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A Look At The Domain Sector in The Public Markets

 Mark As Read    

A member on Seeking Alpha put together a very detailed analysis of the domain name sector. Plexor took a look at several publicly traded companies on an individual basis. He then took a look at the sector as a whole. A few companies like Neustar and the smaller new gtld companies were left out. The […]

The Domains 1 hour, 6 min ago

Domaining Europe Releases Photo Gallery from 2015 Conference in Valencia, Spain

 Mark As Read    

The 2015 Domaining Europe conference was held in Valencia, Spain April 23-25. Show organizers have now posted dozens of photos from the 7th edition of the popular event held at the Sorolla Palace Hotel on the conference's Facebook page. Here is a sampling for you.

DNJournal 1 hour, 17 min ago Sells for $4,500 Less Than The 1997 Purchase Price

 Mark As Read was launched in 1997 as a collaboration between CNN and Sports Illustrated. At the time of the launch, CNN/Si Executive Producer Danny Greenberg said this of the fledgling website: "[w]ith more than 100,000 pages of content, ranging from real-time scores and statistics to the probing profiles of athletes for which SI is famous, ...

Domain Investing 1 hour, 36 min ago

Flat, fast and furious : DNForum rolls out redesigned web portal

 Mark As Read    

Adam Dicker is on a roll, and we're not talking about the Chinese kind. Dicker was awarded the International Domainer of the Year 2015 by Domaining Europe, an annual industry conference held 23 – 25 April in Valencia, Spain. Just a few short weeks after hiring Simon Byrne as a full time administrator for DNForum, […] Copyright DomainGang...

DomainGang 3 hours, 21 min ago

Most ICANN new gTLD breaches were over a year ago

 Mark As Read    

Almost three quarters of the security breaches logged against ICANN's new gTLD portal occurred over a three-month period in early 2014, DI can reveal. Almost every incident of a new gTLD applicant coming across data they weren't supposed to see — 322 of the 330 total — happened before the end of October last year, […] Related pos... 5 hours, 46 min ago still shows available to register but is actually reserved

 Mark As Read    

The domain name shows available when you do a whois look up, but when you go to register it the domain is not available. The domain dropped in 2013. The domain looks to have been owned by JVM out of Korea. These 1 and 2 charater .net names got reserved in 2005 and in […]

The Domains 5 hours, 53 min ago

ICA to ICANN: We’ll “Vigorously Oppose” Changing URS to Facilitate RDNH

 Mark As Read    

On Thursday, April 30th ICA filed a comment letter with ICANN regarding the “Draft Report: Rights Protection Mechanisms Review” published earlier this year. This preliminary report paves the way for a more extensive issues report on the new gTLD RPMs that will be delivered to the GNSO Council this fall. That second report will not only... Read more

Internet Commerce Association 6 hours, 43 min ago

Flippa – A Look Forward:,,,, More

 Mark As Read    

Reserve Met and Will Sell Portfolio of 30 Domains – Including,,,, and more. – Pronounceable Even though it struggles with the radio test, it will do well. – This doesn't have any issues with the radio test. Games or movie site? ...

Domain Shane 7 hours, 8 min ago

People wasting money on Princess Charlotte Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

I'm not sure why people are wasting money on these domain names. People register domain names whenever a celebrity baby is born, and the news of the latest British royal baby is Princess Charlotte is no exception. So far today, about 100 Charlotte-related domain names have been registered in .com and .net, according to Verisign's […]...

Domain Name Wire 7 hours, 20 min ago

Company That Bought For $500K Sells It For $300K & Files Bankruptcy

 Mark As Read    

According to, after spending $500,000 for the domain name, the company formerly known as Reputation Changer filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy last month. says according to the filing, sold its domain for $300,000 . The domain name is currently in at  also reports that the ...

The Domains 7 hours, 54 min ago

Flippa, Sedo or GoDaddy ? How to identify which venue a domain is listed on!

 Mark As Read    

Last month we raved about the domain auction widget that Francois Carrillo has incorporated on the home page. The configurable widget can get you the latest information about auctions that end soon on three domain auction venues: Flippa, GoDaddy and Sedo. Not only you can find some great domain deals by using these options, […] ...

DomainGang 8 hours, 48 min ago

.porn and .adult sunrises net around 8,000 sales

 Mark As Read    

The sunrise periods for .porn and .adult netted just shy of 4,000 domains per TLD, according to ICM Registry. The company said .porn received 3,995 registrations while .adult trailed slightly with 3,902. Those numbers are a combination of sunrise registrations, which resolve, and "blocks", which do not. The ICANN-mandated sunrise periods ended Apri... 9 hours, 35 min ago

The value of short domain names with Andrew Rosener – DNW Podcast #31

 Mark As Read    

Andrew Rosener discusses the value of short domain names and his brokerage Media Options. Andrew Rosener, founder of domain name brokerage Media Options, discusses the rapid price appreciation of short domain names including 2 and 3-character domains (and even longer). Why are they shooting up in value? How much are they worth? Andrew also explains...

Domain Name Wire 9 hours, 43 min ago

Domain Name Sales Tip: Ask for a Phone Number

 Mark As Read    

I want to share another tip that might be able to help you identify a prospective buyer of a domain name. People often try to acquire domain names covertly, and it is in the best interest of a domain name owner to know who is inquiring about a domain name for business and legal reasons. It is very easy to create an email address. It is as simple as...

Domain Investing 10 hours, 28 min ago

30 More Big Brand Fails: Bang On Trademarked Domains Continue To Drop To Third Parties

 Mark As Read    

This is another post in our continuing series of bang on trademarked domain names that drop and the continuing failure of brand holders to catch them on the drop allowing third parties to register them and control them. All of these domains were owned by someone other than the trademark holder then dropped and could […]

The Domains 10 hours, 32 min ago

.XYZ Featured on HBO’s Silicon Valley

 Mark As Read    

Tech company on show creates division using .xyz domain name. The .XYZ domain name was featured on HBO's Silicon Valley last night. A big tech company featured in the show, Hooli, creates a new experimental division for moonshot projects called Hooli XYZ, hosted at The show created a website on The site says: […]

Domain Name Wire 10 hours, 58 min ago

Domain Movers:,, and More Domains

 Mark As Read    

Domain Movers often detects many great domain names that would remain "hidden" that they changed ownership but we share all this valuable data with you! Enjoy the latest round of Domain Movers with domains like, and much more!

The Domains 11 hours, 0 min ago

New gTLD .Sale Gets 165 EAP Day 5 Domain Name Registrations; .Video 125

 Mark As Read    

The new gTLD .Sale which launches into general availability (GA) on Wednesday got 165 registrations on the 5th day of the Early Access program which allows registrants to pay an extra fee to get to register domain names ahead of GA. The list of domain name registered yesterday for both .Sale and .Video comes from […]

The Domains 11 hours, 33 min ago

.Org Opens Nominations For 7 To Serve On The .Org Advisory Council

 Mark As Read    

Public Interest Registry, the nonprofit operator of the .org domain, today opened the call for nominations to identify seven new members to serve on the .org Advisory Council. Today through June 5, 2015, individuals may submit nominations – including self-nominations – detailing the applicant's experience in leading a noncommercial organization, co...

The Domains 11 hours, 46 min ago

New TLDs (.XYZ?) boost’s bookings

 Mark As Read    

"Very aggressive" new TLD promotions paying off for Many in the domain name community blasted and .xyz for the hundreds of thousands of free domain names gave away last year through Network Solutions. Was it, perhaps, a brilliant business move? reported a bookings boost this past quarter, and the company says [̷...

Domain Name Wire 11 hours, 58 min ago

Here Are The Winners Of $5K For The 2nd Month #Internetofficial Verisign .Com Contest

 Mark As Read    

Verisign announced today the winners of the 2nd month of the Verisign .Com contest and has awarded $5,000 in prizes. Registered March 26th 2015 is an active site already a website is blog that encouraging kids to cook and eat healthy dinners. was registered February 3, 2015. was registered on...

The Domains 12 hours, 21 min ago

“Naked aggression” or genius? .sucks trolls trademark event

 Mark As Read    

.sucks registry Vox Populi has annoyed intellectual property interests by trolling a trademark conference with a .sucks mobile billboard. As tweeted by corporate registrar Marksmen, which described the move as "naked aggression", attendees to the International Trademark Association conference in San Diego, California saw this roaming the streets th... 13 hours, 25 min ago

DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Monday, May 4th, 2015

 Mark As Read    

You can tell that Sedo opened up their auctions to everyone.  There are triple the number of names as usual at the Marketplace Auctions.  The quality of names increased quite a bit as well. Many of the names I've seen before at other auction houses but its probably because the sellers are testing to see if there is a different buying group for Sedo...

Domain Shane 13 hours, 57 min ago

Radio Control Club : Dot .CLUB added to roster of non-COM domain sightings!

 Mark As Read    

Ah, the excitement of seeing non-COM domains advertised on banners, signs, billboards and vehicle decals! ?? In April, we located the first dot .US domain that we've seen, and that was exciting news. It tool more than 10 years since dot .US was launched! No such delay for the up and coming gTLD, dot .CLUB, […] Copyright DomainGang

DomainGang 22 hours, 31 min ago

Domain Flips (, and Flops (, from NameBio

 Mark As Read    

Running a little later than normal today with this post……I'm a little slow mentally after yesterday's 50 mile trail run in Buena Vista, CO. Beautiful scenery, as usual………a picture of last year's run is at this link, with a couple of us hamming it up for the photo. Below is another look at a few recent domain flips and ...

Domain Shane 23 hours, 21 min ago

Beyonce; Britney Spears, Blake Shelton; Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez All Register Their .Porn Domain

 Mark As Read    

It looks like Taylor Swift was not by far the only celebrity to register a .Porn new gTLD domain name extension in the recently concluded Sunrise period. Lots of the biggest names in the music business joined Taylor Swift in registering their .porn domain including;  Beyonce, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Cher,  […...

The Domains 1 day ago

Sunday Updates and Thoughts

 Mark As Read    

It has been the biggest sporting weekend in quite some time. We had the Kentucky Derby, Manny Pacquiao fight, and NFL Draft this weekend. We also have a Red Sox Yankees series at Fenway Park, and I'll be at the Sox game tonight. Here are some thoughts and updates. As always, you are invited to share your own thoughts and updates in the comment sect...

Domain Investing 1 day ago

DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Sunday, May 3rd, 2015

 Mark As Read    

Some solid Godaddy names today.  Not a lot of time for chit chat.  Watching the fight and tired.  Here are today's names.   Only the person that has the monopoly likes a monopoly.  21 bidders   16 years old.  Don't Trade RG III   Great CVCV. IMO should go over $1000 very easily   Good fail blog name P...

Domain Shane 1 day ago

How to Bulk Delete Backorders at NameJet

 Mark As Read    

Lately I have heard a lot of complaints from domain investors who accidentally won a domain at NameJet through a backorder they had placed years ago and forgot to delete. In these situations NameJet refuses to refund the backorder price even for their large and long-time customers. Unfortunately they don't have a setting to automatically remove a b...

NameBio Blog 1 day ago

Update on Top 10 Sales from a Year Ago:,,,, More

 Mark As Read    

Listed below are updates to the top 10 domain sales from a year ago, as ranked by DN Journal. 1. for $40,000 An upgrade from An online fashion shop with a bricks & mortar location in Amsterdam. Alexa rank near 1.3 million. " was created with one vision – to simplify our cluttered wa...

Domain Shane 2 days ago

Royal baby : Will domain squatters abduct the newborn baby’s name ?

 Mark As Read    

Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a baby girl early today, thus delivering a Princess to the British Royal throne. With the birth of this second Royal child, the race to grab the matching .com domain of a potential heir to the throne begins. In 2013, the birth of a baby boy for […] Copyright DomainGang

DomainGang 2 days ago

Behind the Story of Netnopolis

 Mark As Read    

You probably noticed the new banners on advertising "The Story of Netnopolis." If you clicked through, you learned it was an advertising campaign created by new gTLD registry and applicant, Radix. I reached out to Namrata Arya, one of my contacts at Radix, and she shared more details about this new marketing campaign and what Ne...

Domain Investing 2 days ago

.XYZ Becomes 1st New gTLD To Top 900,000 Registrations

 Mark As Read    

.XYZ has become the first new gTLD new domain extension to have topped 900,000 registrations. According to new .XYZ has 900,739, domain registered. There are only 6 new gTLD extension to have broken the six figure mark (excluding the IDN .?? (xn--ses554g) which are all registry owned) and here they are in order: .XYZ […]

The Domains 2 days ago

H.J. Heinz Offering Domain For Sale

 Mark As Read    

Today I had noticed that the H.J. Heinz Company is offering the two number premium domain name for sale. Digging into whois history records, this isn't "new" because sometime between April 29, 2014 and May 24, 2014 in whois records the terms "This Domain Is For Sale" were added for the Admin Name. But it was new to me now, so I wanted to sha...

Dot Weekly 2 days ago

DomainShane’s BIG LIST of Domain Name Auction Picks: Saturday, May 2nd, 2015

 Mark As Read    

Today is one of the biggest weekends of the year for me selling plants.  You can imagine why if you know Midwest weather. It's perfect this time of year.  Yesterday ended up being the biggest sales for a weekday we have ever had.  To put it in perspective.  We did 50% of the ANNUAL revenue from our first year 20 years ago in ONE day.  And we will d...

Domain Shane 2 days ago

Why Namecoin never took off

 Mark As Read    

Namecoin has been an idea that has got some press in the past but never really totally caught on. The idea of a decentralized DNS system, kind of like domain names working on the same premise as Bitcoin. Coin Telegraph sat down with Michael Dean one of the biggest proponents of Namecoin. In the interview […]

The Domains 2 days ago

Recent Domain Sales That Have Been Developed (pics):,,,, More

 Mark As Read    

The screenshots below are examples of buyers of domains from the last few months that have either developed their sites, or purchased an upgrade domain and have redirected their acquisition to an existing website. sold for $7,695 at Sedo, and the domain is an upgrade from "We are Rocket Communications. We create compell...

Domain Shane 3 days ago

Online discount retailer buys former Leisure & Gaming bookmaker domain

 Mark As Read    

Online discount retailer VipShop, a Chinese company trading on the New York stock exchange, has been since the summer of 2013 the owner of, the URL once used by popular bookmaker VIP Sports. The post Online discount retailer buys former Leisure & Gaming bookmaker domain appeared first on Gambling Invest.

Go Time : Did GoDaddy send a C&D letter to Ali Zandi’s domain brokering start-up ?

 Mark As Read    

Former Flippa phenom, Ali Zandi, started his own domain brokering company last month, choosing the name ‘Go Time Ventures.‘ Not a bad name, and we're fond of brandables when it comes down to providing online services. Today, Ali Zandi announced the domain re-branding of his company, from Go Time Ventures to Perception. The new company [...

DomainGang 3 days ago

Virtual Reality - Sex and Making Money on A handreg

 Mark As Read    

Virtual Reality has been a hot topic over the last year, it is one of the more popular trend threads on Namepros. The Virtual Reality thread was actually started almost exactly one year ago. The top sale on Sedo yesterday was at $10,000. This was actually sold by a Namepros member Subjot. The domain was registered only 1 year ago, and sh...

NamePros 3 days ago

NameJet Removes Bid Indicators Lower Than 4

 Mark As Read has always displayed the amount of pre-order bids "Bidders" on PendingDelete domain names, which has been used by domain name investors as an easy tool to find domains they may have missed otherwise, so they can place a backorder on the domain. Well, the easy part just got a bit harder. NameJet is no longer showing "bidders" below 4. So...

Dot Weekly 3 days ago in Pending Delete Status

 Mark As Read    

According to the CNNSi Wikipedia page, "CNN Sports Illustrated (CNNSI) was a 24-hour sports news channel. It was created by Time Warner, bringing together its CNN and Sports Illustrated brands and related resources." was the domain name that was used for the channel's website. I was looking at NameJet this morning, and I saw that

Domain Investing 3 days ago

Grooveshark RIP : Another great music repository bites the dust – Who gets the domain ?

 Mark As Read    

As I'm listening to Jango and its great, free streaming of searchable music from any era, I wonder if it's the next one to go. Grooveshark, my favorite music streamer for many months, is no more. I really liked its user interface, but it was the vast music collection that surpassed any other free music […] Copyright DomainGang

DomainGang 3 days ago

Domain Name as a Page Title, Domain Not Owned By You?

 Mark As Read    

So lets say your company / website has some wishful thinking..  use the acronym of your company name but as a domain name you do not own as the page title. Case in point, Quality Dairy, owners of the domain name not! Ever do a search on Google for ""? I did for you: Out of nearly 500K results, Quality Dairy ranks #1 f...

Dot Weekly 3 days ago

Google Password Alert : Protect domain registrar accounts from phishing attacks

 Mark As Read    

The most common method of having your domains stolen, is by surrendering your registrar credentials in a phishing attack. Simply explained, phishing works by prompting one to click a link that appears to take them to a casual destination, such as a domain registrar. Once there, the unsuspected victim provides their user name and password, […]...

DomainGang 3 days ago

Marksmen and Com Laude, Launch MCL Domains To Be Based In Seattle

 Mark As Read    

Marksmen and Com Laude, announce the launch of MCL Domains "offering efficient, reliable corporate domain name management services for North America. MCL Domains opens for business this week at the 2015 International Trademark Association's annual meeting in San Diego. MCL Domains combines Marksmen's strategic and investigative acumen with Com Laud...

The Domains 3 days ago

After Launching New Direct Auction Sedo Closes Week with Support for .Irish at Netistrar Party

 Mark As Read    

It has been a busy week at Sedo, beginning with the launch of a new auction feature called Direct Auction that will be of interest to many domain sellers. They closed the week co-hosting a Netistrar party in London last night celebrating the new .irish TLD.

DNJournal 3 days ago

Northwest Austin is marketing Weebly like crazy

 Mark As Read    

Campaign to halt redevelopment is introducing people to website builder Weebly. Over a hundred of my neighbors in northwest Austin are advertising website builder Weebly. It's a case where a non-paying customer does more good than a paying one. How did Weebly pull this off? It didn't have to do anything at all. There's an […]...

Domain Name Wire 3 days ago
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