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Be Wary Of New Domain Claims

 Mark As Read    

Over the past few years I've noticed a worrying trend. New, pop-up web sites for domain name investors. It seems that every month I get at least 2 new emails, packed full of unsubstantiated marketing claims and hype. Just today I received an email from a new service that is going to publish new domain ... The post Be Wary Of New Domain Claims appea...

Domainer Income 8 hours, 17 min ago

Flippa Recap:,,,,

 Mark As Read    

Oops! This is a belated version of last week's summary of notable domain and website sales at Flippa. Some domains that sold – $5,000 – Price was negotiated post-auction. and 215 other domains – $3,850 – Some of the other domains include,,, and ...

Domain Shane 8 hours, 38 min ago

Chinese Buyers Continue to Spend Big on Domains - Their Latest Chart Topper Hits Nearly 200K

 Mark As Read    

Chinese buyers have taken over the upper reaches of the 2014 domain sales charts, accounting for more than half of the year's top ten sales.Their latest salvo came this week when a 3-letter .com sold for CNY 1.2 million (almost $200,000) to land among the year's 30 biggest sales to date.

DNJournal 9 hours, 32 min ago

Weekly Domain Broker Listings – 7/30

 Mark As Read    

This week's domain broker submitted listings are below. If you want to buy a domain name, contact the broker directly as I am not involved in any of these deals. You may submit one domain name for sale in the comment section with a BIN price. Unpriced domain names or submissions with more than one name will be deleted. Please don't comment on other...

Domain Investing 12 hours, 20 min ago

Owner Of Forced to Defend UDRP Against Someone With No Trademark & No Proof

 Mark As Read    

Talk about a waste of money. The owner of the domain name just successfully defended a UDRP against UGN, Inc which was represented by Laura Petrolino of Arment Dietrich, Inc., Illinois The owner of the domain has owned it since at least 2001. Complainant had a trademark for the term UGN SOUND SOLUTIONS FOR […]

The Domains 12 hours, 31 min ago

Jonny Guru: On the Internet, nobody knows you are a dog

 Mark As Read    

The beauty of gTLDs is that they provide endless possibilities to creators of content. One of the first gTLDs to launch, dot .Guru, is currently #3 on the roster with more than 66,000 domain names. And now for some fun with domains. A popular hardware review site is which has been operating since 2000. […] Copyright DomainGang

DomainGang 12 hours, 34 min ago

7 Landing Page Flaws That Kill Your Conversions

 Mark As Read    

Neil Patel from Quick Sprout put this together, I read everything Neil puts out as he does exceptional work. Landing pages are supposed to help boost your conversions, but in some cases, they kill them. When does that happen? If your landing pages have the wrong copy or distract your visitors, your conversion rate will […] 12 hours, 45 min ago

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 7-30-2014

 Mark As Read    

Another long day here at work! Here is the list for today! Enjoy!

Jason Thompson 12 hours, 50 min ago

Stephen Colbert Grabs Sarah Palin Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

Stephen Colbert scoops up Sarah Palin Domain Time magazine wrote about Stephen Colbert from Comedy Central registering, the channel will parody the new The Sarah Palin channel will cost you $9.95/month or $99.95 for a one year subscription, the parody site of course will be free. Dan Kemey of Time Mag...

The Domains 12 hours, 56 min ago

Stephen Colbert Announces

 Mark As Read    

Earlier this week, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin announced that she started a new online, subscription-based media venture called Not long after, Comedy Central host Stephen Colbert announced that he was starting a new network on I thought his segment was funny, and I embedded it below for your ...

Domain Investing 13 hours, 0 min ago

Did You Get Any .Toys, .University, .Town or .Reisen Domains?

 Mark As Read    

4 new gTLDs entered the General Availability phase today: Dot Toys Dot University Dot Town Dot Reisen (Reisen = “trips” in German) My favorite is Dot Toys but I only got one: Safest.Toys More and more parents are concerned about the safety issues associated with toys (where they're made, whether or not the company making the toys uses/used question...

Domaining Tips 13 hours, 51 min ago

Reverse Whois Email Domain Search

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures Reverse whois is one of the most powerful domain tools and one that I often use for my DotWeekly Discoveries, so I thought I would share a little bit about it and the sources that I use. Caring is sharing so here you go! Reverse whois works by "connecting" registrant email address to domains and then grou...

Dot Weekly 14 hours, 38 min ago

Interlink Co., Ltd. Wins Community Priority Evaluation For The New gTLD .Osaka

 Mark As Read    

Interlink Co., Ltd. Application for The New gTLD .Osaka just won its Community Priority Evaluation .Osaka has prevailed with its Community Priority Evaluation application getting 15 of the maximum 16 points. This means that GMO's application for .Osaka will not move forward. Here is part of the decision: "Thank you for your participation in the [&#...

The Domains 15 hours, 27 min ago

How Much Would You Spent For a 30M Meeting WIth Eric Schmidt of Google? Bidding Is At $8K

 Mark As Read    

Bidding is now opened for a what is described as having "Coffee with Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, at Google in New York City." "Sit down to coffee with Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google, for 30 minutes at Google in New York City." Bidding is underway at, where there are currently 4 […]...

The Domains 15 hours, 57 min ago

Company Domain Movers From Live Nation, Dole & More

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures Welcome to the latest round of company domain movers from large companies in the series that I call DotWeekly Discoveries. Huge list today with a lot of different domains, so I hope you enjoy and lets get to the action. Research In Motion Limited Registered the domain names .net . R...

Dot Weekly 15 hours, 59 min ago

Elvis back in after years of domain non use

 Mark As Read    

Elvis the King is back in Graceland, and by that we mean the dot .com. Just four months after reclaiming in a UDRP, the managers of the late Elvis Presley estate rolled out a new web site worthy of a legend. The new bears no resemblance to the antiquated listing of biblical quotes […] Copyright DomainGang

DomainGang 16 hours, 1 min ago

3 Reasons I Am Not a Domain Broker

 Mark As Read    

Being a domain name broker seems like it could be lucrative, and for the best domain brokers, it is a great job. Domain brokers represent domain name owners who are trying to sell their valuable domain names and they make a commission on successful sales. Aside from their time and marketing expenses, brokers rarely have a financial stake in the dom...

Domain Investing 16 hours, 1 min ago

More from ICANN Court Filing: Not Only Are ccTLD’s Not Property But They Don’t Belong To The Country

 Mark As Read    

                Earlier we wrote about ICANN filing several motions to quash a federal court ruling that ccTLD registries could be seized to satisfy judgements against the underling country saying ccTLD's are not considered property and therefore it can’t be attached by plaintiffs. We read through some more o...

The Domains 16 hours, 57 min ago

Big names buy domains: Under Armour, Mary Kay, SAP and more

 Mark As Read    

Large companies snap up domain names at Sedo. This week's Sedo end user sales list is packed with big name end user buyers. Fortune 500 companies bought domains for under $2,000. The list follows. You can view previous lists like this here. If you'd like to learn how to sell your domain names like these […]

Domain Name Wire 17 hours, 6 min ago

Terror victims try to seize five ccTLDs

 Mark As Read    

ICANN is fighting a US court action by victims of terrorism that could see the ccTLDs of Iran, Syria and Korea being seized by victims of terrorism. While ICANN has not been sued as such, it's been named in three "writs of attachment", which seek to force the organization to hand over control of .ir, […] Related posts: Three new ccTLDs (incl... 19 hours, 23 min ago

.London’s unique “SunPriorityRush” period ends tomorrow

 Mark As Read    

Tomorrow is a key deadline for .London domain names. The .London domain name is launching, and it's very different from previous domain name launches. I reached out to Antony Van Couvering with Minds + Machines to learn more about the .London launch. One key thing to note: the London Priority Period, which ends tomorrow, is […]

Domain Name Wire 19 hours, 26 min ago

ICANN Responds To Seizure Order of The .IR Registry, saying ccTLD’s Are Not Property

 Mark As Read    

A couple of weeks ago we told you that the attorney for the victims of a terrorist attack got a federal court to order the seizure of the .IR domain registry which is the ccTLD for Iran to help satisfy a judgement the victims  held  against the republic of Iran. Yesterday ICANN (The Internet Corporation […]

The Domains 20 hours, 6 min ago

ICANN tells court ccTLDs aren’t property, can’t be awarded to plaintiffs

 Mark As Read    

Victims of terrorism want to be paid (in part) with country code top level domain names. ICANN has responded to the U.S. federal court in the District of Columbia, arguing that ccTLDs (country Code top level domain names, e.g. .ca and .de) are not property and can't be awarded to plaintiffs in a case involving […]

Domain Name Wire 20 hours, 30 min ago

HardRock; BMW; Starbucks; BretMichaels & God All .Rocks; Here are the first .Rocks Registrations

 Mark As Read    

.Rocks which goes live into general availability today meaning domains will be available to be registered on a first come first serve basis has a little over 200 domains which were registered in Sunrise  (Trademark holders) and in the Early Access Program (EAP) for those who were willing to pay a higher fee for early […]

The Domains 20 hours, 38 min ago

.XXX worth more with .Sex in the bag?

 Mark As Read    

Owners of .xxx domain names will get matching adult-themed web addresses. Kevin Murphy at Domain Incite reports this morning that ICM Registry, the company behind .xxx, has settled the contention set for .sex. That means ICM is the only remaining applicant for .sex, .porn and .adult. This may be good news for .xxx domain name […]

Domain Name Wire 20 hours, 45 min ago

My Godaddy Auction Picks

 Mark As Read    

The following Godaddy auctions look interesting to me today. I've sorted them by price and left a comment for why I think each one is worth a bid.Read more ?Other posts you might like:Jog.ORG Listed On Launches Auctionpus.comICANN Typo On Auction At Tops Our Picks From Godaddy Liste...

DNXpert 20 hours, 56 min ago

Flipkart Raises $1billion in funding – Largest ever for an Indian Internet Company

 Mark As Read    

You may recall a little while back there were all those Flipkart domain purchases in various cctlds, well the company certainly could afford it as they have just completed the largest funding ever by an Indian Internet company. May 2014 5,000.00 EUR Sedo April 2014 5,000.00 EUR Sedo May 2014 5,000.00 EUR [R...

The Domains 21 hours, 6 min ago

Did Andrey Ternovskiy Sell

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures This morning I discovered some interesting domain name registrations that are pointing in the direction that the once very popular website may have been sold? First, this morning I discovered several new domain registrations and it's "where" these registrations took place that makes me th...

Dot Weekly 21 hours, 49 min ago

DSAD: Domain Name Auction Picks: Wednesday 7/30

 Mark As Read    

I don't kick myself very often but I did yesterday by missing Twitters earnings.  I knew they would be good but had all my money tied up in Chipotle and didn't want to sell.  It takes a few days to transfer in money into the account so I did nothing.  Then Twitter crushes the numbers and the stock goes up by 25%.  Not many chances to make 10% in a ...

Domain Shane 22 hours, 4 min ago

298 Expired Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

The following 298 domain names are expired and available to register at the time of writing thisRead more ?Other posts you might like:DomainingLists Now Features .Org and .Net Domain NamesNew Lists and New Features At DomainingLists.com128 Expired Domain Names148 Expired Domain NamesToday's List of 171 Expired Domain Names Ready For…

DNXpert 22 hours, 11 min ago

Google beats Microsoft to .docs

 Mark As Read    

Google and Microsoft seem to have settled their contention set for the .docs new gTLD, with Google emerging the victor. Microsoft withdrew its application for .docs this week. It's not clear how the deal was made, but Google is known to have participated in private auctions for other strings. Google Docs is of course Google's […] Related pos... 22 hours, 56 min ago

ICM buys .sex for up to $3 million

 Mark As Read    

ICM Registry, the .xxx domain name registry, may have paid as much as $3 million for the .sex gTLD. Internet Marketing Solutions Limited, the only other applicant for .sex, withdrew its application this week. Word is that ICM forked out somewhere between $2 million and $3 million for exclusive rights to the string. I hear […] Related posts: ... 23 hours, 3 min ago

ICM Registry Operator of .XXX Wins Rights to The New gTLD .Sex

 Mark As Read    

ICM Registry the operator of the .XXX registry has won the right to operate the .Sex new gTLD. The other applicant for .Sex, Internet Marketing Solutions Limited has withdrawn their application, leaving ICM's the lone applicant for .Sex. ICM also is the only applicant for the new gTLD's .adult and .porn The only caveat on […]

The Domains 1 day ago

Frank Schilling turns 45 and Google knows it!

 Mark As Read    

You know you are an important person, when you type your name in Google adding "birthday" and you get the correct date. Frank Schilling turned 45 yesterday, and here is the Google search screenshot below to prove just that. Tweeting on his own birthday, Frank posted a picture of himself aged 25, and a selfie […] Copyright DomainGang...

DomainGang 1 day ago

5 Ways New gTLDs Can Reduce The Risk Of Failure

 Mark As Read    

New gTLDs are being launched every week and I'm seeing the same mistakes over and over again. The information in this post, could be the difference between failure and and a hugely successful launch. Here are my top tips: 1. Don't Rely On Registrars Right now, I believe this is the #1 mistake that new ... The post 5 Ways New gTLDs Can Reduce The Ri...

Domainer Income 1 day ago

List of 6 cities where ICANN won’t be holding its conference any time soon

 Mark As Read    

A long, long time ago we published a list of cities that ICANN should not be holding a meeting at. The list, published before the ICANN meeting in Cartagena, Colombia, made light of crime in various locations; some participants were eventually mugged or otherwise scammed at the time. Four years later, we're now publishing an […] Copyright Dom...

DomainGang 1 day ago

10 Opinionated Jumblings on a Tuesday Afternoon

 Mark As Read    

It's Tuesday.  Since I work the weekends at the nursery I try and get some stuff done at home but I never actually do.  I usually catch up on my sleep do a little pondering.  Here are a few of those thoughts 1. Sahar Sarid believes his portfolio has grown in value over the last 5 years and is now worth over $100 million.  I haven't seen the portfol...

Domain Shane 1 day ago

Domain Sales Heat Up - Domain Holdings Reports 2Q-2014 Sales 3X Higher Than Previous Quarter:

 Mark As Read    

After a long recession, we've been seeing reported domain sales rebound nicely in 2014 and further evidence came today when Domain Holdings reported their 2Q-2014 domain sales nearly tripled from the previous quarter.

DNJournal 1 day ago

My Business is Always Evolving

 Mark As Read    

I've been writing this blog for over seven years, and nearly 5,000 articles have been published in that time. Many of the articles would be considered "news" rather than opinion, but there is a large percentage of articles that would be considered personal opinion or advice. These articles are generally based on learnings from my own business and o...

Domain Investing 1 day ago

Company wants to trademark the term “Domain Auction”

 Mark As Read    

New domain listings site wants a trademark on descriptive term. From the merely descriptive file… A Florida company has filed two trademark applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for "Domain Auction" and "Domains Auction". The applications, filed by Coracao LLC, claim a first use date of earlier this month. Coracao's trademark...

Domain Name Wire 1 day ago

Wikipedia domain UDRP respondent cites

 Mark As Read    

The Respondent to a recently decided UDRP at the WIPO used a novel way to attempt to extract unreasonable fees from the Complainant. In a UDRP case involving the domain name, the Complainant – Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. – was sent back this response from the domain's registrant: "What is this email requesting I do? [R...

DomainGang 1 day ago

Founder of Buys From Chernoff, Backed By $55 Million To Take On Amazon

 Mark As Read    

  , just published a post entitled "The CEO Who Sold to Amazon Raises $55 Million to Challenge Amazon Again" Marc Lore, the former CEO and founder of, which the parent company Quidsi, was sold to Amazon in 2011 for $550 million, has raised $55 million to build […]...

The Domains 1 day ago fixes glitch related to gTLD email compatibility

 Mark As Read has confirmed the fix of a strange glitch that affected the use of gTLD email addresses. As we discovered late last week, when the email address of the parties was based on a new gTLD domain, for example dot .email, the escrow would not initiate. It's a good thing seeing that there is email […] Copyright DomainGang

DomainGang 1 day ago

Sedo Transactions Total $1.9M But Only 5 .Com’s Sell For 5 Figures

 Mark As Read    

  Over the past week, 569 transactions took place on Sedo’s marketplace and via SedoMLS, totaling $1.9 Million 52% of total sales were the result of Buy Now listings. Highlights of public sales are: · Top .coms: at 18,000 GBP · Top ccTLD: at 21,000 EUR · Top “other” TLD: at 23,000 […]

The Domains 1 day ago

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 7-29-2014

 Mark As Read    

I'm in a bit of a rush today, so here is the list without any bells and whistles. Here is the list today! Enjoy!

Jason Thompson 1 day ago

Finally, well-targeted new top level domain name marketing

 Mark As Read    

Network Solutions' pitches .republican domain names to owners of political domain names. A couple weeks ago I wrote about how Sedo did a new TLD promotion that registrars should be doing. Sedo looked at its existing customer base for people interested in buying and selling domain names with "club" in them and marketed .club to […]...

Domain Name Wire 1 day ago

.XYZ now has over 400,000 domain name registrations

 Mark As Read    

Freebies and deep discounts add up to a big figure. The .XYZ domain name now has over 400,000 registrations, according to zone file reports. Of course, the majority of these registrations were given away free to Network Solutions customers on an opt-out basis. shows that about 353,000 .xyz domain names were registered at Network [R...

Domain Name Wire 1 day ago Sold For $19,500

 Mark As Read - DotWeekly Internet Ventures In my morning discoveries for DotWeekly Discoveries, I ran into the domain name that was likely purchased by CSC Corporate Domains, on behalf of a client. I often reach out to the sellers but sadly do not hear back that often or they simply do not wish to share the story on the purchase...

Dot Weekly 1 day ago

Domain Holdings nearly triples sales in second quarter

 Mark As Read    

Company sells close to $10 million worth of domain names. Domain name brokerage Domain Holdings had a big second quarter, turning in almost 3x the sales of its first quarter. The company reported today that it sold $9.9M worth of domain names in the second quarter of this year. That compares to just $3.4 million […]

Domain Name Wire 1 day ago
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