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Bill Eisenmann

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Tuesday?s Hidden Godaddy Auction Gems 8-14-12

 Mark As Read    

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good about today's Godaddy inventory. There are a number of good domains as well as a handful of excellent ones to peak everyone's interest. is a public auction. It's currently at $6,005 on 35 bids but hasn't reached reserve. I think the "x" hurts this one but we'll see

Bill Eisenmann 1577 days ago

118 Unregistered, Available Keyword .COM Domain Names 8-13-12

 Mark As Read    

I'll be back to posting expired auction lists tomorrow morning but I did dip into my text file of available domain names and I'm sharing 118 of them with you. My text file has about 18,000 domains in it but I'd guess 20% of them have been registered and are no longer available. Another 10%

Bill Eisenmann 1578 days ago

Saturday?s Top Godaddy Expired Domain Auctions 8-11-12

 Mark As Read    

It's a relatively light day at Godaddy as I only managed to find 111 list worthy domains to report to you. There are, however, some nice domains in the mix that might end up climbing the board before the auctions close. is a public auction that's probably been pointed out on other sites. Bidding is

Bill Eisenmann 1580 days ago

Some Great Domain Auctions Ending at Godaddy Today 8-10-12

 Mark As Read    

I've got another big Godaddy list today and in my opinion the quality is much better than yesterday. I had no problem coming up with 42 domains for my top picks section and actually left a few out that usually would have made it up there. There are some fine performers in the "popular" section

Bill Eisenmann 1581 days ago

Godaddy Auctions You Might Have Missed 8-9-12

 Mark As Read    

My apologies for the lack of a Godaddy list yesterday. It had been awhile since I posted an "unregistered list" and decided to go that route. In creating today's list I found the inventory a bit odd. There were a ton of decent names but I didn't see a many great ones that would usually

Bill Eisenmann 1582 days ago

Available, Unregistered Keyword Domain Names 8-8-12

 Mark As Read    

When I started this site in 2007 it was all about available domain name lists, meaning domains that were available for hand registration. The landscape has changed since then. Nowadays, domain registrars market their expiring inventory through a number of different auction houses resulting in far less quality domains actually becoming available for...

Bill Eisenmann 1583 days ago

Top Godaddy Domain Auctions For Tuesday 8-7-12

 Mark As Read    

Please pardon my absence for the past two days as I had a number of things to do and couldn't spare the time to research and create worthwhile lists for the site. I got back into the swing of things Monday evening and found a number of quality domains from Godaddy's Tuesday expiring auction inventory.

Bill Eisenmann 1584 days ago

Saturday?s Godaddy Drop Auction Gems 8-4-12

 Mark As Read    

I'd like to take another opportunity to thank everyone who visits this site and utilizes these lists on a regular basis. I truly enjoy creating them but the 15-20 hours a week I spend creating them wouldn't be possible without your participation and support. I really appreciate that. I don't have a formal grading system but

Bill Eisenmann 1587 days ago

My Top Picks for Friday?s Godaddy Domain Auctions 8-3-12

 Mark As Read    

I had high hopes for Friday's Godaddy list based on how large the inventory was. As it turns out, there was a lot of crap in there and not nearly as many gems as I would have liked to see. The end result is an average list by my standards. We all have different tastes

Bill Eisenmann 1588 days ago

137 Godaddy Domain Auctions Worth Checking Out

 Mark As Read    

I've got a pretty good lineup for you today of Godaddy expired domain auctions. Included is a dictionary .com, some exact match product domains, and a few brandables that I really like. You might not be Superman but you can own his real-world identity if you win the auction. There might be some risk to

Bill Eisenmann 1589 days ago

Quality Domains Up For Grabs at Godaddy Auctions Today 8-1-12

 Mark As Read    

July has passed and my first list for August is rather large and filled with some nice buying opportunities. There are many dropping geo domains in the "house/home rental" and "nanny" verticals. I like them, so they're included in the "Best of the Rest" section. Just like yesterday, there are also a large amount of

Bill Eisenmann 1590 days ago

Tuesday?s Top Godaddy Expired Domain Auctions 7-31-12

 Mark As Read    

Let's just say that today's Godaddy auction inventory didn't overwhelm me. There are a few quality candidates but overall the list is one of the weaker ones in the past few weeks. This of course is just one domainer's opinion but if I'm going to hype specific names and lists than I need to point

Bill Eisenmann 1591 days ago

Don?t Miss These Monday NameJet Pre-Release Auctions 7-30-12

 Mark As Read    

I took my fiancee to the Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney concert yesterday. It was a great show and a long one too so I didn't have time to prepare a Godaddy list for Monday. I decided to put together a NameJet pre-release list instead since the inventory is much smaller and doesn't take nearly

Bill Eisenmann 1592 days ago

Sunday?s Hidden Godaddy Auction Gems 7-29-12

 Mark As Read    

Saturday was a busy day for me so I tightened up my search criteria which resulted in a much smaller raw list. I still found 31 domains for my "personal favorites" sections so I don't think it hurt the overall quality of the list, especially on the high end, which is most important to me. I've

Bill Eisenmann 1593 days ago

Don?t Miss These Saturday Godaddy Drop Auctions 7-28-12

 Mark As Read    

Despite petitioning my readers yesterday for an extra dose of birthday support, I fell well short of my goal of earning enough affiliate revenue to retire. Looks like I'll be publishing more lists for the time being. Truth be told, I'd probably still be doing this if I was retired. It's an addiction. is on

Bill Eisenmann 1594 days ago

Quality Domain Auctions Ending Friday At Godaddy 7-27-12

 Mark As Read    

My eyes are very tired after going through Friday's Godaddy drop auction inventory. The raw list was larger than usual and there was a lot of junk to eliminate before arriving at the list below. What's left is pretty nice though. You can be the judge after reviewing the list below. I appreciate your support.

Bill Eisenmann 1595 days ago

Thursday?s Top Godaddy Drop Auctions 7-26-12

 Mark As Read    

After yesterday's huge list, volume is down a bit today but I think you'll still find some nice entries here to chew on. is a term that frequently comes up during elections and might be worth a short term flyer with November's election coming up. is a very nice call to action domain with

Bill Eisenmann 1596 days ago

Many Hidden Domain Auction Gems at Godaddy Today 7-25-12

 Mark As Read    

I think this is one of my better Godaddy drop auction lists from the past few weeks. It's full of really strong names that have little or no competition at the time of this post. Flippable ones too. I saw several commercial websites while researching these domains that were developed on lesser domains. is

Bill Eisenmann 1597 days ago

178 Domain Auction Finds From 7-24-12

 Mark As Read    

I've got a huge list of Godaddy drop auctions for you today. There's a handful of domains that I'm tempted to bid on myself but then the lists would suffer. My personal favorites from this list are,,,,,, and 178 domai...

Bill Eisenmann 1598 days ago

Monday?s Godaddy Drop Auction Gems 7-23-12

 Mark As Read    

I was running short on time last evening and didn't have time to analyze the NameJet inventory for Monday. I've still got a nice lineup of Godaddy drop auctions for you to look through though. My personal favorites in no particular order are,,,, and

Bill Eisenmann 1599 days ago

My Favorite Expired Domain Auctions For Saturday 7-21-12

 Mark As Read    

Today's expired auction lineup is pretty good top to bottom. I actually think the Godaddy inventory is a little better than NameJet and that doesn't happen very often in my opinion. is a good flip opportunity albeit a bit risky. is a developed site for a company providing software services to the cellular industry. For

Bill Eisenmann 1601 days ago

Friday?s Top Expired Domain Auctions 7-20-12

 Mark As Read    

Volume is down a bit for Friday's expired domain auctions but there are some nice buying opportunities available. is a domain I like a lot. Affiliate marketers are everywhere on the web and they'll continue to try and utilize social networks to publicize their promotions. isn't likely to become a relocated NBA fr...

Bill Eisenmann 1602 days ago

Thursday?s Hidden Domain Auction Gems 7-19-12

 Mark As Read    

I've got a fat and juicy expired domain auction list for you today and more format changes. The format changes are simple. There are two sections now, Godaddy and NameJet with my personal favorites in bold. Once I figure out how to put a nice table in Wordpress, I'll display them side by side to

Bill Eisenmann 1603 days ago

Wednesday?s Best Expiring Domain Auctions 7-18-12

 Mark As Read    

Volume is down today across the Godaddy and Namejet marketplaces but quality is still high with a number of quality domains up for grabs. is a unique domain on the auction block. I'm not sure if it's an official word but has a rather profound meaning for it. Okoto - noun. 1 the thing

Bill Eisenmann 1604 days ago Up For Auction In Today?s Drop Auctions

 Mark As Read    

It's been awhile since I've posted a NameJet list, mostly due to time constraints. I enjoy mining the Namejet inventory and the lists I have posted were received really well so I'm going to try a slightly different format for awhile. When time allows, I'm going to work Namejet auctions into my regular list of

Bill Eisenmann 1605 days ago

Monday?s Hidden Gems At Godaddy Drop Auctions 7-16-12

 Mark As Read    

The size of today's Godaddy list might be down a bit but the overall quality is still there with a number of nice domains available to bid on. I love and it's currently sitting at $10 with only 1 bid. is nothing to sneeze at either and it's still reasonably priced at $36 with

Bill Eisenmann 1606 days ago

Best Of Sunday?s Drop Auctions at 7-15-12

 Mark As Read    

Yesterday's list went over pretty well and I anticipate today's list to do the same. It's pretty strong top to bottom and there are plenty of 4 letter .com's up for grabs. If there are specific types of names you'd like to see more of in these lists, drop me a note and if it

Bill Eisenmann 1607 days ago

My Top Picks From Saturday?s Godaddy Drop Auctions 7-14-12

 Mark As Read    

I've got a solid Godaddy drop auction list for you today. I also mixed in a few public auctions into the "Top Godaddy Auctions" section. A handful of my personal favorites are:,,,, and 154 domain auctions are listed below. They begin ending at 11am EST and continue t...

Bill Eisenmann 1608 days ago

Lucky List of Friday the 13th Godaddy Drop Auctions

 Mark As Read    

There's nothing unlucky or bad about the drop auction lineup at Godaddy this Friday the 13th. It's a large list and there are plenty of great buying opportunities in this one. I'd like to point out the abundance of "city" topsoil domains. They're probably all being dropped by one owner but I think topsoil fits the

Bill Eisenmann 1609 days ago

Godaddy Drop Auction Gems For Thursday 7-12-12

 Mark As Read    

I'm back at home feeling relaxed and rested after 5 days in the sun and sand. I wasn't feeling very motivated to fire up the computer last evening but I put a couple hours in and came up with this Godaddy list for you today. A few of my personal favorites are:,,,,

Bill Eisenmann 1610 days ago

Godaddy Stocked With Good Domains Today 7-11-12

 Mark As Read    

The daily inventories at domain auctions can really be up and down. Today's list is really strong after yesterday's rather lean showing. I like a number of domains in today's list which is evident by the rather long "top picks" section. I've been working off my tablet computer the past 4 days and it's very cumbersome.

Bill Eisenmann 1611 days ago

Tuesday?s Best Of Godaddy?s Expired Auctions 7-10-12

 Mark As Read    

Today I've got an average list for you. I don't want to sugar coat it. I'm not sure if today's Godaddy inventory is lacking or if I just wasn't on top of my game while searching through it but..... it's an average list at best. Hopefully you find something you like. If not, stop back tomorrow

Bill Eisenmann 1612 days ago

My Top Picks for Monday?s Godaddy Auctions 7-9-12

 Mark As Read    

I'm still on vacation, albeit very close to home, but I managed to squeeze out a list for Monday. It's a pretty good one too. I've been on a self-imposed buying ban for the past few months but there are a couple in my "top picks" section that I'm very tempted to bid on. is

Bill Eisenmann 1613 days ago

Sunday?s Top Godaddy Expired Domain Auctions 6-8-12

 Mark As Read    

This post didn't publish as scheduled. It was supposed to go out at 7:30am this morning. Oh well, better late than never. I'm currently spending some time away traveling with my girlfriend. Lists might be sporadic the next few days but I'm going to try and put one up every day if possible. I found a

Bill Eisenmann 1614 days ago

Saturday?s Best Expiring Domain Auctions at 7-7-12

 Mark As Read    

After yesterday's huge list, we return to something a bit more digestible today, with plenty of good domains to pick through. It might just be my imagination, but the average quality of domains available at Godaddy drop auctions seems to have gone up over the past few weeks. It seems like I was struggling to

Bill Eisenmann 1615 days ago

My Biggest Godaddy Expired Auction List Yet 7-6-12

 Mark As Read    

I believe this might be the largest Godaddy expired auction list I've ever created. There were a lot of domains that made the cut and I actually found myself deleting a few that would have otherwise made a shorter list. Longer doesn't always mean better but in this case, there are plenty of quality domains

Bill Eisenmann 1616 days ago

Top Godaddy Expired Auctions for Thursday 7-5-12

 Mark As Read    

I hope all of you that live in the USA had a great Fourth of July yesterday. It's time to get back to work. I created this list early Wednesday morning so things might have changed a bit in the "Popular Godaddy Auctions" section since then. I mixed in a few 3 character .com private

Bill Eisenmann 1617 days ago Up For Grabs Today at

 Mark As Read    

The 4th of July is easily my favorite holiday of the year. I love the combination of warm weather, cookouts, family/friends, and fireworks. I hope everyone has an exciting and safe July 4th this year. I made a tweak to my domain mining process last week and the lists have become noticeably larger. It's possible that

Bill Eisenmann 1618 days ago

Big List of 178 Godaddy Expired Domain Auctions 7-3-12

 Mark As Read    

Today's Godaddy list has a lot to offer and also a few short domains to choose from. There are two 3 character .coms ( and and also a 3 letter .net ( A few other domains I'm really fond of are,,,, and Most of these domains have no ...

Bill Eisenmann 1619 days ago

Godaddy?s Undiscovered Drop Auction Gems for Monday 7-2-12

 Mark As Read    

I had a really great weekend and these domain lists performed very well over the past couple days so I'd like to graciously thank all my visitors for that. I've got another nice list today so hopefully you can find and pick up something that meets your buying profile. One domain I'd like to point out

Bill Eisenmann 1620 days ago

Sunday?s Top Godaddy Expired Domain Auctions 7-1-12

 Mark As Read    

I almost wasn't able to get this one out today. I was running short on time so I decided to cut a few corners and post a list instead of skipping it all together. All the domains that would usually be here are still here but the "top picks" section is missing today. You'll have to

Bill Eisenmann 1621 days ago

Big List of 164 Quality Expired Domain Auctions for 6-30-12

 Mark As Read    

A really big, quality Godaddy list today. I'm convinced that very few people are comprehensively mining the Godaddy inventory in its entirety. It seems people check out the domains that either already have bids, have large reported traffic, or are several years old. That's good news if you're willing to put in the time to

Bill Eisenmann 1622 days ago

My Top Godaddy Drop Auctions for Friday 6-29-12

 Mark As Read    

Another week of auctions is coming to an end but I plan to post lists over the weekend as well. A so-so list today. The volume is there but there weren't has many top quality buying opportunities as I'd like to see. is a really good flip opportunity. The .net is nicely developed by a

Bill Eisenmann 1623 days ago

Big List of Thursday?s Godaddy Drop Auctions 6-28-12

 Mark As Read    

Thursday's list is worth checking out. There are plenty of domains in this list that have a minimum age of 5 years and have no bids at all. It's always nice to pick up a commercially viable .com domain for under $25 that already has some age on it. is a 15 year old, flexible

Bill Eisenmann 1624 days ago

154 of My Favorite Domains Ending at Godaddy Today 6-27-12

 Mark As Read    

I've got a nice list for you today that's particularly strong in the geo product/service category. Domains like and are very strong and can be a valuable asset to providers of these products and services residing in these areas. A few of my other favorites are,, and ScriptDi...

Bill Eisenmann 1625 days ago Tops Tuesday?s Godaddy Expired Auction List

 Mark As Read is running away with top honors over at Godaddy today, currently priced over $1,600 on 54 bids with plenty of time left. is also performing well with 27 bids totaling up to $705 at the time of this writing. There are plenty of other good buying opportunities in the mix too. There are an

Bill Eisenmann 1626 days ago

Monday?s Top Godaddy Expired Domain Auctions 6-25-12

 Mark As Read    

I've got a crazy week ahead of me but I expect to be posting lists every day. Today's lineup is a little light on volume but there are some fine names in the mix. There are a number domains available in the online marketing genre and some of them made my top picks. A few of

Bill Eisenmann 1627 days ago

Sunday?s Big List of Godaddy Closeout Domain Names 6-24-12

 Mark As Read    

I've got a nice list for you of .com domains currently in closeout status over at The domains are available for immediate purchase using the buy it now option and range in price from $10 down to $9 each with a 1 year renewal fee added at checkout. The renewal fee can be lowered

Bill Eisenmann 1628 days ago

My Top Picks For Saturday?s Godaddy Expired Auctions 6-23-22

 Mark As Read    

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. There's not much on my schedule other than relaxing and heading up to the Lake Erie Islands with some friends. I took some time Friday evening to prepare a list for today and it's a decent one in my opinion. Hopefully you find something on it that

Bill Eisenmann 1629 days ago

141 Godaddy .COM Closeout Domains For Friday 6-22-12

 Mark As Read    

Here are 141 .com domain names currently listed at Godaddy in closeout status. The domains are available for immediate purchase using the buy it now option and range in price from $10 down to $9 each with a 1 year renewal fee added at checkout. The renewal fee can be lowered to approx $8.50 using

Bill Eisenmann 1630 days ago
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