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.Moe Ends 1st Day Of General Avalibility With 1K Domains & Only Has 199,998,930 To Go

 Mark As Read    

The .Moe registry predicted that .Moe would get 200 Million domain name registrations in short order, blowing past .Com registration which are at over 113,500,000 registrations. Well after the first day .Moe is well on its way after racking up 1,070 registrations after Sunrise, Landrush and on the 1st day of General Availability (GA). .Moe […...

The Domains 4 hours, 33 min ago

Netsol .XYZ Registrations Top 300,000, Back Over 85% of all .XYZ Registrations

 Mark As Read updated once again today and the number of .XYZ domain names registered at Network Solutions topped 301,000 registrations. The total number of .XYZ registrations is at over 355,000 However the share of .XYZ registrations attributable to NetworkSolutions (NetSol) is now back over 85%. Network Solutions has been giving free .XYZ domain ...

The Domains 5 hours, 14 min ago

I’ll Say It, 10K .Tokyo Domain Registrations Is Not Good

 Mark As Read    

.Tokyo launched and taking into account the 80+ Sunrise and Landrush application I would say a first day total of less than 10,000 registrations isn't great. The price of a .Tokyo domain name registration was very reasonable priced at around $15, There were no premium registration and renewal priced domains although there were certainly reserved [&...

The Domains 5 hours, 30 min ago

Reseller Club logo: And you thought Airbnb screwed up

 Mark As Read    

When Airbnb announced the redesign of their corporate logo to one with combined phallic and vaginal overtones, many could not believe how the designers didn't notice the obvious. Here's a quick explanation. Sometimes, designers get caught up in the concept and attempt to present an abstract image that combines a variety of elements, forming somethi...

DomainGang 6 hours, 38 min ago

.Tokyo domain name nears 10,000 registrations

 Mark As Read    

Geo domain has a pretty good first day with nearly 10,000 domain name registrations. .Tokyo launched earlier today and now has 9,598 domain names in the zone file. That means day one adds were near 9,000. This is by far the largest city to launch a new top level domain name so far, and the […]

Domain Name Wire 7 hours, 22 min ago

Company Domain Movers From Nokia, Pepsi & More

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures Here we go with the latest movers from large companies and the domain names they recently purchased or registered and some info along with each if I was able to find something. These article are fun to make and share, so I hope you keep enjoying them as much as I like sharing! Nokia Corporation This shoul...

Dot Weekly 8 hours, 45 min ago

3rd Heritage Auctions Domain Names & Intellectual Property Auction Will Be Held Thursday

 Mark As Read    

As word of mainstream auction house Heritage Auctions's commitment to domain names has spread, the firm has been able to offer increasingly impressive sales catalogs. HA has assembled an exceptionally large group of high end domains for their 3rd event coming up Thursday.

DNJournal 12 hours, 15 min ago

Staples Buys Domain

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures Staples, Inc has purchased the call to action domain name on or about 2/4/2014 for an undisclosed amount (I tried). The domain name was under the generic "DnSinations Inc and Matt Serlin" whois data until recently. Prior to that, the domain was under privacy protection prior and registe...

Dot Weekly 12 hours, 32 min ago

The Sedo GreatDomains Paradox

 Mark As Read    

Sedo's monthly GreatDomains event used to be awesome. Great inventory priced to sell (good for buyers), bidding wars (good for sellers) and so on. I hope Sedo can manage to bring back the magic because unfortunately, things aren't exactly rosy at this point and I don't understand why. I mean it's not like organizing the event...

Domaining Tips 12 hours, 36 min ago

I Bid A Dollar and Raise You Some Intelligence

 Mark As Read    

Contrary to what you see on at some domain auctions, there is some strategy/skill behind a listing. I read through the auctions over at Flippa and see countless auctions that have starting bids of $500, $5000, even $10,000. There is absolutely no point to starting an auction for more than a $1. I get it why people may do it at other houses. Namejet...

Domain Shane 14 hours, 30 min ago

Amazon Settles a New gTLD Contention Set By Private Auction As Donuts Wins .Group

 Mark As Read    

        Amazon has apparently participated in its 1st new gTLD private auction losing .Group to Donuts. There were 5 applicants for the new gTLD .Group Amazon (AMZN) Donuts Top Level Design, LLC (Raymond King .Wiki & .ink) (related to former owner of the .Co Registry) (TCX) All applications other than [&...

The Domains 14 hours, 31 min ago

Business Insider India: Squatted domains and “a man named Rick”

 Mark As Read    

Leave it up to business journals to ruin the fun for everyone else, as far as domain name investing goes. A new article on the Indian edition of Business Insider attempts to list the top domain sales over $1,000,000 dollars. Citing DNJournal as its primary resource is hardly a surprise, but then the article, written […] Copyright DomainGang

DomainGang 14 hours, 47 min ago

Three Domain Auctions Ending Soon

 Mark As Read    

There are three domain name auction events currently accepting bids that are ending soon. Sedo is running its monthly Great Domains auction, Snapnames is running its Summer auction, and Heritage Auctions is running its big live auction with some high profile domain names up for sale. I thought I would share a list of 5 domain names from each auctio...

Domain Investing 15 hours, 24 min ago

This is Global: British radio behemoth behind acquisition of

 Mark As Read    

Mike Mann‘s recent sale of the domain name for $40,000 dollars made some speculate about the buyer. Some pondered about existing trademarks for the phrase "Make Some Noise", the most recent application of which is related to financial services; meanwhile, the usual trolls took low blows against the popular domain entrepreneu...

DomainGang 16 hours, 9 min ago

I Share Because I Care!

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures When I write stories on DotWeekly, I share them because I care about the domain industry! I care about helping others learn! I share because it helps ME learn. Knowledge is power and knowledge often comes from DOING! Physics: for every action, there is always opposed an equal reaction! I am normally "the ...

Dot Weekly 17 hours, 13 min ago

GoDaddy buys data center in the Cayman Islands

 Mark As Read    

GoDaddy is gearing up for a future face-off with Google; the numero uno domain registrar in the world wants to ensure it remains at the top of the list. The recent acquisition of a high tech data center in the Cayman Islands is a significant indication that GoDaddy plans to move a large part of […] Copyright DomainGang

DomainGang 17 hours, 41 min ago

An update on Moniker

 Mark As Read    

I've transferred many of my domain names out. I'm working on the rest. It's been 7 weeks since domain name registrar Moniker switched to a new platform. 7 weeks since Moniker broke. The company has fixed a lot of the problems, even if confirmation messages were clearly written by a coder. But as I've written […]

Domain Name Wire 18 hours, 17 min ago

Domain Registry of Canada: It both sounds and looks official

 Mark As Read    

Late last week we covered the big slam-dunk by ICANN on serial slammers, Domain Registry of America; their registrar outfit, NameJuice, aka "Brandon Gray Internet Services" was given a 90 day suspension. DROA operates other similar points of contact, such as Domain Registry of Canada, Domain Registry of Europe and Internet Registry of Canada. For [...

DomainGang 18 hours, 43 min ago

Comparing home appraisals to domain name appraisals

 Mark As Read    

Appraising homes is easy compared to valuing domain names. Texas doesn't have an income tax. But the state needs revenue from somewhere, and in Texas that "somewhere" is mostly property taxes. Every year I have to pay about 2.4% of my home's value in property taxes. This steep rate creates a bit of a dance […]

Domain Name Wire 19 hours, 18 min ago

.Tokyo Is Live & Got Over 800 Sunrise/Landrush Domains Led By Apple

 Mark As Read    

.Tokyo launched today and is live for domain registrations which seem to be running around $15 a year. It is by far the largest city to have launched its own new gTLD extension with a population of over 13 million people. I went through the zone file and found Apple who rarely participates in new […]

The Domains 19 hours, 38 min ago

NameJet Releases New Domain Name Auction Bidding App for iOS

 Mark As Read    the aftermarket domain name auction company, has developed, in conjunction with WillowTree Apps, a new bidding application for iOS. The app has an easy-to-use interface, allowing customers to manage their bids, putting them in control of their auctions regardless of location. Matt Overman, General Manager of NameJe...

The Domains 19 hours, 39 min ago

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 7-22-2014 Cannabis Consultants, Dragon Vapors, Viral Cast

 Mark As Read    

I'm looking forward to going to NamesCon next year. Although some complain about them, most domain conferences do a pretty good job. I've been to conferences in other industries and

Jason Thompson 20 hours, 1 min ago

Review Old Auction Lists to Find Deals

 Mark As Read    

While I am doing research to find good domain names to buy, I occasionally come across a domain name that had been previously listed for sale at a live domain name auction. Sometimes the name sold and sometimes the domain name didn't meet reserve. Domain names that were once listed at auction may be great acquisition targets. If you've ever listed ...

Domain Investing 20 hours, 8 min ago

What is the “right” registration price for a new domain name extension?

 Mark As Read    

Now that we are well on our way into the new gTLD process I thought it would be a good time to poll the domain community on what pricing seems to be working and what isn't. Without a doubt it is clear that the registration price of a domain name directly impacts the growth of […] 20 hours, 57 min ago

.Moe Launches Today & Predicts It Will Have 200 Million Registrations

 Mark As Read    

".Moe" Could Potentially Hit over 200 Million Registrations! " Is the first line of a press release out this morning by Interlink Co., Ltd., a new Domain Registry Operator, announcing that the new gTLD .Moe is in general availability meaning it is open for live domain name registrations on a first-come, first-served basis. Interlink calls […]...

The Domains 22 hours, 3 min ago

Strong View Systems Accuses of Trademark Infringement over Social Studio, Neither Own The .Com/Net/Org

 Mark As Read    

There is a battle brewing between software companies and Strong View Systems. The battle is over a recently launched product from called, Social Studio. The product was launched in May and Strong View Systems has had a trademark on the name since 2010. The domain name has been registered at Network Sol...

The Domains 23 hours, 45 min ago

THE BIG AFTERMARKET LIST: Tuesday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on July 22nd

 Mark As Read    

People ask me what stocks to buy and I tell them to pay attention to your daily life.  Think of the places you love to go, why you like them, and then dig a little deeper in how to invest in them.  I saw Ford cars around me and loved their look.  I bought a Ford Explorer Sport and absolutely loved it.  I liked what the company was doing and investe...

Domain Shane 1 day ago

Design Start Up Canva gets $3.6 million in additonal funding and enters partnership with Go Daddy

 Mark As Read    

Australian start-up Canva received an additional $3.6 million in financing and announced a partnership with Go Daddy. The product does seem cool for those that don't have the skills of a trained graphic artist. Crunch Base – Canva makes graphic design amazingly simple for everyone, by bringing together a drag-and-drop design tool with a libra...

The Domains 1 day ago

Judge Grants Government Permission To Access All Content in a Gmail Account

 Mark As Read    

Privacy may be taking a hit if a recent ruling becomes the norm with regards to the contents of your email. Brenda Barron wrote on Venture Beat about a ruling from a judge in New York, that said the government can access all the content and files in one users Gmail account. This is not […]

The Domains 1 day ago

Flippa Recap:,,,,,

 Mark As Read    

Another week of solid 4 and 5-figure domain sales at Flippa. Some domains that sold – $28,500 – Ouch……someone lost some bucks……sold in January 2013 on Flippa for $69,000. The interesting/odd thing is that there were 5 bidders at/above $50k a year ago. – $18,000 – This one actually sold...

Domain Shane 1 day ago

Are you a “Startup Guy”? If so Banana Republic has your style…or does it?

 Mark As Read    

This is one of those things you really do have to see to believe and yes, it pretty much solidifies the depth at which startup culture has in some ways gone mainstream. Banana Republic recently announced a new style for the summer, and the name of the style is – "The Startup Guy" I still […] 1 day ago

Sedo Plans Major Promotion of New gTLDs at Europe's Biggest Digital Marketing Conference

 Mark As Read    

Some new gTLDs have been criticized for a lack of promotion. Industry giant Sedo plans to turn up the volume for the new G's by organizing a major domain presence at Europe's biggest digital marketing conference, a September event that expects to welcome approximately 30,000 attendees.

DNJournal 1 day ago

Zions Bank reaps first multiple new gTLD domains in clear cut UDRP

 Mark As Read    

Zions Bancorporation of Salt Lake City, Utah landed the first multiple new gTLD UDRP that we're aware of, seeking to protect its marks "Zions Bank" and "Zions." The Respondent in this case clearly went after the intellectual property rights of the Complainant, per the choice of new gTLD domains that he registered: zio...

DomainGang 1 day ago

Wednesday warning: Get ready for Webfair Virtual 2014

 Mark As Read    

Three days from now you'll be able to attend Webfair Virtual 2014 – the first immersive domain conference for the new Internet era. This is a game changer as far as interactive conferences are concerned; registration is free for all visitors. DomainGang is proud to be on the roster of Webfair Virtual partners, which is […] Copyright Dom...

DomainGang 1 day ago

Smartphones Can Only Do So Much – Extended Version

 Mark As Read    

I think I wrote the shortest post in "DomainingTips history" yesterday and the main reason was that, you guessed it: I wrote it on my smartphone. Today, I'll elaborate a bit and explain why smartphones are (in my opinion, of course), utterly useless when it comes to real work. First of all, writing reasonably long blocks

Domaining Tips 1 day ago

These 10 domain names in this week’s HA auction are worth their reserve

 Mark As Read    

These ten domain names strike me as fairly priced for the right buyer. Heritage Auctions holds its next domain name auction on Thursday, July 24. It's getting quit a bit of press around this auction, thanks in part to the domain name. There's a $750,000 reserve on that one. It will be interesting to […]

Domain Name Wire 1 day ago Live Domain Auction Is Thursday:; Bitcoin.Club;;

 Mark As Read    

The third Heritage Auctions domain event closes for online bidding Wednesday July 23rd at 10PM Central time. The live auction is Thursday July 24th at 1PM Central time. The live auction will be in Dallas, Texas, but you can bid online from anywhere in the world. is the auction homepage. The 5th oldest domain […]

The Domains 1 day ago

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 7-21-2014 Gay LV, Parent Boost, Popup Plugin

 Mark As Read    

Another weekend has flown right by. I'm still getting adjusted to having the weekend off. It's been a fun adjustment. This past weekend we headed over to Manhattan Beach. It's

Jason Thompson 1 day ago

Fox; NHL; SXSW: Here are The .Media Domains Taken In Sunrise & EAP

 Mark As Read    

The just reviewed the zone file for the new gTLD .Media which launches in general availability on Wednesday July 23rd to see what domain names were taken in Sunrise and the Early Access Program (EAP) . Sunrise domains have to match marks in the Trademark Clearing House (TMCH), while there is an extra charge to […]

The Domains 1 day ago

Descriptive domain saved from UDRP but no RDNH

 Mark As Read    

When you attempt to roll a generic word or phrase into a trademark, you'd better be using it actively. In a UDRP at the WIPO over the domain name the Complainant, Financial Services Roundtable of Washington, DC attempted to indicate the Respondent has no legitimate rights to the domain. The Complainant portrayed them...

DomainGang 1 day ago

Mike Mann Sells for $40k

 Mark As Read    

Make some noise. Sold $40K, purchased 7/29/2012 $844 — Mike Mann (@mikemanndotcom) July 21, 2014   Mike Mann just reported that his company sold the domain name for $40,000. Although a $40k sale is not all that remarkable, the fact that he paid under $1,000 for this domain name less than two years ago m...

Domain Investing 1 day ago

Pay $3,000 for this domain, are you crazy?

 Mark As Read    

I really wanted that domain name, and I typed it in the browser. So it's parked at Frank Schilling's Domain Name Sales platform, which I'm familiar with. Great. So I made an inquiry to get a response and a quote back, as I don't place offers right away; I want to take the pulse of […] Copyright DomainGang

DomainGang 1 day ago

Domain “slammer” finally gets suspended by ICANN

 Mark As Read    

The beneficiary of the long-running Domain Registry of America scam is finally at risk of losing its ICANN accreditation. ICANN has suspended Brandon Gray Internet Services, which does business as, due to the "deceptive" marketing practices carried out by its "resellers". The company won't be able to register any gTLD names or receive... 1 day ago

New TLDs this week: .Tokyo, .Moe, .Consulting and more

 Mark As Read    

Two Japan-focused domains kick off the week. It's another busy week for new top level domain names, including a big .city domain name hitting registrar's shelves on Tuesday. Tuesday Tuesday sees the launch of two Japan-focused domain names…in English. The biggie is .Tokyo, by far the most populous city TLD to enter general availability thus [...

Domain Name Wire 1 day ago

ICANN Finally nabs Domain Registry of America, termination likely coming

 Mark As Read    

Domain Registry of America hits a wall. ICANN has finally managed to suspend a scourge of the domain name registration business, Brandon Gray Internet Services (dba You might not know the company by that name, but if you own domain names then you've likely received postal mailings from Domain Registry of America (DNOA). The […...

Domain Name Wire 1 day ago

New gTLD’s Pass 1.6 Million Domain Regsitrations

 Mark As Read    

The new gTLD program has passed 1.6 Million domain registrations, with.XYZ leading the way with 343K registrations now well past 100,000 registrations without Network solutions. .Berlin is adding less that 5 registrations a day but is solidly in 2nd place with over $137K . .Club Continues to add around 500 new registrations a day and […]

The Domains 1 day ago

.tk passes 25 million domains

 Mark As Read    

The .tk registry has become only the second TLD to pass 25 million domain names. Netherlands-based Dot TK passed the milestone at the weekend, according to statistics posted on its web site, and today has 25,068,128 domains under management. It's grown by a whopping 837,703 names in the last 30 days alone. That means Tokelau, […] Related pos... 1 day ago

170 Expired Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

The following 170 domain names are expired and available to register at the time of writing this. As usual, all names are linked to the Godaddy buy screen for quick access as the names are usually gone quickly.Read more ?Other posts you might like:DomainingLists Now Features .Org and .Net Domain NamesNew Lists and New Features At

DNXpert 1 day ago

That’s all folks! Final gTLD app gets approved

 Mark As Read    

ICANN has finally finished evaluation all 1,930 new gTLD applications from the 2012 round. Indian conglomerate Tata Group's dot-brand .tata passed Extended Evaluation (pdf) on Friday, having apparently secured the non-objection of Morocco, which has a province of the same name. Calculated from Reveal Day — June 13, 2012 — it's taken a l... 1 day ago

THE BIG AFTERMARKET LIST: Monday’s Domains at Auction or Dropping on July 21st

 Mark As Read    

This has to be the worst list I've ever done.  I wouldn't even have done a list but I didn't want you to think I skipped a day.  I might as well have.  There is nothing but a lot of junk. Namejet may have had a few better names but for some reason it would never load.  I thought it was my connection but everything else worked fine.  There is going ...

Domain Shane 2 days ago
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