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Bill Eisenmann

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List of Unregistered Keyword .Com?s Plus Godaddy Closeouts 10-14-12

 Mark As Read    

I don't have an expired domain auction list for you today. I need to rest my brain at least once a week and Sunday usually seems like the best day to do that. In place of the auction list, I've got a small list of unregistered .com's and a much larger list of keyword Godaddy

Bill Eisenmann 1516 days ago

Saturday?s Hidden Godaddy Auction Gems 10-13-12

 Mark As Read    

Volume is way up in Saturday's Godaddy expired auction list but there aren't a lot of big hitters in the lineup. There are plenty of low profile deals in the mix so bargain hunters should be happy. Take your time, do your due diligence, and bid wisely. - The fruit of the sapodilla tree. Looks

Bill Eisenmann 1517 days ago

My Top Picks for Friday?s Godaddy?s Expired Auctions 10-12-12

 Mark As Read    

The work week is winding down and Godaddy finishes it up with a decent lineup. There are a number of domains I like in "Best of the Rest" section that didn't make it up to the top. Many days I'm puzzled by the domains that get bid up at Godaddy while some really quality ones

Bill Eisenmann 1518 days ago

Thursday?s Expired Godaddy Auction Lineup 10-11-12

 Mark As Read    

Things are looking up at Godaddy today with a better lineup than I've seen the past couple of days. There's also the much discussed public auction for too. It will be interesting to see if it will meet reserve and change hands. Don't discount the "Best of the Rest" section. Some of the better

Bill Eisenmann 1519 days ago

Best of Godaddy Drop Auctions for Wednesday 10-10-12

 Mark As Read    

Wednesday's Godaddy inventory is pretty average according to my tastes. Plenty of decent entries but short on the stand out domains that we'd all like to see. There were plenty of "popular" auctions that I didn't list mainly because they were nonsensical to me. I've always been biased towards keyword domains and that's what I'd

Bill Eisenmann 1520 days ago

My Top Godaddy Drop Picks for Tuesday 10-9-12

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to Tuesday's edition of my Godaddy expired domain picks. A pretty good list today. A few of the more popular auctions such as,, and are pretty good ones but I'd also like to point out some of the quieter listings like the ones below. - Not sure how to monetize this

Bill Eisenmann 1521 days ago

My Godaddy Auction Picks for Monday 10-8-12

 Mark As Read    

I'm not sure what's going on at Godaddy but a number of auctions seem to have been pulled. Many domains that were in the drop download don't seem to be active now. I removed many of them but if you click a link and the auction doesn't load, than it's probably been pulled or was

Bill Eisenmann 1522 days ago

Sunday?s List of Available, Unregistered Domain Names 10-7-12

 Mark As Read    

I got caught up in college football yesterday and didn't process today's Godaddy drop list. I'm still sitting on a big text file of unregistered domains though so here is a short list of domains available for hand registration and also a Godaddy closeout list. 55 Available Domains For Sunday 10/7/2012 Smokin Hot Savings! $5.99 .COMs from

Bill Eisenmann 1523 days ago

My Picks for Saturday?s Godaddy Drop Auctions 10-6-12

 Mark As Read    

I found a ton of domains today but very few of them stand out to me. Most of the ones I really like have already been noticed by the bidding crowd and will cost you some money. As always, I'm just going to list them below so you can make your own decisions on them.

Bill Eisenmann 1524 days ago

My Top Picks for Friday?s Godaddy Drop Auctions 10-5-12

 Mark As Read    

Private auctions seem to be dominating the top of the board today over at Godaddy. It makes sense since the rest of the inventory is lacking. Please don't shoot the messenger as I can only find what's there. I'm hoping for better things tomorrow. - Generic business names such as this are usually a safe

Bill Eisenmann 1525 days ago

My Favorite Godaddy Drop Auctions For Thursday 10-4-12

 Mark As Read    

Private auctions seem to be dominating the top of the board today over at Godaddy. It makes sense since the rest of the inventory is lacking. Please don't shoot the messenger as I can only find what's there. I'm hoping for better things tomorrow. - This is one of the top performing expiring auctions in

Bill Eisenmann 1526 days ago

My Top Godaddy Drop Picks for Wednesday 10-3-12

 Mark As Read    

Private auctions seem to be dominating the top of the board today over at Godaddy. It makes sense since the rest of the inventory is lacking. Please don't shoot the messenger as I can only find what's there. I'm hoping for better things tomorrow. - A great domain but looks a little suspicious to me.

Bill Eisenmann 1527 days ago

Tuesday?s Godaddy Drop Auction Gems 10-2-12

 Mark As Read    

I wasn't too found of today's list but the more I looked at it the more it grew on me. There are some decent domain in this lot and a majority of them have no bids at all. Thanks to everyone who voted for my lists on the poll Elliot posted on his blog. I

Bill Eisenmann 1528 days ago

Best of Godaddy Drop Auctions for Monday 10-1-12

 Mark As Read    

I wish I could start October with a bang but the inventory at Godaddy isn't playing along. Not a bad list, but not a great one by any means. I've pointed out a few of my sleepers up top but dig a little deeper towards the bottom and you're likely to find a few quality

Bill Eisenmann 1529 days ago

Friday?s Availables List Plus Godaddy Closeouts

 Mark As Read    

I ran short on time and couldn't put a drop list together today. To make up for it I grabbed some unregistered domains from my text file that I've been building for years. Here is a short list of domains available for hand registration and also a Godaddy closeout list. 65 Available Domains For Friday 9/28/2012 Smokin

Bill Eisenmann 1532 days ago

Thursday?s Hidden Godaddy Domain Auction Gems 9-27-12

 Mark As Read    

Things have picked up at Godaddy today with a broader inventory and better quality domains up for grabs. I see some good resell opportunities in the list as a large percentage of these domains are registered in lesser extensions, some even developed. Take your time and best of luck. and - A couple of

Bill Eisenmann 1533 days ago

Wednesday?s Godaddy Domain Auction Watchlist 9-26-12

 Mark As Read    

It's a pretty light day for Godaddy auctions today. The list size may be down but there is an unusually high amount of expiring domains with high traffic numbers. Keep in mind that many people have claimed that Godaddy's traffic figures are not always accurate. Perform your due diligence on these types of auctions using

Bill Eisenmann 1534 days ago

Tuesday?s Top Godaddy Domain Auctions 9-25-12

 Mark As Read    

Today's Godaddy auction inventory is middle of the road in terms of quality. There are plenty of keyword domains with no bids at all plus nearly 60 4 letter .COM's if that's your things. Take a look and thanks for your support. - Currently at $160 and a good value for this 12 year old

Bill Eisenmann 1535 days ago

NameJet?s Hidden Auction Gems For Monday 9-24-12

 Mark As Read    

I chose to go with a Pre-Release list today and quickly discovered that there was a huge amount of domains containing the keywords cheap, discount, and online. Some of them were decent but it made the list unmanageable so I cut them all and went with the remaining names. There were a ton of

Bill Eisenmann 1536 days ago

Best of Saturday?s Godaddy Domain Auctions 9-22-12

 Mark As Read    

Things have come back down to earth at Godaddy today with a lackluster lineup of domain names. To be honest, I struggled to find a few domains to point out to you but the following ones caught my attention. - I'm showcasing this one due to the scarcity of 3 character .com's and the fact

Bill Eisenmann 1538 days ago

Friday?s Best Of Godaddy Domain Auctions 9-21-12

 Mark As Read    

Unusual things are happening at the Godaddy auction marketplace today. It looks like the .WS extension will be taking home the top prize as is pushing the $2,500 mark. There also appears to be a huge drop of 4 letter .COM's as nearly 400 of them are closing today. A vast majority of them have

Bill Eisenmann 1539 days ago

Thursday?s Godaddy Domain Auction Lineup 9-20-12

 Mark As Read    

The overall quality of available domains is up today in Godaddy's auction inventory compared to earlier this week. A couple of 3 character .COM public auctions are on the docket along with the usual supply of commercially viable keyword domains. and are leading the way at Godaddy today. Both are private auctions but the

Bill Eisenmann 1540 days ago

Wednesday?s Best Godaddy Drop Auctions 9-19-12

 Mark As Read    

The Godaddy inventory is still lacking a bit so I threw in a bunch of closeout domains to round the list out. Hopefully things improve soon as the drought is almost a week long now. Thanks to all of you who visit and utilize these lists. I truly enjoy creating them. - Currently $329 on

Bill Eisenmann 1541 days ago

Tuesday?s Hidden Domain Drop Auction Gems 9-18-12

 Mark As Read    

There are plenty of domains getting attention today at Godaddy and NameJet but I've reserved the top section to point out the good ones that can be picked up on the cheap. It's easy to list the auctions getting the most attention. These I had to dig for. Enjoy! - Only 1 Godaddy bid on

Bill Eisenmann 1542 days ago

Monday?s Top Godaddy Expired Domain Auctions 9-17-12

 Mark As Read    

It's a lackluster lineup at today. The auction lineup is relatively sparse compared to most days. I've laid them all out for you below so take a look and see if you agree. Hopefully things will heat up as the week progresses. - This seems to be a trending topic on the reality show

Bill Eisenmann 1543 days ago

Saturday?s Hidden Domain Auction Gems 9-15-12

 Mark As Read    

Saturday's list got away from me a bit and is much larger than usual. The NameJet domains account for almost half the list which is a telling sign of the quality at each marketplace considering NameJet usually has half the raw inventory that Godaddy does.,, - The end of the alphabet, 3 letter

Bill Eisenmann 1545 days ago

Friday?s Best Domain Drop Auctions 9-14-12

 Mark As Read    

A large variety of domains are available today between the Godaddy and NameJet domain auction platforms. Two letter domains are available with Godaddy listing a .ORG and NameJet offering up two .CC's. Namejet also has a pair of 3 letter .COM's. In additional you'll find plenty of keyword .COM's which are the standard fare for

Bill Eisenmann 1546 days ago

Thursday?s Best Expired Domain Drop Auctions 9-13-12

 Mark As Read    

There's a little bit of everything today between the Godaddy and NameJet domain auction platforms. There are a handful of 3 letter .COM's for the big game hunters, a few high quality keyword .COM's, and plenty of good product/service domains that are being completely missed. Take your time and review all 172 of them below.

Bill Eisenmann 1547 days ago

Wednesday?s Hidden Godaddy Domain Auction Gems 9-12-12

 Mark As Read    

Things are improving over at Godaddy with today's drop inventory showing much better entries than I was seeing earlier in the week. There's a clear cut winner in today's list but also plenty of quality domains that are getting little or no attention at all. It could be a good day for bargain hunters. -

Bill Eisenmann 1548 days ago

Tuesday?s Top NameJet Pre-Release Auctions 9-11-12

 Mark As Read    

I decided to go with a NameJet Pre-Release list today due to the unavailability of the site yesterday. Generally I do most of the list building a day in advance so my hand was forced when I still couldn't access the Godaddy inventory late yesterday afternoon. I'm curious how Godaddy handled the auctions that

Bill Eisenmann 1549 days ago

Monday?s Top Godaddy Domain Drop Auctions 9-10-12

 Mark As Read    

Today brings another below average lineup from Godaddy but still a vast improvement over the last list. Godaddy auction buyers seem to be getting better at finding domains. There haven't been as many good domains without bids lately as there have been in the past. Here is your rundown for Monday. - A 2 character

Bill Eisenmann 1550 days ago

Sunday?s List of Unregistered, Available .COM Domains 9-9-12

 Mark As Read    

It's great to have football back on the television every weekend. College or Pro, it doesn't matter to me. I haven't gotten much done this weekend due to all the games but I did manage to put the availables list together for you. There's a little bit of everything in it so hopefully you find

Bill Eisenmann 1551 days ago

Saturday?s Godaddy Expired Domain Auction Lineup 9-8-12

 Mark As Read    

WARNING: Top to bottom, this is one of the weaker daily inventories I've seen in awhile. The volume of listings at Godaddy is actually pretty high today but the number of domains I found and the overall quality of those domains disappointed me. Perhaps you'll feel different about them. is a pretty nice 4 letter

Bill Eisenmann 1552 days ago

Friday?s Hidden Godaddy Auction Gems 9-7-12

 Mark As Read    

All in all, today's Godaddy lists is a decent one. There are some nice products domains available and a large majority of the domains below have no bids at the time of this post. There are some good opportunities for bargain hunters. - This 10 year old domain is currently at $216 on 19 bids.

Bill Eisenmann 1553 days ago

Thursday?s Top Godaddy Expired Domain Auctions 9-6-12

 Mark As Read    

I'm happy to report that things are slowing down and returning to normal for me which will enable me to publish lists with more consistency. The past two weeks have been crazy. I got engaged a couple months back and an opportunity arose to rent my house to a trusted friend. I had to act

Bill Eisenmann 1554 days ago

Monday?s Best Godaddy Drop Auctions 9-3-12

 Mark As Read    

I hope all my US readers have a fantastic Labor Day holiday today. Things are starting to slow down a bit for me and I found time early Monday morning to put together a Godaddy list. It's the first one in about a week so I hope you missed them. is a nice product/service domain

Bill Eisenmann 1557 days ago

Friday?s Pre-Release Domain Auction Gems 8-31-12

 Mark As Read    

I hope to start publishing Godaddy lists again next week once things slow down. For now, I'll continue with the NameJet lists as the quality of domains is consistently pretty good and it doesn't take very long to create them. Let's get out of the way first. It's been on everyone's list and just about

Bill Eisenmann 1560 days ago

Thursday?s Popular and Hidden NameJet Domain Auction Gems

 Mark As Read    

This week continues to be a crazy one so I'm sticking to NameJet Pre-Release lists until things slow down and I have the time to review the Godaddy inventory too. The Godaddy lists take twice as long to create mostly due to the fact that Godaddy has twice as much inventory if not more. isn't

Bill Eisenmann 1561 days ago

My Favorite NameJet Pre-Release Domain Auctions 8-29-12

 Mark As Read    

This week has been kicking my butt. It's been a combination of work crises and personal obligations but I've been working through them. Unfortunately, it's been difficult finding time for the domain lists this week. Instead of scrapping the day I decided to forgo the Godaddy list, which generally take much longer to produce, and just

Bill Eisenmann 1562 days ago

104 Available .COM Domains For Monday 8-27-12

 Mark As Read    

Here's another list of 104 unregistered, available .com domain names. I've been posting these the past few Mondays and I'm thinking of making it a regular thing. List producers have really shifted their focus to the expired domain auctions, myself included, but I'd like to keep posting unregistered lists too for the folks out there

Bill Eisenmann 1564 days ago

Saturday?s Best Expired Domain Auctions 8-25-12

 Mark As Read    

I got a very late start on today's list due to a local power issue that left me without electricity for nearly 6 hours. I took a lot less time than I normally would reviewing the names and I think I was being more discriminant than usual. The end result is a slightly shorter list. When

Bill Eisenmann 1566 days ago

Friday?s Top Domain Drop Auctions According to Me 8-24-12

 Mark As Read    

It's another good day at the drop auctions with plenty of quality .com's up for grabs and many good .co's continuing to become available. The Godaddy inventory is light but there is quality at the top. As usual, NameJet has a handful of really strong candidates. is on the block at NameJet and will probably

Bill Eisenmann 1567 days ago

Thursday?s a Great Day For Expiring Domain Auctions 8-23-12

 Mark As Read    

I've got a huge list of domains for you today and there are some big hitters in the mix. There are also some .co's in the mix. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle these going forward. There are probably going to be plenty of them dropping and I don't want .co to dominate

Bill Eisenmann 1568 days ago

Wednesday?s Hidden Domain Auction Gems 8-22-12

 Mark As Read    

I didn't receive any complaints yesterday after combining NameJet and Godaddy auctions into one list so I'll continue to do so on days when I have enough time to process both inventories. It certainly gives you more to choose from and today's list is a good example with almost 200 domains of interest. I find it

Bill Eisenmann 1569 days ago

My Top 214 Expired Domain Auctions For Tuesday 8-21-12

 Mark As Read    

I'm always making changes to this site whether they be format tweaks or different types of lists. I don't mean to make it confusing but I figure everything will be fine as long as the lists are clearly labeled. I really want to mix in NameJet lists as often as time permits and recent changes

Bill Eisenmann 1570 days ago

Keyword .COM?s Available For Hand Registration 8-20-12

 Mark As Read    

Here's another list of unregistered, available .com domain names. There are 97 domains total and the best ones will get registered within an hour or two so act quickly if you see something you like. The expired domain auction lists will return tomorrow so check back then to get your auction fix. I usually send these

Bill Eisenmann 1571 days ago

Saturday?s Best Godaddy Domain Auctions 8-18-12

 Mark As Read    

It's a slow day over at Godaddy expired domain auctions. There are plenty of domains, as always, but I didn't find a large number of them that created any excitement. Even the attention getters are below par for what I usually see over there. is registered in a number of extensions and Godaddy is reporting

Bill Eisenmann 1573 days ago

Friday?s Hidden Domain Auction Gems 8-17-12

 Mark As Read    

I'm going to remove the top section of my lists where I was listing my personal favorites. I'll continue to separate the most popular Godaddy auctions and than list the rest of the domains I found below that. That single section was adding about 45 minutes to my process each day that I just haven't

Bill Eisenmann 1574 days ago

My Favorite Godaddy Domain Auctions For Wednesday 8-16-12

 Mark As Read    

I didn't think I was going to get this list out today as last evening had a cluster of issues going on around the house. The air conditioner was freezing up and I discovered a bees nest in the basement while working on the furnace. I stayed up later than usual and will probably require

Bill Eisenmann 1575 days ago

Wednesday?s Top Godaddy Domain Auctions 8-15-12

 Mark As Read    

Today's Godaddy auction lineup should do pretty well with leading the way. The 16 year old domain has attracted 52 bids and has passed the $3,100 mark at the time of this writing. is another domain I like that's being ignored at this point. No bids on this 7 year old domain that's

Bill Eisenmann 1576 days ago
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