NameBee is your source for Blog Aggregation in the Domain Name industry Reports Amost $10M in Domain Name Sales In Q2

 Mark As Read    

Domain Holdings issued its domain sales report for the second quarter of 2014 reporting  almost $10,000,000 USD in sales and a average sale throwing out the 5 highest and lowest sales, the average sales price was $29,019 However if those top 5 domain sales and the bottom 5 sales were included the average price would […]

The Domains 44 minutes ago

Company Domain Movers From Disney, Discovery & More

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures Welcome to another round of company domain movers with recent domain registrations, domain purchases and simply movers from large companies. If domain owners are paying attention, they could maximize some future sales with today's article, mainly because of my discoveries relating to Discovery Communicati...

Dot Weekly 46 minutes ago

The Village Voice Covers .NYC: Landrush Auctions Will Be in 5 & 6 Figures

 Mark As Read    

The Village Voice just covered the new .NYC domain names and quotes Gerardo Aristizabal who runs the domain registrar Hello NYC who predicts that Landrush auctions will produce bids at least to the tens of thousands of dollars," "Two or three might reach six figures." The blog post is entitled:"Lost Out on Sex.NYC Will […]...

The Domains 1 hour, 15 min ago

Celebrate Broadway celebrates .Broadway win

 Mark As Read    

Contention set for .broadway top level domain name won by trade association. Celebrate Broadway, Inc., a subsidiary of The Broadway League Inc., has won the contention set for the .Broadway top level domain name. Other applicants included Donuts and Key GTLD Holding Inc. One of the larger shareholders in Celebrate Broadway is a subsidiary of [̷...

Domain Name Wire 1 hour, 47 min ago

Key-Systems To Donate 30 Euro For 1st 1,000 .Hiv Domain Registrations

 Mark As Read    

Key-Systems GmbH announced today that it will support the dotHIV initiative with a fundraising for the start of .hiv. The domain registrar will donate 30 Euro to the dotHIV association for each of the first 1,000 .hiv domains that is registered in the first six months after the Sunrise starts via the in-house retail portal […]

The Domains 2 hours, 6 min ago

DSAD: Domain Name Auction Picks: Tuesday 7/29

 Mark As Read    

Over the last two months I've been saving for a  Unfortunately the prices are climbing faster than I can raise money.  It's crazy to think that you can buy a new Porsche or a non 4   But your Porsche goes down in value the minute you buy it.  But you can't drive your   I'm not quite there yet so I really haven't been looki...

Domain Shane 3 hours, 34 min ago

Spain Passes The “Google” Tax – How it will work no one is really sure

 Mark As Read    

Spain Passes The Google Tax Spain passed a law that will give Spanish newspaper publishers the right to get paid from any site that links to them with what they deem a " meaningful " description of the content. It is important to note that this law does not apply to all publishers in Spain, […]

The Domains 5 hours, 30 min ago

Captain Kirk is not high on the new Celebrity only Facebook App

 Mark As Read    

William Shatner of Star Trek and Priceline fame, is a big social media user, Shatner runs a popular blog on Tumblr and is active in a lot of places. He recently put together a review of the new Facebook Mentions app, our readers probably have not been able to use this app because it is […]

The Domains 9 hours, 33 min ago

Heritage Auctions Video about premium domain names

 Mark As Read    

Video explains some of the benefits of a good domain name. Heritage Auctions had another solid domain name auction last week, selling about $775k in domain names during bidding. The company is doing a good job educating collectibles investors and business owners about the value of good domain names. It recently published a video featuring […]

Domain Name Wire 15 hours, 3 min ago

What's a Better Domain for a Blueberry Farm - or

 Mark As Read    

When I picked up a couple of fresh pints of blueberries at my grocery this week I couldn't help noticing the domain name on the label. Instead of the company's name it was an odd URL - There is a story behind that name and how it relates to new gTLDs.

DNJournal 16 hours, 40 min ago

Benefits of Premium Domain Names Video by Heritage Auctions

 Mark As Read    

Aron Meystedt shared this video with me, and I want to share it with you. The video that was created by Heritage Auctions to educate its clientele about domain names and why they might be interested in spending significant sums of money to buy the best domain names. I would imagine a good portion of HA's clients are well-educated and savvy investor...

Domain Investing 16 hours, 52 min ago

Domain Queen: Bringing royal flair to domain blogging!

 Mark As Read    

Rick, take notice: The Domain Queen is about to enter the palace, delivering a hand of royal flush. Promising to be "a different kind of domain blog", is operated by developer Charlotte Gilbert. The scheduled roll out will be in just over two days, per the web site's countdown, that promises the following: Interviews […] Copyr...

DomainGang 17 hours, 38 min ago

The other Click Fraud

 Mark As Read    

Krebs On Security took a look at the practice of click fraud that depletes a competitors ad budget. The practice is to run up the costs and maybe get them to blow their wad early in the day. I have spoken to people over the years who certainly felt their AdWords campaign was a waste […]

The Domains 17 hours, 51 min ago

Vertical Axis Hit With UDRP on 8 Year Old Domain

 Mark As Read    

Vertical Axis has just been  Hit With a UDRP on the domain name The domain according to has been owned since at least 2007 and possibly 2006 by Vertical Axis. The domain name is parked to a very generic parking page. The Complainant is not yet listed. I don't see any federal trademark […]

The Domains 18 hours, 0 min ago

A Few Thoughts About End User Research

 Mark As Read    

If a random person and Bill Gates go to the supermarket, they will both pay the exact amount of money for let's say bottled water. In other words, it's not a "You're Bill Gates and have a lot of money, so you have to pay more" situation. Domains are different and I'll try to explain why. First

Domaining Tips 19 hours, 35 min ago

I Disagree With Boston Business Journal Cybersquatter Characterization

 Mark As Read    

David Harris, Tech Editor at the Boston Business Journal, published an article about Boston-related domain names up for sale on Afternic. The article is brief, but I disagree with two areas: Harris wrote of listings on Afternic that contain the "Boston" search term, "Many of these sites have been registered by cybersquatters." In looking through th...

Domain Investing 20 hours, 53 min ago

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 7-28-2014

 Mark As Read    

It feels good to be back from vacation. If you haven't taken one in a while then you should really look into doing it. My energy is back and I

Jason Thompson 21 hours, 20 min ago

Domainer getting ‘heart palpitations’ thanks to Network Solutions

 Mark As Read    

A frustrated domainer over at DNForum, is getting palpitations by the way Network Solutions treats its customers. Despite the apparent chest pains, the domain investor maintains his sense of humor and offers Network Solutions some sound advice regarding domain names, using the following three-pointer: Please update your computers so that when I hav...

DomainGang 22 hours, 9 min ago

Company Domain Movers From Mattel, Overstock & More

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures Not the biggest list I have provided in my company domain movers from large companies that have registered, purchased or moved domain names lately but not all the much activity happens on the weekend, so things will pick back up! I have been finding a lot of great data lately, so I hope you are continuing...

Dot Weekly 22 hours, 22 min ago

27 of top 50 websites protecting their brands on new Donuts domain names

 Mark As Read    

How are brands protecting themselves with new top level domain names? Many are, but there are some surprises. I just checked how the top 50 websites are protecting their brands on Donuts top level domain names. I took the top 50 (public) sites from Quantcast and ran them through whois for their matching .gripe domain […]

Domain Name Wire 22 hours, 24 min ago

DNPost domain forum launches with hot chick video

 Mark As Read    

Domain forum newcomer, DNPost, made its quiet launch last week, announcing its existence over Twitter and through our "Share a domain tip" hotlink. Using XenForo, the same forum software as industry giants DNForum and NamePros, DNPost aspires to be better than both forums, attracting their combined readership under one roof. The layout is clean and...

DomainGang 23 hours, 8 min ago

As Rightside (futures) Starts Trading Its Market Cap Is 260M Of Demand’s $465M

 Mark As Read    

                Rightside, the spin off of Demand Media which begins formal trading on August 1, started to trade on Friday on a pre-issue basis on the symbol NAMEV. Although shares are lightly traded the price is $14.30 which is up from an opening of $14 a share. Interestingly […]

The Domains 23 hours, 29 min ago

Attended Webfair Virtual? Don’t forget your bag of goodies!

 Mark As Read    

At every domain conference, there's a bag of goodies to take with you at the end of the conference. Webfair Virtual 2014 – the first immersive multi-industry event – is not an exception; the difference, is that both your bag and the goodies are all digital. If you attended Webfair Virtual 2014, you have until […] Copyright DomainG...

DomainGang 23 hours, 35 min ago

GoDaddy Testing Not Promoting .com on Home Page

 Mark As Read    

It appears that GoDaddy may be testing out not promoting .com domain names on its home page. First spotted in a tweet by George Kirikos yesterday, it appears that GoDaddy is continuing to test not promoting .com domain names, which seems unusual to me considering the vast majority of domain buyers are looking to buy .coms. Here's a look...

Domain Investing 23 hours, 38 min ago

Zillow swallows Trulia for $3.5 billion dollars

 Mark As Read    

Are all the huge news always reserved to be released on Mondays? Online real estate listings titan, Zillow, announced plans to acquire Trulia, its primary competitor of equal statue and value. The merger will materialize in an all-stock transaction worth $3.5 billion dollars, creating a giant conglomerate of epic proportions. Both companies will co...

DomainGang 23 hours, 59 min ago

A “slow” week for new TLD launches

 Mark As Read    

More Donuts, but not much else. There's not much on the docket this week for new top level domain name launches. According to the calendar, the only TLDs hitting general availability this week are a handful from Donuts on Wednesday. Four Donuts domain names enter regularly-priced general availability: .reisen (travel in German), .Toys, ...

Domain Name Wire 1 day ago

DSAD: Domain Name Auction Picks: Monday 7/28

 Mark As Read    

Yesterday I added my first names to Brand Bucket.  At first I was like everyone else and thought I could do my own version of Brand Bucket. But the more and more I thought about it I realized that they have built a business that startups and domain searchers go to for names. They also offer buy it now prices which is much more comfortable for many ...

Domain Shane 1 day ago Domain Purchased By Flora ICT

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures The domain name has been purchased by gaming site provider Flora ICT as announced in this forum posting from 7/25/2014. Based on whois records, it appears the transaction likely closed and ownership of the domain name took place on 7/1/2014. Paul Keever was the seller accord...

Dot Weekly 1 day ago

Crazy housing market reflected in .london landrush

 Mark As Read    

The world's insatiable appetite for property in London is being reflected in applications for domain names during .london's landrush, according to the registry. Just a few days before the landrush ends, over 30 applications have been filed for, Dot London said, and and "are among the most sought aft... 1 day ago Domain Purchased By Block Chain Start-Up

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures domain has been purchased for an undisclosed amount by block chain start-up Inc. and sold by SOJCOM, LLC according to whois records. Based on some research, the company behind the domain purchase is Albumatic who later changed its name to but still is using the name Al...

Dot Weekly 1 day ago

3D Search Engine Launching to Protect 3D Content

 Mark As Read    

The longest comment thread in the history of domaining is the post that Michael wrote four years ago about 3D, it has 5,371 comments. So for those interested in the topic of 3D there is a new search engine launching on a .es domain is all about 3D content, the engine will be using the […]

The Domains 1 day ago

Flippa – A Look Forward:,,, Hit Reserve.

 Mark As Read    

Reserve Met and Will Sell – $9,500 – domains are on fire, and I expect the price to move up based on the most recent LLL sales per NameBio, including at $20,000 (two of the same three letters, for whatever that's worth), at $12,100, at $18,600 and at $10,600. – $1,800 &...

Domain Shane 1 day ago

Tech Radar: “The new domain name system is causing problems for brands”

 Mark As Read    

Tech Radar published an article todayon new gtlds and the problems brands are already having with protecting their brand. The article references a study from Brad Newberg at Reed Smith, the sample study took a look at 20 brands in the bicycle industry and how fast some of their names were taken by those not […]

The Domains 1 day ago

Next Week’s New gTLD Launches

 Mark As Read    

If I'm not mistaken, 4 new gTLDs will enter the General Availability phase next week and the Early Access Program will start for another 4 extensions. As always, please take everything I say with a grain of salt because since most new gTLDs are extremely poorly promoted, I might have missed some. I do my best

Domaining Tips 1 day ago

Interview with Christine Willett, VP of gTLD Operations - YouTube Video

 Mark As Read    

September 2013 Interview with Christine Willett, VP of gTLD Operations on the new gTLD domain name root extensions.

Traverse Legal 1 day ago

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 7-27-2014 Gluten Free Food, Realestate Geek, Remove Tint

 Mark As Read    

Our hotel is in Palm Desert and I'm amazed at the amount of people that are out here. There are so many people that it feels like Vegas. Yesterday evening

Jason Thompson 1 day ago

Actress Blake Lively Launches New Lifestyle Brand on a .US

 Mark As Read    

Actress Blake Lively launched her new lifestyle website on a .US rather than say going the Blake.Luxury route or The Gossip Girl star is going with the name Preserve.Us. The Huffington Post covered the launch and the feedback from all over the Twitterverse, Blake Lively's new lifestyle brand Preserve launched this week and it's [R...

The Domains 1 day ago

Sunday Observations & Updates

 Mark As Read    

I am enjoying a nice weekend in New York City. I went to the Arsenal v. NY Red Bulls soccer game yesterday with my brother. It was the first professional game I've been to in about 10 years. Although it was clear the game was just an exhibition, I had a great time. My brother is a big Arsenal fan, and I've been following them for a couple of years....

Domain Investing 1 day ago

Domain brands: It’s that “C word” once again!

 Mark As Read    

It's no secret that domain brand owners have taken a rather slow approach to protecting their brands online, more than six months after the new gTLDs started popping out. Part of the first batch was the dot .Bike gTLD and it's exactly that one that Emma Lenthall, partner with law firm Reed Smith, chose to […] Copyright DomainGang

DomainGang 1 day ago

THE BIG AFTERMARKET LIST: Sunday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on July 27th

 Mark As Read    

Here are today's names  Huge name.  Some of the best vacation cities in the US are on the Gulf Coast  Plano Texas is one of the biggest and wealthiest areas of Texas.  And man do they love football   Online education is big money….and CPC.  A lot of bidders agree   A lot of these are...

Domain Shane 2 days ago

Ammar Kubba: Domainer Deal or no Deal?

 Mark As Read    

And now for some exclusive domainer news: Popular Thought Convergence entrepreneur, Ammar Kubba, is testing the TV network waters, with a new show based off the popular "Deal or No Deal" series. Titled, "Domainer Deal or no Deal?" the networked licensed show will feature prominent domainers that attempt to close a domain sale, all while […] C...

DomainGang 2 days ago

e-Commerce may be the sizzle, but brick and mortar remains the steak

 Mark As Read    

e-Commerce is certainly one of the largest trends to affect business and culture over the past 25 years. In 2013 Amazon did $74.45 billion in revenue, but when compared to Walmart that number looks small. The Arkansas based retailer is close to half a trillion in sales. Find more statistics at Statista Barbara Thau wrote […]

The Domains 2 days ago

Domain Flips (,, and Flops (

 Mark As Read    

Below is another look at a few recent domain flips and flops, with recent data courtesy of DN Journal and historical data from NameBio. Flips – sold recently for $7,250 at Indus Domains, vs only $638 two months ago at NameJet. A tidy $6,600 profit before commissions in a short timeframe. An acquisition by smart guy currently enr...

Domain Shane 2 days ago

Dot Equis: New promotion aimed at beer enthusiasts

 Mark As Read    

If you enjoy beer as we do, you're going to love the new marketing campaign. Aimed at domain investors with a taste for zythum, the marketing campaign utilizes the resemblance of Ken Hansen, CEO of the .Co.Com Registry, to the popular Dos Equis guy. "It started off as a prank, but we thought it'd […] Copyright DomainGang...

DomainGang 2 days ago

22 GoDaddy Discount Codes

 Mark As Read    

Yet another good week for GoDaddy coupon enthusiasts! I'll be sharing 22 discount codes with you guys today: 6 of them *should* work worldwide as opposed to only for customers from the US/Canada and as far as the remaining ones are concerned, I'm not sure. Didn't use any of them myself, so I can't guarantee they'll...

Domaining Tips 2 days ago

Company Domain Movers From Redbull, Aol & More

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures Welcome to another round of DotWeekly Discoveries and related company domain movers with recent registrations and purchasing of domain names. Often, DotWeekly's findings are some of the earliest public knowledge of upcoming brands, products or services… so if I can't find and or provide data with a ...

Dot Weekly 2 days ago

Weekend Musings – Vancouver Edition

 Mark As Read    

Hello, Happy Saturday and welcome to my weekend musings. We have been in Vancouver since Wednesday night for Fashion Metric meetings and now have our first day of downtime before we head back to Austin tomorrow. Never a dull moment but as someone that has done business in Vancouver for many years (I ran Sonos […] 2 days ago

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 7-26-2014

 Mark As Read    

We are headed to Palm Springs, so I have to keep this short! Hopefully I can take some pictures out there! Here is the list for today! Enjoy!

Jason Thompson 2 days ago

Oops! Can’t start Escrow if your buyer’s email is on a new gTLD

 Mark As Read    

The expansion of the Internet name lanes is like the Y2k bug at times: gTLD domains introduce challenges daily to functions where regular TLDs do just fine. An apparent glitch that we found yesterday, affects the API between Domain Name Sales and, and it's something that produced an hour of "fun" attempting to complete […] Copyrigh...

DomainGang 2 days ago

Roundup: this week in the Domain Name Business

 Mark As Read    

It was another exciting week in the domain name industry. Here's a look back. Domain Registry of America may finally get cut off from ICANN. The notorious company that sends misleading domain renewal notices to domain owners has been suspended by ICANN and a full termination may be coming. Sedo is planning a big new […]

Domain Name Wire 3 days ago
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