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Heritage Auctions Led by sells $773,876 in domain names

 Mark As Read    

Heritage Auction Results total $773,876 which includes the Buyers Premium of 15 % The Heritage auction wrapped up today and the big sellers were and Digital sold for $325,000 and with the buyers premium the total comes to $373,750. sold for $200,000 and the buyers premium brought the total to $230,000. 16 […]

The Domains 59 minutes ago

Four 6-Figure Transactions Totaling Over $1.1 Million Top This Week's Domain Sales Chart

 Mark As Read    

Someone mist have missed the "summer doldrums" memo! Four high end sales lit up the domain aftermarket this week with three of those not only topping our latest weekly all-extension Top 20 Sales Chart, but also crashing the top 20 sales for the entire Year to Date.

DNJournal 1 hour, 0 min ago

Google registering “MusicKey” domain names for music subscription business?

 Mark As Read    

Google registering MusicKey ccTLDs. Is this the name of its new music service? Usually, when I see a company registering a bunch of similar domain names, I can track it down to a new product announcement. I'm a bit unclear about recent Google domain name registrations for "MusicKey" domain names, but I suspect it might […]

Domain Name Wire 2 hours, 1 min ago

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 7-24-2014

 Mark As Read    

I wasn't able to get a list up yesterday because it has been busy as hell at work! I'll do what I can, but I am still trying to come

Jason Thompson 2 hours, 24 min ago

Company Domain Movers From Apple, Ford & More

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures Welcome to the latest company domain movers which I like to call DotWeekly Discoveries. This series is always interesting to see what large companies are buying and registering domain names. I try to include some information related to the purchase and or registration of domains when I can find it, so enj...

Dot Weekly 2 hours, 38 min ago

Bellweather or Anomaly? The Rise and (Apparent) Fall of .PW

 Mark As Read    

There’s been a lot of speculation about how domain registrations will take off (or not) in the new gTLDs that are rapidly coming online. Last year we covered the growth of .PW roughly one month after launch; this commercial re-launch of the ccTLD for Palau was watched closely because many felt it might predict customer […]

DomainTools Blog 3 hours, 16 min ago

A look inside today’s virtual domain name tradeshow

 Mark As Read    

Virtual tradeshow is clunky but presents a good opportunity to chat with domain name companies. I remember going to a virtual tradeshow about a decade ago. It was clunky and hard to use. Apparently that's the case in 2014 as well. I just attended Webfair Virtual, an online tradeshow featuring a bunch of domain name […]

Domain Name Wire 3 hours, 32 min ago

Of The 9,025 .Voting Domains Registered Over 97% Registered To Co. With Ties To The Registry?

 Mark As Read    

One company is responsible for registering over 97% of the 9,025 .Voting new gTLD domain names. We reported earlier today that .Voting had 9,025 domain names registered after the first day of general availability However we see that 8,811 of the 9,025 domain names were registered by the domain name registrar, Registry Gate GmbH" which […]...

The Domains 4 hours, 2 min ago

Interesting .CEO comments started by Paul Kedrosky

 Mark As Read    

Last night venture capitalist Paul Kedrosky discovered .CEO and tweeted his thoughts on it to his 275,000 followers: Conversation obviously followed. One person noted: Kedrosky responded "Exactly." Another comment: To which Kedrosky responded "And that exact thought had already crossed my mind." There are some other colorful comments. Not every com...

Domain Name Wire 4 hours, 14 min ago

This Weeks New gTLD 1st Day Totals: .Voting 9,025; .Kaufen 4,325; Consulting 3,852; Media 3,438

 Mark As Read    

Yesterday a bunch of new gTLD's went into general availability (GA)  meaning domain names can be registered live on a first come first serve basis. All total include any Sunrise registrations and any Landrush/Early Access Program (EAP) registration which took place before GA: .Voting 9.025 .Kaufen which is German for the word "Buy" had 4,325 [̷...

The Domains 5 hours, 27 min ago

Weekly Expired Domain Report

 Mark As Read    

Domain sales charts — expired or otherwise — make for some strange bedfellows. Any given week presents an orgy of bizarre juxtapositions. What else but the domain market can bring together Bill Cosby and French Marxists? Malaysian tourism for New Yorkers alongside Azerbaijani gossip in the ccTLD of Western Samoa? (I'm referencing TheCos...

Domain Name Wire 5 hours, 34 min ago

Sedo Transactions Total $1M; 52% Are BIN & Open.TV Sells For $25K

 Mark As Read    

Over the past week, 506 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1m. 52% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Highlights of public sales are: · Top .coms: at 90,000 USD · Top ccTLD: at 25,000 EUR · Top “other” TLD: at 7,999 USD The […]

The Domains 5 hours, 53 min ago

GoDaddy Hosting Open House at New Office in Cambridge

 Mark As Read    

In the last year, GoDaddy has made three Boston-area acquisitions. The company acquired Waltham-based Afternic, Cambridge-based Locu, and Cambridge-based Canary. Because these three companies were based in the Boston area and are primarily staffed by locally-based employees, GoDaddy recently opened an office in Cambridge, Massachusetts. According t...

Domain Investing 6 hours, 43 min ago

Google and Vint Cert explain the NTIA transition (video)

 Mark As Read    

Simple video explains what's going on with the U.S. government's role in the internet. Vint Cerf, the "father of internet" and former Chairman of ICANN, now works for Google. Cerf has narrated a new Google video about the history of internet governance, ICANN and the role of the U.S. government. (See video embedded below.) It's […]...

Domain Name Wire 7 hours, 1 min ago

NYC picks Panama registrar for reserved names

 Mark As Read    

The City of New York is working with Panama-based registrar CCI REG to reserve government-related domains in the new .nyc gTLD, despite imposing residency requirements on registrants. CCI REG director Gerardo Aristizabal tells us it has already handled over 100 registrations during the "City Government-Affiliated Reserve List" phase of .nyc's protr... 7 hours, 27 min ago

THE BIG AFTERMARKET LIST: Thursday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on July 24th

 Mark As Read    

I used the new Namejet app for the first time yesterday.  I'm not a big app user but here's why I like it.  The push notices.  I don't need CNN telling me that three people had been shot in Detroit, or that Flappy bird needs me to come play, but getting a notice that I have an auction ending or that I have been outbid.  Namejet has been giving me t...

Domain Shane 8 hours, 53 min ago

How Donuts Became The World’s Largest Registry Overnight

 Mark As Read    

FastCo Labs is out with an article today about Donuts and how they became the world's largest registry overnight. I think the author forgot about Verisign who has many more domains under its wing than Donuts. In the article Daniel Schindler one of the co-founders discussed things like specificity and how they thought long and […] 9 hours, 10 min ago

You Want To illegally download content in the UK ? You will get some letters but no penalty

 Mark As Read    

The MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) and RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) must be wondering what the heck is going on across the pond in the UK. After years of trying to find the right solution to dealing with piracy, they are going to send citizens letters that are the equivalent to telling […]

The Domains 9 hours, 28 min ago

Sedo’s Weekly Sales Total $1Million

 Mark As Read    

The weekly sales were slow this week at Sedo which is normal considering its summer and a busy time for vacations in North America and Europe. took the top spot at $90,000.  Here's a look at the rest of this week's sales Domain name Price Currency .COMs 90000 USD 50000 USD 27900 USD 10000 GBP ghealt...

Domain Shane 10 hours, 28 min ago

Flippa giving away a special link to redeem 1 FREE Domain listing!

 Mark As Read    

Flippa has certainly ramped up its domain only auctions since Kevin Fink came on board and jump started things there. There is a special promo running good for one week, that he just released, From now through month’s end, when you list a domain on Flippa, you’ll be given a special link to redeem 1 […]

The Domains 11 hours, 46 min ago

An Example of Why People Still CyberSquat

 Mark As Read    

Why do people still cybersquat ? That was a question posed a couple of weeks back on Namepros, and while I am not advocating it any way, I am going to give an example of how it still pays off in 2014. sold on Wednesday for $16,000. The domain was registered in July of […]

The Domains 12 hours, 25 min ago

Reserved/Premium Domains – How Much Is Too Much?

 Mark As Read    

It's been a while since I registered a new gTLD domain and it's not because I didn't like the extensions but rather because quite frankly, there was nothing much left for me to get. Therefore, the following question arises: how much is too much?

Domaining Tips 15 hours, 14 min ago

A Visual Look at Recent Acquisitions in Use, v2

 Mark As Read    

Here is the second edition of a look at a few recent acquisitions which have been put to use…..with acquisition prices as low as $125. Last week's first edition can be found here. sold for $25,000 in May 2014 and is currently owned by XOVI GmbH. An addition to the .de, which is a separate live site in German. The website tit...

Domain Shane 16 hours, 28 min ago

A Few Reasons Why The Austin Startup Scene Is Something Special

 Mark As Read    

We have now been living in Austin for about a month and a half and thanks to Techstars and the incredible network Jason and the team has built we've had a chance to meet upwards of 80 people involved in the Austin startup scene from VC's to Angel Investors, founders that just had a big […] 18 hours, 40 min ago

The Best Aftermarket Is ….

 Mark As Read    

Over the next few weeks I'll be testing and writing up my experiences with a range of aftermarkets including: DNS (Domain Name Sales) GoDaddy Auctions Namejet Sedo Flippa A few other surprises While my focus is on selling domains, I'll also be looking at things like: Application process Quality of support Quality of other names ... The post The Bes...

Domainer Income 20 hours, 9 min ago

MapsWithME, One of the Must Have Travel Apps, is Now MAPS.ME

 Mark As Read    

A recent .ME Premium Domain Program graduate can now be found at July 23, 2014 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time PODGORICA, Montenegro–(BUSINESS WIRE)–MAPS.ME, one of the latest graduates from the .ME Premium Domain Program is taking the world of offline maps … Continue reading → 20 hours, 26 min ago

GoDaddy auctions + lousy customer service = moving my domains out

 Mark As Read    

After 14 years of on/off relationship with GoDaddy, it's game over and I'm in the process of moving out every single one of my 250+ domains there. GoDaddy failed miserably to acknowledge and satisfy a simple customer request, preferring to keep $14 instead of retaining a customer. The GoDaddy customer representative and their supervisor who […... 21 hours, 13 min ago Auction Postponed

 Mark As Read    

I just received word that the auction at Heritage Auctions scheduled for tomorrow has been canceled reportedly due to the legal proceeding involving Mt. Gox. Coindesk has the full story sharing this news. I would think this news must be upsetting to Heritage Auctions. The company has spent quite a bit of time (and presumably money) pro...

Domain Investing 21 hours, 14 min ago

Selling Your Developed Domains With A Website Broker

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures This post is written by the website broker team from . Reach out to them if you want a value on your developed domains. So you bought a killer category domain name and decided to develop it into a business. You've put in the hard work to get it developed, drive traffic to it and convert s...

Dot Weekly 21 hours, 44 min ago

3rd Reverse Domain Name Hijacking of The Day: Sin Spirits LLC Guilty On

 Mark As Read    

Sin Spirits LLC represented by George M. Dipp, Texas has been found Guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) making it the third RDNH ruling of the day which must be a record, on the domain name Respondent registered the disputed domain name on November 9, 1997 as evidenced by the Whois records. Complainant […]

The Domains 23 hours, 15 min ago

Webfair Virtual - The 1st Online Only Domain Conference Ready to Open Its Doors Thursday Morning

 Mark As Read    

In February we told you about plans Michael Marcovici of had to stage the first virtual domain conference online this summer. Well, that event, called Webfair Virtual, finally arrives tomorrow (Thursday, July 24) with the virtual doors opening at 6am U.S. Eastern Time.

DNJournal 23 hours, 19 min ago Guilty Of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking

 Mark As Read    

CITY BANK (not CitiBank) whose site is and, represented by Kristi Dent of Cox Smith Matthews Incorporated, Texas, USA was just found guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH). The three member panel of Fernando Triana, Esq, James A. Carmodym, and Dennis A. Foster, Esq said on the issue of RDNH: ""In the [&#...

The Domains 23 hours, 36 min ago

Neustar reports earnings, and revenue bump from .Co

 Mark As Read    

Revenue was up 8% in the quarter, some of which is attributed to the company's acquisition of .Co. Neustar reported second quarter earnings after the bell today. Revenue was up 8% and adjusted net income was up 1% compared to the same quarter a year ago. The company's Security Services segment reported 28% growth, 12% […]

Domain Name Wire 23 hours, 44 min ago

Weekly Domain Broker Listings – 7/23

 Mark As Read    

The domain name broker listings are published below. This week, domain name submissions came from Sedo,, Media Options, and Domain Holdings. If you want to buy or inquire about a domain name listed below, contact the broker. Readers are permitted to list one domain name for sale in the comment section. The domain name must have a buy it now...

Domain Investing 23 hours, 45 min ago

Neustar Reports: Revenue up 8%; Income Decreases 6%

 Mark As Read    

Neustar, Inc. (NSR), today announced results for the quarter ended June 30, 2014, and reaffirmed its guidance for 2014. Results for Second Quarter 2014 Compared to Second Quarter 2013 Revenue increased 8% to $237.5 million Revenue from Marketing Services increased 19% to $35.0 million Revenue from Security Services increased 28% to $34.4 million Ne...

The Domains 23 hours, 58 min ago

Ukrainian rebels shoot down Google balloon providing Internet access

 Mark As Read    

Ukrainian rebels supporting a pro-Russian government, have resorted to yet another act of terrorism. After the downing of the Malaysian flight MH17, commercial flights in the region have stopped; but Google maintains several blimp "balloons" in the area to provide Internet access to millions of Ukrainian farmers. "Ukrainian farmers rely on Google a...

DomainGang 1 day ago

GreatDomains and SnapNames auctions end tomorrow

 Mark As Read    

Several domain name auctions end tomorrow, including two online-only auctions. The big fireworks may come from the Heritage Auctions domain name auction tomorrow, but there are two other auctions ending as well. Sedo's monthly GreatDomains auction concludes tomorrow at 12:00 pm EDT. So far three domain names have hit their reserves, including the h...

Domain Name Wire 1 day ago

Sorry Rhonda Starr, Not Playing Your Game

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures People often do some shady things in the domain industry or simply related to the industry, so I find it funny when they try it with me! Today, I got an email from "Rhonda Starr" using the email address which included: Hello, Any interest in the mybudgethome(com) domain name? Sincer...

Dot Weekly 1 day ago

Breaking news: 4.CN rebrands as 8.CN

 Mark As Read    

The story regurgitated more often than a goat's dinner, is that Chinese love numbers. Numeric domain names are thus used as coinage, more or less retaining their intrinsic value, but not all numbers are created equal. Chinese domain name marketplace, 4.CN, is taking a bold rebranding move, as number four means "death" in Chinese. "It's […] Co...

DomainGang 1 day ago

Sunrise/Early Access Program Domains Taken in .Pictures: Fox, HBO & Some Good Generics

 Mark As Read    

We published a post earlier today that included .Pictures that went into general availability today. We thought we would take a look at some of the more interesting Sunrise and Early Access Program (EAP) registrations for .Pictures keeping in mind some of these had a premium registration and renewal rate in addition to the EAP […]

The Domains 1 day ago

MannQuotes – Chapter VIII: The Magnificent Mike Mann

 Mark As Read    

It's been a full year since the last chapter of ‘MannQuotes‘ – tidbits of conventional wisdom from domain entrepreneur, Mike Mann. Mike's recent sale of for $40,000 dollars, a domain he paid less than $1,000 on, shows that Mike possesses a magnificent instinct. When three-word domains produce such a great ROI, th...

DomainGang 1 day ago

Larry Strickling speech to American Enterprise Institute

 Mark As Read    

Speech lays out what's ahead and why some people are overreacting. Lawrence Strickling, Administrator of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), gave a speech to American Enterprise Institute yesterday about the transition of internet functions away from NTIA. The transition of the IANA functions has been hotly (and p...

Domain Name Wire 1 day ago

Company Domain Purchases From Bosch, Eli Lilly & More

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures Here is another round of large company domain purchases from the series DotWeekly Discoveries. The following domain names were either recently registered or purchased in the domain name aftermarket or directly from the past owner of the domain name. Big list today with several interesting situations. Fise...

Dot Weekly 1 day ago

5 Domains That Have Hit Reserve and Will Sell At

 Mark As Read    

The Heritage Auction domain name live auction is tomorrow at 2PM EST with live online bidding. The, prebidding system is open until 10pm tonight. The auction features some great domains including and and you can read more about the auction here As of publication 5 domain names have hit reserve and will […]

The Domains 1 day ago

Domain Name Loans via

 Mark As Read    

Back in 2003 I started my own domain name lending site at (I no longer own that domain, but you can see this screenshot of how my site looked at looked). Now there are a bunch of sites like that, such at,, and, but at the time I was one of the first. I figured since I was buying domain name...

Domain Investing 1 day ago With over 4 Million Users Re-Brands as Maps.Me

 Mark As Read    

The .Me registry announced today in a blog post, that has rebranded as MAPS.ME The company is the creator of an App which boasts over 4 million users. The App is available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry. This startup uses OpenStreetMap data to provide access to highly detailed offline maps of, virtually, every country […]

The Domains 1 day ago

gTLD’s: Now It Gets Interesting: .Pics, .Pictures, Photo, .Photos

 Mark As Read    

Tomorrow the new gTLD .Pictures launches into general availability  status meaning it can be registered on a first come first served basis. We have been chatting about plural and singular new gTLD's for a while as well as vertical competition but with the launch of this new domain name extension we can actually start to […]

The Domains 1 day ago

Dealhunter A/S of Denmark Guilty Of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking On

 Mark As Read    

A three member UDRP panel has found Dealhunter A/S of Frederiksberg, Denmark, represented by Aumento, Denmark guilty of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking (RDNH) on the domain name The domain holder was represented by Ari Goldberger and Jason Schaeffer of The domain name was registered in 1998. The Complainant was incorporated...

The Domains 1 day ago
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