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Dot Weekly

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 Mark As Read    

I have always been a fan of .org domain names due to the huge "trust" factor the domain names have and add in the fact that they rank well on search engines and that may be why we are seeing several very nice domain name sales this year for the .org TLD. In fact, 2010 produced

Dot Weekly 1396 days ago Domain Registered By Abbott Laboratories

 Mark As Read    

It was announced on 9/22/2010 of a voluntary recall of Similac Infant Forumula by Abbott Laboratories but unlike many of the companies that do a recall of a product, Abbott Laboratories has went ahead and registered the vital matching keywords to what people will be naturally searching for on the web! Similac + Recall. It

Dot Weekly 1399 days ago

Oops, Typo During PR Release

 Mark As Read    

I spell badly, my grammar is bad and I will always admit that. Even with spell checker (which I do not use, as it doesn't work in my editor) but when a press release is written and then sent to a PR service (which is pretty expensive I might add), the chances of a typo

Dot Weekly 1399 days ago Put To Use By Yellow Pages After $3.85M Purchase

 Mark As Read    

I saw a TV ad for and it was solely being advertised as a "Search Engine" and provided the tag line "Click Less, Live More". I found it a bit odd that somebody would even attempt to compete with the big 3 by running TV ads but when I visited the domain name today,

Dot Weekly 1400 days ago Domain Grabs $10,000 At Sedo

 Mark As Read    

The domain name has grabbed a real street value of $10,000 USD over at domain name aftermarket . According to whois history records, the buyer is Advanced Health Consultants. Although the current creation date shows March 2008, displays name server history changes dating back some 7 years. The domain name wa...

Dot Weekly 1400 days ago

Backorder Bids At NameJet Are NOT Proxy Bids

 Mark As Read    

I have talked about this before but today while browsing some domain names at, I continue to see people getting burned. If you place a backorder on a domain name (pre-release or Pending Delete domains), it is always best to simply bid the MINIMUM amount until the auction starts. Once the auction starts, then

Dot Weekly 1400 days ago

Did The Domain Industry Miss Out At D2C Show?

 Mark As Read    

The D2C show is the largest direct to customer marketing show and is held annually in Las Vegas by the Electronic Retailing Association (ERA) but I was a bit surprised to go through the vendors list and not see a single domain name company on it. Why would a domain name related company want to

Dot Weekly 1401 days ago Flops At Auction

 Mark As Read was heavily promoted at with several email notifications to Pool users and also featured on's home page to help promote the exclusive auction for the domain name. The domain name had a reserve price of $10,000 USD for a starting bid. One thing that likely has hurt the auction for the domain name

Dot Weekly 1401 days ago Contacts Or Was It Air Optics Contacts?

 Mark As Read    

Here is another example of creating a brand but not protecting it with the more common spelling in the virtual world. Air Optix® is the brand name of contact lenses by CIBA Vision which is a Novartis AG company. Last night I had the TV on but wasn't really watching it and I heard a

Dot Weekly 1402 days ago

Airpoints, Inc Purchases Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

I happened to stumble across this unreported domain name sale of which took place over at but it did happen and the domain name is now owned by Airpoints, Inc. according to whois records as of August 16, 2010. An initial payment of $18,000 took place on or about April 30, 2010 that I

Dot Weekly 1402 days ago

3 Yr Old Domain Name Sells For $15K

 Mark As Read    

An investment of about $40 has turned into $15,000 for one New Jersey company and it came in the form of a digital asset called a Domain Name. The domain name was hand registered on March 8, 2007 at by the Saxon Group. This cost about $8.99 for the 2007 annual registration fee

Dot Weekly 1402 days ago

Maytag Sells Domain Name For $68K

 Mark As Read    

The domain name has been sold for $68,000 USD at according to their current reported domain name sales. According to whois history records, Maytag Corporation has owned the domain name dating back to at least 2000 by historical whois records. was first created in October 1996. I double checked the addres...

Dot Weekly 1403 days ago Domain Name Sells For Six Figures

 Mark As Read    

Justin Godfrey of DIS Inc. has sold the domain name for an undisclosed 6 figure sum to a private domain investor. Justin recently purchased the domain name from Ontario Corporation which owned the domain name since it's creation in 1993 and sold the domain name after the dissolution of the company. Due to nondisclosure

Dot Weekly 1406 days ago

Promoting Affiliate Products On Stand Alone Site

 Mark As Read    

I'm sure you have seen a few sites promoting affiliate products from time to time that are not created by the product owner but instead created by an affiliate marketer. These sites can do really well if you do your homework on "other" keywords than the specific obvious keyword that most will focus on. The more

Dot Weekly 1407 days ago Closer To Luanching Full Service Marketplace

 Mark As Read    

Back in May 2010 spoke with Jamal of TCI and he gave us a little insight into what the future may hold for . In a quote from Jamal, I think he dropped a pretty nice hint, in that aftermarket will be a full service marketplace. Jamal "As far as plans for (AM),

Dot Weekly 1408 days ago

Jillian Michaels Leaves NSI For GoDaddy

 Mark As Read    

Andrew over at pointed out today that Dr. Bob Parsons, CEO and founder of announced that Jillian Michaels® is the newest GoDaddy Girl® over at GoDaddy®. She sure is, but there is always a reason behind things and you often see the reason if you do a little digging. Why was it announced today

Dot Weekly 1408 days ago Goes To The Left Again

 Mark As Read    

In my continued effort of watching what companies use for domain names in advertisements, how they use them as sites, keywords used, matching tag lines with domain names and so much more… to help educate on what I think is right or wrong and why… only a handful "go to the left" of their domain

Dot Weekly 1409 days ago Domain Sells For $35,000 USD

 Mark As Read has posted four more solid five figure domain name sales that do not include a .com domain. Those sales include: for $35,000 USD $20,000 USD $15,000 USD $12,383 NameJet continues to roll out four figure domain name sales that include: $2,800 $2,...

Dot Weekly 1409 days ago By Kellogg?s Pop-Tarts

 Mark As Read was used by Kellogg's® and its Pop-Tarts® brand to… well forward the domain name to it's Kellogg's Pop-Tarts Facebook page during a TV ad during the 2010 VMA's asking people "What would YOU do with 1,000,000 Pop-Tarts?". A weekly and monthly contest is taking place. One aspect of domain names is the simple f...

Dot Weekly 1410 days ago By American Express?

 Mark As Read has been rolled out as a new credit card site by American Express® and features a card that works with "Packs" based on your interest and activities. I understand the branding aspects from American Express with this domain name used but it fails the radio test and word of mouth test pretty badly with the

Dot Weekly 1410 days ago Sells $1,149 After .com Grabs $22K

 Mark As Read    

We often see "similar" domain names sell after a domain names is reported sold for a higher price and here is another example of it. sold over at NameJet around September 7, 2010 for $22,322 and now 4 days later is reporting the domain name sale of at $1,149. I covered the

Dot Weekly 1412 days ago Low Testosterone By Solvay Launched

 Mark As Read    

Is It Low T? is the main message in the TV ad by Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and follows up that main message with the matching domain name to further continue the message of the ad for men to find out more information and what can be done about low testosterone. A nice site welcomes users

Dot Weekly 1412 days ago

Domain Name Q&A With

 Mark As Read    

I had covered the domain name that was running a TV ad for and we got chatting so I figured it may be interesting to fire off some domain name questions to the non-profit organization to find out a little bit about how they feel about the web and domain names. is one

Dot Weekly 1412 days ago

Does Adding Google Webmasters Code Help Your Site?

 Mark As Read    

So this may seem a little bit odd but I am always testing things and playing around trying to find any advantage I can get when it comes to web development and ranking better in search engines with my domain names. Google Webmasters Tool is a very nice free tool offered by and I

Dot Weekly 1413 days ago Sells $250K In One Day From Google Doodle

 Mark As Read    

This is pretty crazy but over the Labor Day weekend displayed a design of a "Buckyball" to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Not only did Google display the Buckyball, they linked the bucky design to a Google search for Buckyball on Google. It just so happened that ranked very well for the search term

Dot Weekly 1413 days ago Sells for $30K, $25K

 Mark As Read    

Sedo produced two solid five figure domain name sales in for $30,000 USD and for $25,000 USD. is still in the transfer process so the new owner is unknown right now but was purchased by PONS GmbH of Germany. PONS uses the domain name and the recently purchased .com simply doesn't

Dot Weekly 1413 days ago

Featured and Top Listing Domains At

 Mark As Read    

With the recent upgrade to the search function and how domain names are displayed over at, I think the Featured Listing domain names and Top Domains features become more valuable. Featured Domains, also called "Showcase" in your Sedo account is a paid feature at $39 for 30 days and that only covers the US

Dot Weekly 1414 days ago Picks Up Story

 Mark As Read    

I had wrote about a domain name used in advertising by and they picked up on my story and posted a part of my article and linked to my story on their "Press" section of . So the interesting thing to me and it made me wonder… Did they post my story simply

Dot Weekly 1414 days ago Domain Sells For $9,755 Plus More

 Mark As Read sold at for $9,755 after expiring on July 30, 2010 at Network Solutions. From what I can tell, Aoyun has a Chinese meaning of "Olympic" or "Olympic Games". was first registered in July of 1999 and shows little indication of traffic currently but likely gets a trickle of traffic. brough...

Dot Weekly 1414 days ago

Picture To Canvas Digital Art Printing

 Mark As Read    

A good friend of mine owns a sign shop called here in Green Bay and my mom has an upcoming birthday and she is really hard to buy for. I was talking with Ethan who owns 1330 Wraps and we were tossing around some ideas because I know he can do a lot of

Dot Weekly 1414 days ago

Discovery Pulls Plug On Pitchmen TV Show Season Two

 Mark As Read    

Pitchmen was what I thought a pretty popular show and I often covered the products and websites displayed on the show because it was interesting to see the amount of buzz the show created for the products on the web. After Billy Mays passed away last year I wasn't sure if the show would come

Dot Weekly 1415 days ago By United Healthcare Launched

 Mark As Read has been launched by United Healthcare® and is allowing them to continue their message online with an information site about insurance and electronic filing and electronic forms. United Healthcare is no stranger to domain names as they own over 2,000 according to whois records. was presented during a TV ...

Dot Weekly 1415 days ago

Trademarks & Domain Name Drop Catching

 Mark As Read    

Domain name drop catching services like and take orders from customers for really any expired domain name they can obtain. So this brings up a pretty interesting situation because the drop catching service becomes "the owner" of the domain name for at least a short period of time IMO during PendingDelete drop catching...

Dot Weekly 1415 days ago And Underwear

 Mark As Read    

Got your undies in a bunch? comes to the rescue with its 301 redirect to its wedgie free underwear page at! I have been seeing a lot of Hanes® commercials lately and they always nicely promote their main website domain name in each and every ad that I see, so while doing

Dot Weekly 1416 days ago Sells For $48,600 & $22,322

 Mark As Read continues to produce when it comes to selling expired domain names and the past couple of days have been no different! Two five figure sales grabbed the most attention with grabbing $48,600 followed by at $22,322. Both of those domain names were owned by the same entity when they expired at NetworkSolutions.c...

Dot Weekly 1416 days ago Ends For $9,955 At GoDaddy But Now Shows $355? Scam?

 Mark As Read    

I had watched the expired domain name auction at which ended on August 31, 2010 and the winning bid after 428 bids ended at $9,955 USD. Now the auction is showing it ended for $355! Scam? Today I was browsing around in my GoDaddy "watching" auction section in my account and something grabbed my

Dot Weekly 1417 days ago Domain Sells For $35,000

 Mark As Read    

The domain name has been sold at for $35,000 USD. was purchased by Voke Entertainment Technologies LLC from domain legend Frank Schillings company Name Administration Inc. has a current registration of July 18, 2004 and had dropped from the registry 1 time. CVCV .com domain names have always been a hot category f...

Dot Weekly 1419 days ago

ShaveMate & Fridge Locker Pitchmen Airing Missed

 Mark As Read    

My DVR was set and the show was set to air in it's normal time slot at 8 PM CT but episode 3 of Pitchmen for the 2010 season never aired on Thursday night (9-2-10)! Considering the hostage situation that took place at the Discovery Channel, this may have had something to do with it

Dot Weekly 1420 days ago Last Wishes For Digital Assets

 Mark As Read    

Do you have planning in place for your domain names if something were to happen to you? Some domain names are worth millions of dollars but it is often the case that one YOU have login details, location of the domain names etc. What would happen to any websites you own and operate? was co-created

Dot Weekly 1420 days ago Domain Sells For $10K, A Little History

 Mark As Read    

The domain name has sold at for $10,000 USD. This is not a massive sale but I always look into some domain sales to see if I can dig up any "history" on the purchase, domain, buyer etc. and learn from it but I do not always share these things that I dig

Dot Weekly 1421 days ago Domain Name Tracking By DNS Updated

 Mark As Read is a website presented by the very popular and tracks domain name movement based on domain name server changes. The site received a face lift recently that has cleaned up the site and makes it much more friendly to look at and use. The website also keeps track of the total amount of

Dot Weekly 1421 days ago By Glenn Beck Is Launched

 Mark As Read    

Glenn Beck has launched a new website at! He happened to promote the website on his Glenn Beck TV show on FOX that I happened to be watching after the standoff at the Discovery building today. domain name was first registered in 2000 and was last owned by MDNH Inc. up to June 26,

Dot Weekly 1421 days ago Hits Expired Auction at GoDaddy

 Mark As Read    

It's not all that often a 3 letter .com domain name expires. It is even less likely for one to expire at GoDaddy. One reason I think it is less likely for one to expire at GoDaddy is because auto-renew is a default ON, unlike domain name registrar Network Solutions. I think more 3 letter

Dot Weekly 1422 days ago

Domaining Has Taught Me A Lot!

 Mark As Read was my very first development project. I heard of Wordpress at the time but never had a hosting account, I had no clue what FTP was and well, I never knew what all of it was about. I started DotWeekly in early 2008 and now have over 1,600 posted articles with 16 different pages and

Dot Weekly 1422 days ago Updates Auction Page & Search Pages

 Mark As Read has done a redesign of its search function to what appears to be ajax. This new ajax function includes a redesign of the auction page look as well which adds a bit more function to the page for users. You can now drill down by clicking on Time Left (default), Current Bid Price, Amount of

Dot Weekly 1423 days ago Promoted By Nemechek In NASCAR

 Mark As Read    

Back in June I wrote about jumping into NASCAR and sponsoring the #87 of "Front Row Joe" Joe Nemechek in 1 Sprint Cup race and 4 Nationwide series races. Those deals were for the month of July 2010 but HostGator enjoyed the partnership and has continued sponsoring the NEMCO team that Joe owns and

Dot Weekly 1424 days ago

Sunday Domain Name Sales : $36,516

 Mark As Read    

Here are some recent domain name sales that have been reported from various domain name services like, and Topping the chart is which sold at Sedo for $28,600 EUR which converts to $36,516.85 at today's conversion rates. Using Google translate, Vergleichen translates to Compare in English. Roommat...

Dot Weekly 1425 days ago

Copy and Pasting Affiliate Links? Check For Errors

 Mark As Read    

I discovered a very small error with a set of affiliate links and it may have cost me thousands of dollars! A very small error that can easily be done by many affiliate marketers or simply anybody that copies and paste a link code. First, I copied an affiliate link code but I didn't notice the

Dot Weekly 1426 days ago At Expired Domain Auction On

 Mark As Read    

I was doing a little daily browsing of current expired domain names that are on auction over at and ran into a domain that I think is a nice one! which holds just shy of 50,000 monthly searches for the exact match term according to Google's AdWords Keyword Tool. Bug Spray holds around

Dot Weekly 1426 days ago

Credit Card Sleeve By Identity Stronghold On Pitchmen

 Mark As Read    

Pitchmen aired its second show for the 2010 season and featured a credit card sleeve by Identity Stronghold. This is really a great product that can save you a big headache if somebody were to steal your credit card number by simply walking past you and scanning a purse or wallet with an RFID device

Dot Weekly 1427 days ago
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