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 Mark As Read    

Back in September 2011 I had broke the news that had purchased the domain name . At the time I wasn't able to dig up a sales price, but now a article posted today has revealed the price, kind of!  The money talk from the cNet article: "How many zeros?" I asked.

Dot Weekly 892 days ago Domain Very Likely Just Sold

 Mark As Read    

Premium domain name has likely just sold! Based on some digging by myself and with the help of whois history, I think the domain sold! switched to whois privacy on March 14, 2012 and also changed domain name registrars. How much and who is the buyer? These things are very hard to

Dot Weekly 894 days ago

Months To Fix This Afternic? Really?

 Mark As Read    

It makes things a lot harder to sell a domain name when a website has problems. To make it worse, you inform the company of the problem and they haven't fixed it for months!!! If you use to sell your domain names, you should read this as I will explain the problem. Direct Linking

Dot Weekly 897 days ago

Apple Grabs A Couple New Domains For New iPad

 Mark As Read    

It has been pretty common for Apple Inc. to register some new domain names the day of a product launch and the New iPad launch was no different! Apple didn't go on as big of a domain shopping spree as they did when they launched iCloud during WWDC in 2011 when they registered 50 new

Dot Weekly 907 days ago

Visa Acquires Domain Name And Launches Site

 Mark As Read    

Mega credit card company Visa® secretly acquired the single letter domain name from the registry (likely through the .me Development Program) around October 2011 but whois records remained behind the generic DnStinations Inc. which is used by brand protection company MarkMonitor. Late yesterday, Visa figured it was time to reveal they acq...

Dot Weekly 909 days ago

Google Drops Android Market For Google Play, Without

 Mark As Read    

Google chopped the "Android Market" name and has officially launched "Google Play". You can read more about the name change on Google's Official Blog but we are here to talk about domains! First, Google does NOT currently own the domain name . According to whois records, Kristoffer Kullengren of Japan is the current o...

Dot Weekly 910 days ago

Google Buys Domain, Get Your Business Online

 Mark As Read    

Google has been putting focus on getting businesses online and is using a lot of domain names to help in its effort. The latest is, a domain name they recently acquired from its past owner for an undisclosed amount. Back around July 2011, Google Inc. started buying domain names related to "Get Online" and

Dot Weekly 910 days ago

Moniker To Give Others A Shot At Domain

 Mark As Read    

Moniker is sending one of its own into the domain name auction pool and is giving a shot to others to own the domain name! The auction will start tomorrow, so if you want in on the action, I'd suggest placing your backorder today. Why would Moniker be offering for sale? Hard

Dot Weekly 913 days ago

What Will Google Showy Be?

 Mark As Read    

Google registers a lot of domain names and it seems like they use "some" of them overtime and others not at all. Google isn't one to just buy a domain for fun though and often times they go big when they buy. With that in mind, why did they register on 2/27/2012? They do

Dot Weekly 915 days ago

Boatloads Of Issues, Costa Registers Boatload Of Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

First the Costa Concordia cruise ship sinks after is ran a ground. Then the Costa Allegra catches fire in the engine room and the cruise ship lost power in the Indian Ocean and is now being towed in. So what does the Costa Cruise line do when they have a ship at sea with over

Dot Weekly 916 days ago

Access Full List Of GoDaddy Auction Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

Here is a How To article on how to obtain the full list of domain names on auction at GoDaddy Auctions® GoDaddy lists its domain names via FTP but you can access the lists on the web without using an FTP program. Step 1 Visit: (You can also access the files directly on the

Dot Weekly 920 days ago

Sedo Reporting Sold For $1,100?

 Mark As Read    

Here is a graphic that will catch your eye! is reporting via its domain name sales RSS feed that the two letter domain name has been sold for $1,100 USD? What? The domain names whois data has not changed since June 16, 2011 when it changed to & Co, so even though

Dot Weekly 921 days ago

Danica Patrick And Her Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

Danica Patrick is sponsored by the largest domain name registrar in the world, So I wanted to see if "domains" were a perk of the sponsorship? The easy answer is not likely but it may appear some guidance likely happens from time to time. Here are some domain names that I was able to

Dot Weekly 922 days ago

HugeDomains, Huge Player In Domain Drop Game

 Mark As Read    

Based on a small study I did yesterday using .com domain names that were released from the registry (PendingDelete 2/20/2012) and registered from the time of the drop, until about 6PM. 51,326 .com domains dropped 4,190 domains were reregistered 954 by HugeDomains Nearly 1/4 of the domains were registered by one company! Registrar ow...

Dot Weekly 924 days ago

Videos Of Me Using The ZipZing Domain Filter Software

 Mark As Read    

I know several people have asked for some videos of me using the ZipZing dictionary based domain name filter software that I offer, so I took a little time this morning and have created a couple videos of it! I hope these videos help you and they also give you an insiders look as to

Dot Weekly 927 days ago

Interesting Domain Name Price Battle With Ads (Pic)

 Mark As Read    

Here is an interesting domain name price battle with ads that I saw this morning doing a domain name type search on Google leads the "Low Price" battle offering $2 domains is next in line offering $2.95 domains follows with $3.00 domains rounds out the bunch at $4.95 Those were the...

Dot Weekly 928 days ago Domains Registered Day Of Launch

 Mark As Read    

Zynga announced yesterday that they partnered with a company called Slingo and have licensed with them to launch Zynga Slingo. The game will be on Facebook and is a cross between bingo and slots. The day that the announcement was made, Zynga privately registered the following domain names: U...

Dot Weekly 928 days ago Cenex Gas Giveaway Gas Problems

 Mark As Read    

Here is a classic plural / singular domain name problem! Cenex® is doing a nice thing and offering a free tank of gas to people based on submissions from others who think they could use some free gas. Pretty cool idea! According to whois records, Cenex hired the company "Colle & McVoy" to do the

Dot Weekly 929 days ago

Dictionary Domain Name Filter ZipZing Launched

 Mark As Read    

Several months ago I launched, which is a Windows® software that I had created for personal use and then I decided that so many others could use it to save a lot of time, I offered it to the public. I only allowed it to be for sale for one day and then removed

Dot Weekly 930 days ago

Rubbermaid Clean And Dry Plunger Domain Stinker

 Mark As Read    

Based on several new domain name registrations by Rubbermaid® it appears they will be launching a new "Clean And Dry Plunger" in the near future but things have went down the toilet with the domains they didn't register! Rubbermaid registered the following domains yesterday: buyclean-n-d...

Dot Weekly 931 days ago GoDaddy Domain Auction Site Soft Launch

 Mark As Read is moving out of beta and is soft launching! What is Zearn is a free service that allows you to watch, find and bid on expired domain names that are on auction at GoDaddy Auctions®! Did I mention that Zearn is FREE!!! The bread and butter of Zearn is the live domain auction

Dot Weekly 933 days ago Domain Sells At Sedo

 Mark As Read has been sold at I happened to simply discover this because the domain name went into transfer at Sedo, so I wasn't able to dig up a sales price. I'm sure it was a fair amount. Who are the new owners? Hard to say as they simply put "" as the owners and

Dot Weekly 935 days ago

Don’t Kill Your Ad Domain When “Your Done”

 Mark As Read    

Companies often use unique domain names when advertising special events, promotions and for many more reasons… but don't just kill the domain name when you think you are done with it! Domain names can live on long after you think you are done with them. Traffic! Print doesn't just go away Links on the internet

Dot Weekly 938 days ago

Hashtags And Domains Of Super Bowl 2012

 Mark As Read    

I have been covering domain names used in Super Bowl commercials since 2009 and I did so again this year. I like doing these types of articles, because it's history and nice to be able to look back. Here are past articles if you wish to look back: 2009 Super Bowl Commercials Domain Wise |

Dot Weekly 939 days ago / .co 2012 Super Bowl Home Page Revealed

 Mark As Read is prepping for the big game today and has already changed its home page hours before the Super Bowl® is ready to air. The main focus on the home page is for the two Super Bowl commercials they are running with a large video box and they also added GoDaddy Girl® Jillian Michaels alongside

Dot Weekly 940 days ago

Papa Johns Sponsors Wrong Super Bowl

 Mark As Read    

Papa Johns® pizza company is making a huge marketing push with the 2012 Super Bowl and is the official pizza sponsor of the game! The problem for them… they are not sure if they are sponsoring Super Bowl XLV or XLVI Right under the XLVI logo in the upper right hand corner, it states: Official

Dot Weekly 940 days ago Upgrades Domain To For $27K

 Mark As Read is likely a website you have not heard of but they just did a domain name upgrade and dropped the "pages" from their domain name and have converted to simply . Smore Pages purchased the domain name at for $21,000 EUR, which converts to about $27K USD. I checked out Smore

Dot Weekly 941 days ago Acquires, Completes Sweep

 Mark As Read    

I had broke the story that had been acquired in late September 2011 and the domain name was purchased by the rapidly growing company Fast forward to December 22, 2011 and I had announced that was officially changing its "name" to simply "Box" but also changing its main domain name from

Dot Weekly 941 days ago Time Warner Cable Superbowl Ad Blunder

 Mark As Read    

Time Warner Cable® is getting ready for the big game on Sunday, by getting the matching domain name to the marketing message they will be having during the Superbowl ads. Enjoy Better! But will Dish Network get "free" business from the Superbowl ad Time Warner is going to run? Well, first….TWC obtained from Sonnev...

Dot Weekly 942 days ago

ICE Seizes Hundreds More Domains (Full List)

 Mark As Read    

ICE has seized hundreds more domain names prior to the 2012 Super Bowl. 307 "websites" were seized in this latest round, with 16 sites being "streaming" sites. The remaining sites were selling counterfeit merchandise. You can read more about the details of the bust on but I will focus on the domain names! First...

Dot Weekly 943 days ago

See What Domains Are Selling At Sedo Before Others

 Mark As Read    

Here is a little tip and trick that I use for different services to get a "behind the scenes" look at domain name transactions. Today I will talk about the process I use to monitor domain names that are selling at before many people even know about them selling! What you will need A

Dot Weekly 947 days ago

An Article About Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

Well, the title says it all! This article is going to be about domain names, just a little bit of different things floating around in my head that I didn't want to write about in single articles. which is owned by Marksmen (or may be brokered by them, but I'm not sure why whois

Dot Weekly 948 days ago

Coca Cola Was $20K Buyer Of Domain

 Mark As Read    

Back in November 2011 I shared a very interesting story about turning an $800 offer into a $20,000 domain name sale. The domain name in the story was At the time when I was helping Ryan out, I had fully thought that NBC was the interested party in the domain name, because they registered

Dot Weekly 949 days ago Hits Expired Domain Auction

 Mark As Read    

13 year old domain name has, well expired and is on public domain auction! View Auction Expired domains are some of the most popular for domain name investors, so clearly this domain has some major potential. According to some data provided with the expired domain auction, the domain already has some built in traffic

Dot Weekly 950 days ago

Google Sending Wrong Domain Message

 Mark As Read    

If you were to do a search on for google keyword tool, which is a pretty popular search term… I was pretty surprised to see two domain names that contain the trademarked word "google" and they rank in the top 5 for the search term! ranks in the natural #3 position. IMO, the

Dot Weekly 951 days ago

DotWeekly Discoveries: Domains Acquired By Larger Companies

 Mark As Read    

I haven't been posting much lately as I have been under the weather. I am having some kind of heart issues, but hopefully with all the tests they have run last week, they (doctors) can discover something. Speaking of discovering, I haven't done a DotWeekly Discoveries for sometime now, so on a day when the

Dot Weekly 954 days ago

Netflix Buys Domain Name For $1K

 Mark As Read    

Exclusive~ Netflix Inc. has purchased the domain name for $1,000 USD from its past owner. .TV is the international country code domain for the country of Tuvalu. Many may think .TV would stand for "Television" but it is really a country code TLD. Netflix used domain name buyer BrandCertified Inc., which is a sister

Dot Weekly 957 days ago Your Chance May Be Coming!

 Mark As Read    

According to a new domain name registration by Kraft Foods, the makers of Oscar Mayer Wieners and the famous Wienermobile that was created in 1936 to help promote the hot dogs, may be sitting in your driveway! Kraft hand registered the domain name on January 18, 2012 and has registered the domain name until

Dot Weekly 957 days ago

New Domain Trend Alert! HD With iPad 3 Rumors

 Mark As Read    

I see a lot of newly registered domain names by big and small companies and one thing I have been noticing over the past week or so are domain names ending in HD! At first this threw me off a little bit, because HD TV's have been around for awhile… then I got reading a

Dot Weekly 960 days ago

Novartis Registers 198 Domains With Latest Pill Recall

 Mark As Read    

Novartis has announced a voluntary recall of several of its popular brands like Excedren®, Gas-X®, NoDoz® and Bufferen®. The recall was announced on January 9, 2012 but 3 days after the recall, Novartis went on a big domain name shopping spree and purchased 198 domain names related to the recalls. All the domain names contained...

Dot Weekly 960 days ago

GoDaddy Goodies To Take A Break

 Mark As Read    

I try new things all the time, some work and some do not! GoDaddy Goodies is a series I have been doing on DotWeekly for sometime now (I think well over 100 lists to date) and I have always enjoyed doing them. Many of you enjoy them as well. The bad thing, they take a

Dot Weekly 963 days ago Goes Black

 Mark As Read    

I was onto something the other day when I posted this article about but I was just "off" a little bit about what was likely going on. Actually, I'm still not 100% sure what is going on, but is only showing this on it's home page today! "For questions regarding, please contact

Dot Weekly 964 days ago

Brand Certified Grabs For Google Inc

 Mark As Read    

According to whois records, Google Inc. used domain name buying service Brand Certified Inc. to purchase the domain name in Mid December 2011. Brand Certified also acquired for Google but they did that around June 2011. Neither the .com or .org domain names currently resolve to anything, but Google always seems to have...

Dot Weekly 965 days ago

Is Buying

 Mark As Read    

This article is currently speculation / rumor for now but the following was stated from a account rep: "make sure you sign up for an account at as you will soon be able to access account via DomainApps." Now the above statement by itself wouldn't flag a purchase / sale to me

Dot Weekly 965 days ago

GoDaddy Mobile App Reaches 1 Million Downloads

 Mark As Read    

I finally got a smartphone shortly after Christmas and after figuring it out for a couple days, I jumped on the Android Market and searched for the GoDaddy App and installed it. I didn't actually use it for a couple days after installing it but I have used it a couple times since then. Today,

Dot Weekly 967 days ago

GoDaddy Goodies: 55 Expired Domain Name Auction List

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to another series of the exclusive GoDaddy Goodies on DotWeekly. GoDaddy Goodies is a hand picked list of expired, No Reserve domain name auctions currently taking place. Each domain name is directly linked to the specific auction page for easy one click bidding or watching of the domain auction. All auctions start at only

Dot Weekly 967 days ago

Did Salesforce Acquire Domain Name?

 Mark As Read    

According to domain name whois records, Salesforce did acquire The change of ownership appears to have taken place around November 2011. was owned by Reflex Publishing Inc. according to whois history records. Interestingly enough, in the whois information when Reflex owned, it stated "Not For Sale". I guess money ...

Dot Weekly 969 days ago

Time Warner Buys Plus More Domains

 Mark As Read    

Time Warner Cable is starting off 2012 by securing some domain names related to its "cable wifi" product they offer. What makes more sense for your "cable wifi" product than Nothing, so it makes perfect sense for them to purchase/own the domain name! Not only did Time Warner purchase (the domain is actua...

Dot Weekly 970 days ago
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