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Domain Shane + Accidental Domainer : Weekly Book of 10 (

 Mark As Read    

This is the first week Aaron is on the team for Book of 10.  Not that he helped any but he at least makes the header.  Sold a few of the names off last week's list and hoping to sell a few more this week.  If you see a name you like email me an offer. You never know.  Here are today's names.  One of the best sports names on the market....

Domain Shane 2 hours, 50 min ago

Scroll Kit Acquired by WordPress – A Hint Of What’s To Come In WordPress 4.0?

 Mark As Read    

Thought that only Facebook was in the acquisition game lately? Think again. WordPress has also been continuing to build its empire and this week marks another step forward with the acquisition of Scroll Kit. So what is Scroll Kit? "Our objective was to create a process for making the web that was more like drawing […] 5 hours, 10 min ago

A Look At The Wearable Tech Space

 Mark As Read    

Wearable Technology has been a big buzzword in the tech space and in domaining over the last year. The Wearable Tech showcase and discussion thread on Namepros has had 393 replies and over 16,000 views. There has been a lot going on in the news from people wearing Google Glass in San Francisco getting mugged, […]

The Domains 6 hours, 29 min ago

Internet Anger Management Idea: Restart Your Computer

 Mark As Read    

Had a pretty bad day in the "offline" world but fortunately, I've developed a nice way of getting bad days out of my "system" as time passed. Sometimes I go for a nice walk, sometimes I choose another activity that makes me happy. The absolute worst thing you can do (in my opinion) is "confront"

Domaining Tips 7 hours, 43 min ago

NetMundial: ICANN gets a full Brazilian in multi-stakeholder remodeling

 Mark As Read    

NetMundial closes its gates today, with a party at the Maracanã, where the famous Brazilian soccer player, Edson Arantes do Nascimento will be signing autographs. The ICANN-sponsored conference on Internet Governance was a complete success; as far as highlighting the true colors of those wishing to push US government control aside. "Brazil is deman...

DomainGang 9 hours, 35 min ago

Verisign reports slowing .Com/.Net registrations in Q1

 Mark As Read    

New registrations and renewal rate dip. Verisign reported first quarter earnings today after the bell. The company reported revenue of $249 million, a 5% increase from the first quarter of 2013. The company added 1.28 million net new names during the first quarter to .com and .net, ending the quarter with 128.5 million active domain […]

Domain Name Wire 9 hours, 49 min ago

Verisign Reports: Revenue up 5%; There are 128.5 Million .Com & .Nets As of March 31

 Mark As Read    

; VeriSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: VRSN), today reported financial results for the first quarter of 2014, reporting revenue of $249 million for the first quarter of 2014, up 5% from the same quarter in 2013. Verisign reported net income of $94 million and diluted earnings per share (EPS) of $0.64 for the first quarter of 2014, […]

The Domains 10 hours, 8 min ago

.City contention set resolved at a high price

 Mark As Read    

Many new TLD contention auctions were held this week. There were a number of new top level domain name contention set auctions this week, although details on winners are scant thus far. .Garden, .property, and .yoga were set for auction on Tuesday. I haven't been able to figure out the winners yet, although I'm sure […]

Domain Name Wire 10 hours, 25 min ago

Cannabis Capital Acquires In A Deal Valued At $25 Million

 Mark As Read    

Cannabis Capital Corp. (OTCBB: CBCA) announce today it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire WebCongress, Inc.. The package deal is valued at over $25 Million, based on CBCA's current share price, and consists of a combination of cash, shares, and management fees. This is an actual operating business and not just a domain name. […]...

The Domains 10 hours, 50 min ago

Digital Divide Domain Tax Advocated at NETmundial Opening Ceremony

 Mark As Read    

The NETmundial meeting in Sao Paulo kicked off on the morning of April 23rd and one of the speakers at its Opening Ceremony proclaimed that the Internet was a curious type of Public Commons in which private domain registrants should be obligated to pay a fee to fund access, capacity-building, and general bridging of the Internet gap between the de...

Internet Commerce Association 10 hours, 55 min ago

Uniregistry: Share your online content in 3 easy steps

 Mark As Read    

Pointing a domain to your online content does not have to be a science! While most domain registrars worth their ICANN accreditation do have URL forwarding and other tools in place, none matches the options offered by Frank Schilling's Uniregistry. Domains registered with Uniregistry can be pointed to a variety of social media, such as […] Th...

DomainGang 12 hours, 7 min ago

There Are Some Days I Wish I Had a Partner

 Mark As Read    

I love just about everything associated with working for myself as a domain investor. There are some days that I wish I had a business partner though. Every once in a while, an offer is made on a domain name that I wish I could get another opinion about before making a decision. Yesterday's article about reasonable offers will give you an understan...

Domain Investing 12 hours, 24 min ago

The only thing Blake Irving points at elephants is a camera

 Mark As Read    

GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving is doing a Reddit AMA. GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving is doing an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on Reddit right now. It's a pretty gutsy move given the typical Reddit user and their stance toward GoDaddy. I suppose that's the point. Comments have been basically what you'd expect: the company's initial support […]...

Domain Name Wire 13 hours, 9 min ago

Artemis Energy Holdings acquires the domain

 Mark As Read    

A company called Artemis Energy Holdings has entered into an agreement to buy the domain name, from its owners. The agreement utilizes to make monthly payments until January 2015. Artemis Energy develops monetized products and press distribution solutions and is looking to increase membership through artists, celebrities, athl...

DomainGang 13 hours, 16 min ago

Read why just recieved another $378K investment

 Mark As Read the site now operated by the founder of the, Alex Tew has just closed further funding for $378K and I have the article below from Jason Calacanis and the reasons why he choose to invest in this business. The domain name appears to have been sold in 2009 when its previous owners were Abraca […] The post Read ...

Robbie's Blog 13 hours, 23 min ago

10 Best Premium WordPress Themes for April 2014

 Mark As Read    

I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive of me transitioning from working as a web developer under my name to opening an office under Vabera. These past few months have been exciting. We just installed a customer control panel to help manage projects and support. Our goal is to continue to grow

Sedo’s end user domain name sales

 Mark As Read    

Sedo sold a number of domain names to end users last week. Sedo sold 513 domain names last week for a total of $1 million. Here are some domain names purchased by end users. (You can view previous end user sales lists here.) 810 GBP – Broadcaster BBC $2,000 – New Media Golf […]

Domain Name Wire 14 hours, 7 min ago

Debian: The only Linux distro for your really old hardware

 Mark As Read    

I first used Unix in the late 80′s, that was my first interaction with a programmable system that did not need punch cards. Then MINIX came along, on the PC, something that seemed fun at the time as it gave the illusion of shrinking a computer monolith down to desktop size. Linux was released almost […] The post Debian: The only Linux d... 14 hours, 13 min ago

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 4-24-2014 Domaining Video, Orange County Weed, Rent Wow

 Mark As Read    

Domain Of The Day: ob...

Jason Thompson 14 hours, 19 min ago

Apple, orange or banana .com ?

 Mark As Read    

Take your pick of a fruit: Apple, orange or banana? Quite the fruity dilemma. That's what the Chinese owners of – a domain once owned by the Castello brothers – are talking about, in Chinese of course. There's a video, shared via the Chinese web site – the equivalent of YouTube in China […] The post Apple, ...

DomainGang 15 hours, 8 min ago

Domain registrars want more business? Focus on security and price.

 Mark As Read    

Survey shows that security and price remain top customer considerations. Domain name registrars looking to grow their business need to focus on two key things: security and price. That's according to this year's Domain Name Wire survey. Really the past eight annual versions of the survey, too. 34% of respondents said security was their primary [...

Domain Name Wire 16 hours, 22 min ago

The Domain Business Can’t Make The Customer Pay For Someone Else’s Mistake

 Mark As Read    

Kevin Murphy over at wrote a post yesterday, entitled "Guy hit with $1,600 bill a month after registering “premium” name for $12.99″ The post goes onto explain: "One DI reader, who said he’d rather not be named, received a bill from the registrar today for $1587.01 for a .??? domain name he hand-registered March […]...

The Domains 16 hours, 26 min ago

.Club and two Chinese new top level domains have about $500k in premium sales

 Mark As Read    

A few top level domain names have sold an impression amount of premium domains prior to general availability. Here are three new top level domain names to keep an eye on: .Club, .?? and .???. .Club Domains is an "all-in" registry, meaning it has only one new TLD to offer. The company raised $7 million […]

Domain Name Wire 17 hours, 7 min ago

Publicly Traded Company Announces Acquisition of

 Mark As Read    

In a pretty unusually worded press release sent out by Artemis Energy Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: ARTT) (PINKSHEETS: ARTT) it said it "recently entered into an agreement to purchase the domain name The company has opened escrow and made the initial payment." "The domain has been transferred to and Artemis Energy Hold...

The Domains 17 hours, 14 min ago

NameJet Auction 20 .Dance Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

NameJet is teaming up with the .Dance Registry to auction 20 premium reserved .Dance domain names. Although I am not into dance or dancing (as my wife can attest), it looks like a few of the best .Dance combos will be up for auction. In my opinion, the three most relevant .Dance domain names in this auction include: Line.Dance (Never done it) Swing...

Domain Investing 17 hours, 55 min ago

Microsoft dumps .live gTLD bid

 Mark As Read    

Microsoft has abandonded its application for the .live new gTLD, leaving the erstwhile dot-brand in the hands of either Donuts or Google. I found this quite surprising initially, as "Live" has been a core, cross-platform brand for the company, covering services such as Windows Live, Xbox Live and Office Live. The company also owns […... 18 hours, 49 min ago

TLD Registry sells $584k of new gTLD domains, expects million-dollar sale next month

 Mark As Read    

TLD Registry, the company behind two Chinese new gTLDs, says it has sold over $584,000 of premium domain names already and expects to make a seven-figure sale next month. The Finnish-founded company is launching .??? and .??, which mean "Chinese web site" and "online" respectively. Marketing director Simon Cousins told DI this week that the […... 19 hours, 19 min ago

Zara threatens to close down

 Mark As Read    

Zara the clothing giant that is owned by Inditex which has revenues exceeding $13 Billion has forced a small Australian business to cease trading and shut down her domain name, website and email addresses anything relating to the business while trading as Zarabumba. Zara claims that the business is too similar to their own business, which I […...

Robbie's Blog 19 hours, 49 min ago

Blast from the past: The Kids’ Guide to the Internet

 Mark As Read    

In the 1990‘s things were definitely simpler; the Internet was something that one "installed" on their home computer. Parents and kids gathered around, to "surf the Internet" and knowledge had an advantage over entertainment. The Internet was touted as a learning tool to improve school grades, and parents used it to follow stocks and pay [...

DomainGang 1 day ago Was Down, Then Up, Then Down Again, And We’re Back!

 Mark As Read    

I wanted to take a minute to thank all of the people who reached-out to me over twitter, email and text. Suffice it to say that I was reminded quite a few times that the blog was down and Pressable was definitely burning the midnight oil getting things fixed. When you deliver an exceptional service […] 1 day ago

Thanks To Our 12k+ Followers – 6 Years On Twitter

 Mark As Read    

One of the things I'm proud of is our "quality of quantity" approach to publishing. You only read something on DomainerIncome when we have something tangible, helpful and constructive to say. The post Thanks To Our 12k+ Followers – 6 Years On Twitter appeared first on Domaining - Whois History - Reverse IP - Domain Sales.

Domainer Income 1 day ago

.GOP To Launch On July 7th

 Mark As Read    

The new gTLD .GOP will go live for registrations on July 7th 2014 according to a email we received from the registry .GOP new gTLD was applied for by The Republican State Leadership Committee, (RSLC)  a group that seeks to elect Republicans to state-level offices not the National Party. ".GOP will be major factor in […]

The Domains 1 day ago

Facebook Reports Better Than Expected Earnings, $2.5 Billion in Revenue & Has Over 1 Billion Mobile Users

 Mark As Read    

Facebook reported first quarter earnings after the close today.  Earnings beat expectations coming in at $0.34 cents a share.  The company now has 802 million daily users with 609 million of those being mobile. The company was trading down on Wednesday but is up in after hours. 61.36 -1.67 (-2.65%) After Hours: 63.69 +2.33 (3.80%) Apr […]

The Domains 1 day ago

Weekly Domain Broker Listings – 4/23

 Mark As Read    

The new domain broker listings that were submitted to me today are posted below. If you want to buy a domain name, contact the listing broker directly. I am not involved in any of the sales. You may post one domain name for sale in the comment section. It must be priced and new to the market. Please keep it to one comment (no, "oops, I forgot…...

Domain Investing 1 day ago

The Results Are In – 59% Of Facebook’s Ad Revenue Comes From Mobile

 Mark As Read    

How quickly the world changes. It was only a couple of years ago that people touted the importance of having a mobile-friendly site. Now I think we're going to see a switch to making desktop-friendly sites because you can't deny it any more, the world has gone mobile. Today Facebook announced their Q1 2014 earnings […] 1 day ago

Land Rush for Chinese .Online and .Website TLDs Ends Thursday - General Availability Begins Monday

 Mark As Read    

Two new Chinese language TLDs - .?? (.online in Chinese) and .??? (.website in Chinese) will open general availability Monday, April 28. Their Land Rush phase ends tonight just before midnight in the Eastern U.S. but Thursday in most parts of the world.

DNJournal 1 day ago

Overseeing the overseer: Can ICANN be trusted?

 Mark As Read    

With NetMundial – the global meeting on the future of Internet Governance – kicking off in Brazil today, a question, aimed at ICANN emerges: "Can the overseers be trusted with overseeing the Internet, should the US government hand over control?" Political pressure is building up, according to Peter Roff, former Senior Political Writer f...

DomainGang 1 day ago

Apple Reports Second Quarter Earnings – Stock up in After Hours Trading

 Mark As Read    

Apple just reported second quarter earnings and the stock is up in after hours trading. The stock closed down 1.31 % to $524.75 on the trading day but is up $43 in after hours trading. Apple Inc. NASDAQ: AAPL – Apr 23 5:25 PM ET 524.75-6.95 (-1.31%) After Hours: 568.20+43.45 (8.28%)   Apple just announced […]

The Domains 1 day ago closing affiliate programme

 Mark As Read    

I just got an email through from announcing that they are closing down there affiliate programme while I never really earned much from it is sad to hear another domain industry company cutting back on possible cash into the industry via domain blogger and other affiliate marketers. See the email below. Dear […] The ...

Robbie's Blog 1 day ago

2014 Domain Sales Chart Gets a New Leader With 7-Figure Sale of a 2-Letter .Com

 Mark As Read    

The new weekly domain sales report is out at A blockbuster $3.6 million sale that we reported in our Lowdown section Tuesday tops both the new weekly all extension Top 20 Sales Chart and the 2014 Year to Date Top 100 Sales Chart.

DNJournal 1 day ago

Guy hit with $1,600 bill a month after registering “premium” name for $12.99

 Mark As Read    

101domain has sent out almost 50 invoices, believed to total many thousands of dollars, to customers who had bought "premium" domain names for $12.99 well over a month ago. One DI reader, who said he'd rather not be named, received a bill from the registrar today for $1587.01 for a .??? domain name he hand-registered […] Related posts: Regis... 1 day ago

Ubuntu: Helpful installation video gets downvoted on YouTube!

 Mark As Read    

Ubuntu 14.04 has been recently released to much acclaim, and it's being touted as a Windows alternative for Linux fans. A helpful video showing how to successfully boot from an older flavor of Ubuntu Linux and an encrypted partition, does not seem to receive many likes on YouTube. Its publisher, Tobias Johansson, posted the video […] The post...

DomainGang 1 day ago

2014 Domain Name Wire Survey: By the Numbers

 Mark As Read    

251 people from 36 countries participated in this year's survey. Over the next week or two I'll be posting stories with the results from this year's Domain Name Wire survey. I'd like to start by thanking each and every person who took the survey. 251 people from 36 countries responded this year. That's fewer than […]...

Domain Name Wire 1 day ago

Domain investor & author Sean Stafford joins

 Mark As Read    

Sean Stafford, a veteran domain investor and author of the book Domain Graduate, has joined the team of professionals. Following on his successful career with DNS by Comodo, Stafford will be responsible for Domain Services at this well-funded startup that generates revenue from bounced emails. Said Stafford: "I'm proud to formally announc...

DomainGang 1 day ago

My GoDaddy Domain Name Aftermarket List 4-23-2014 Driveology, Very Curious, Wedding Resort

 Mark As Read    

Domain Of The Day: The domain of the day is This is a solid domain which taps directly into the multi-billion dollar wedding venue market. Who wouldn't want

Jason Thompson 1 day ago

Ninja descendants oppose new dot ninja domains in Japan

 Mark As Read    

The descendants of legendary ninja warriors are having a strong reaction in Japan, where the average person lives more than 80 years. Dumbfounded by the new release of dot .Ninja domains, the grandson of the last known ninja warrior, Takahashi Arigato Yamamoto, spoke to Tokyo TV: "American insult to Japan, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki, now […...

DomainGang 1 day ago

How many GTLD’s have you sold?

 Mark As Read    

I personally haven't purchased any GTLD's, however I do believe there is money to be made from them, heck money can be made from anything if you buy low and sell high at the right time. I know some people have registered hundred of GTLD's and while I congratulate many on taking the risk or the […] The post How many GTLD's have you sold? appea...

Robbie's Blog 1 day ago
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