.2K

 Mark As Read domain name has been sold for $70,000 USD at . This is the third large sale coming from Michael Berkens of and $40,000 and also for $38,000 were two other recent sales by Mr. Berkens and Sedo. Congrats to Michael and Sedo on these sales! The new owner of V...

Dot Weekly 1480 days ago

Expired Domain Name List Of Gems

 Mark As Read    

Here is another one of my hand picked list of expired domain name gems! All domain names are expired and currently in "Pre-Release" at . A pre-bid is required to join the private auction. Each domain name ranges from today to about 30 days out until the private auction would start. These are some of

Dot Weekly 1480 days ago Draws $40,000 Domain Name Sale

 Mark As Read has drawn up a $40,000 sales price tag and according to whois records has been purchased by Hanei Marketing. Visiting already displays a website that is up and being built. It appears the site will offer many types of design contests all in one place. From logo to T-Shirt designs to business cards

Dot Weekly 1481 days ago American Express Round #2

 Mark As Read    

Back in September 2010 American Express® rolled out a new credit card with the brand name Zync Card™ and used the matching term as a domain name, in TV advertisements. When I wrote about it back in September, I noticed the interesting fact that it didn't appear American Express had purchased the more common

Dot Weekly 1481 days ago Domino?s Ingredients Backstory

 Mark As Read    

Domino's pizza is continuing to bring personal connecting messages in many ad campaigns and is the newest and latest effort from Domino's. All recent campaigns have had a matching domain name and website dedicated to the message they are trying to get across. Each has been a little different way in connecting with the...

Dot Weekly 1481 days ago

List Of Government (ICE) Seized Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

I'm sure you have heard of the seizure of many domain names by the U.S. Government and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) department as reported by, so from a person who knows how to dig a little bit about domains, I wanted to look into it a little bit more and try and

Dot Weekly 1483 days ago

Insurance Domain Names Remain Hot Sellers

 Mark As Read    

I have watched "insurance" domain names continue selling like hot cakes for several months and really all of 2010! 2009 they did the same thing! The sales just keep on happening and it seems that just about any domain name with the keyword insurance in it could sell. Sedo is leading the way as the place

Dot Weekly 1486 days ago

Upcoming Expired Gold At Domain List

 Mark As Read    

I do these lists from time to time and highlight several great expired domain names that are on auction at that are open for pre-bids. All auctions start in a range from today, out to about 30 days from now. Here is the list of expired gold waiting to be polished! Potential TM issues but

Dot Weekly 1491 days ago

Experian Purchases For $17,000

 Mark As Read    

Experian Information Solutions is more known for checking your credit score but they have just purchased the domain name for $17,000 USD using domain name brokerage service . Name Administration Inc (Frank Schilling) owned the domain name at the time of the sale. Whois records as of November 17, 2010 indicate Experian ...

Dot Weekly 1492 days ago

Jerry Yang Is For Sale! Own Him ~

 Mark As Read    

You may have heard the name Jerry Yang before, as he co-founded a little known company called Yahoo! with David Filo. Do you want Jerry Yang to work for you, 24/7 365 days a year? Who wouldn't! Put Jerry Yang to work! Jerry Yang & David Filo ~ Co-Founders of Yahoo! happens to be currently on

Dot Weekly 1492 days ago Game Tablet Wii Game

 Mark As Read    

THQ, Inc has launched a new Game Tablet for the Wii® and has named it uDraw™. The uDraw looks pretty neat as it allows you to draw on a tablet and assist in games like Pictionary® as the images are displayed on your TV while using the Wii game console. In the uDraw commercial, THQ is

Dot Weekly 1492 days ago Domain Sold to Genie Capital For $50K

 Mark As Read    

The domain name has been sold for $50,000 USD at . The domain name was owned by (Michael Mann) and was purchased by Genie Capital. The name Genie Capital rang a bell to me for some reason and I did a little more digging and they also purchased the domain name for

Dot Weekly 1494 days ago

Network Solutions Is Slacking On Expired Domain Notifications

 Mark As Read    

Most domain name investors are aware of it but are companies that only have a handful of domain names aware of it? Network Solutions IMO is slacking when it comes to notifying customers before a domain name expires! One may say that they send out emails, but is that enough? If you are paying a premium

Dot Weekly 1495 days ago Attracts $15,000 Domain Sale

 Mark As Read has been sold at by popular blogger Michael Berkens of / for $15,000 USD. The new owner isn't currently available as the domain name is still in the transfer process. When I saw this domain name reported, it instantly made me think of: I'm sure the situation involving Anna Chapman, the a...

Dot Weekly 1495 days ago Domain Sells For $25,000

 Mark As Read has been sold for $25,000 USD by Moniker/ and this was only one of 3 "bedding" related domain names to grab a five figure domain name sale! was close behind with a $21,500 USD sale by Nokta Domains and Nokta wasn't done as it also sold for $18,500 USD! At first when I saw...

Dot Weekly 1496 days ago Furniture Row Goes Weekends Only!

 Mark As Read    

Furniture Row® is changing common store concepts and will only be open 3 days a week. Friday, Saturday and Sunday. To make the public aware of this new concept, Furniture Row has launched an ad campaign that to me is a little confusing when just watching the ad. The main message is "Weekends @ Furniture

Dot Weekly 1498 days ago

Chevy Runs Deep With

 Mark As Read    

Chevrolet has rolled out several new advertising campaigns with the slogan "Chevy Runs Deep" and one of these ads puts a focus on "Max and Al". Max and Al are characters built on the Duramax Diesel Engine and Allison Transmission used in the heavy duty line of Chevy trucks. To further continue Chevy's message online,

Dot Weekly 1499 days ago

Stats at DotWeekly From Expiring Article

 Mark As Read    

I thought you may be interested in seeing some stats from yesterday to when I wrote about the domain name expiring . I think I was one of the first couple sites based on what I can tell that wrote about it. Sadly, because DotWeekly isn't the largest site around, I got very

Dot Weekly 1501 days ago Auctions Updates More Features

 Mark As Read    

A bit of a surprise to see another new update to GoDaddy Auctions and the way domain names are displayed, how you bid on them and the new amount of information provided with each domain name currently at auction. It seems GoDaddy has been changing things a lot lately but at least most of the

Dot Weekly 1501 days ago Domain Sells For $33,000 + More Sales

 Mark As Read continues to roll out a nice mix of domain name sales at its domain name aftermarket service and is lead by a nice five figure .net domain sale in: for $33,000 and another .net followed with selling for $16,000! $15,000 $9,500 $7,000 $3,950 $3,500 Ha...

Dot Weekly 1501 days ago Expires And Site Taken Down

 Mark As Read    

A day after the Green Bay Packers handed the Dallas Cowboys a 45-7 loss, things continued to get worse for the Cowboys when their main domain name used for their website expired on November 2, 2010! The domain name was renewed on November 8, 2010 but that didn't prevent the website from being taken down

Dot Weekly 1502 days ago UPS Lost In An Instant

 Mark As Read    

UPS® has began a new advertising campaign and is using the domain name in the ad. Not the best of domain name ever used in an ad campaign but not the "worst" either. So what is the potential problem UPS is having that easily allows them to be found by potential customers for the

Dot Weekly 1502 days ago

Visited Lately? Missing Out?

 Mark As Read    

Back in August 2010 I created as a helpful tool for domain name investors and 3 months later, the tool is still very helpful, but you have to use it! What is The site picks the best of the best domain names listed on eBay! Displays them in popular categories and easily allows you to

Dot Weekly 1504 days ago Purchased By Cat5 Commerce For $30,000

 Mark As Read    

The generic product domain name has been sold for $30,000 USD to Cat5 Commerce, LLC! According to, they are "a privately owned Internet retail company based in Chesterfield, Missouri. We develop and operate sophisticated ecommerce destinations utilizing cutting edge technology and comprehensive online marketing strateg...

Dot Weekly 1504 days ago Misses The Domain Ball

 Mark As Read    

Here is a little constructive criticism for the newly launched The Marq. The Marq is the old Apple Creek Inn in DePere, Wisconsin which is only a couple miles outside of Green Bay. A local grocery store, Festival Foods purchased the catering business and has renamed it to The Marq after doing extensive renovation. Based on

Dot Weekly 1505 days ago

Small Domain Name Sales Are Important To!

 Mark As Read    

I always like to write about high dollar domain name sales, as do others but really it is the smaller domain name sales that are just as important for the domain industry and domain name investors! Smaller sales keep the sails up and moving and they are needed! Popular domain name site doesn't even report

Dot Weekly 1505 days ago

Domain Name Promo Codes From

 Mark As Read    

My name is Ppl (pe-pe-le) from and I have been domaining for the past 7 years. It was always hard spending my hard earned money on domain names, renewals, transfers and more but from time to time I would get a promo code to save some money. What a great feeling when this happened.

Dot Weekly 1507 days ago Domain Sells For $15,000 At

 Mark As Read    

Cottonelle rolled out an advertising campaign with but what will be done with the newly purchased for $15,000? Based on current DNS, I would say will likely become a game related site and is likely owned by GMCI Internet Operations, Inc. Another site they own is . Whois records ar...

Dot Weekly 1507 days ago
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