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How Much To Budget For A Premium Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

I have complied data from's Top 100 years reported (most high value domain name sales go unreported) domain name sales for the past 5 years and have broken them down to give you an idea of what you will need to budget to purchase a premium .com domain name. The following data is from the years 2010-2015 and are confirmed reported doma...

Dot Weekly 181 days ago

DomainTools Kicks Industry In The Gut, All Will Suffer

 Mark As Read    

For those not aware of it, popular domain industry research service DomainTools is raising rates come June 25, 2016 and slashing the amount of uses per services it offers with the price hike. Rate hikes are common (not 725% in my case), rate hike + slashing the amount of "look-ups" to go with it are not. Higher price, less use doesn't make that muc...

Dot Weekly 182 days ago

Over 110K Domains Involved in GoDaddy/Elite Portfolio

 Mark As Read    

After discovering the latest domain name portfolio purchase by GoDaddy of Elite Domains, I have yet to have a good idea of the size and quality of the domain portfolio purchase. The light is starting to shine a little brighter now though! The elephant is the 23 confirmed 2 letter .com domain names acquired in the portfolio with the potential for th...

Dot Weekly 199 days ago

GoDaddy/Elite Domains Portfolio Contains 23+ 2 Letter .com?s

 Mark As Read    

Yesterday I mentioned that the Elite Domains domain name portfolio that GoDaddy recently acquired on April 1, 2016 had 17+ 2 letter .com domain names, well I was a bit low on that number and now have discovered at least 23 of them total! The following 23, two letter .com domain names are now listed on, have a similar connection via who...

Dot Weekly 201 days ago

GoDaddy?s New Portfolio Purchase Includes 17+ 2 Letter .com?s

 Mark As Read    

After I broke the news yesterday that had purchased another domain name portfolio, I didn't have a lot of information at that time. I still do not, but there is one thing I can confirm. The Elite Domains Group portfolio purchase by GoDaddy included at least 17, two letter .com domain names that I can confirm are now owned by GoDaddy. fj...

Dot Weekly 202 days ago

Monster Worldwide Inc Sells Over 14,000 Domains To

 Mark As Read    

I was informed that Monster Worldwide Inc. has sold 14,300 domain names in a bulk deal for "six figures" that mainly relate to school/education domains and the buyers were Endurance/ based on whois records. Also based on whois records, owns around 24,000 domain names, so that is about 58% of its domain name portfolio it ha...

Dot Weekly 202 days ago Acquires Another Domain Portfolio

 Mark As Read    

Something may be up, potentially another portfolio buy via GoDaddy's NameFind division? It appears so! Several domain names that were owned by Elite Domains Group have transferred to GoDaddy's NameFind, LLC according to whois records. NameFind is the division of that acquired the Marchex and Worldwide Media domain name portfolios as wel...

Dot Weekly 203 days ago Rebrands To Ten-X

 Mark As Read    

REDC acquired the ultra premium domain name in 2009 for $1.7 Million and it really helped the real estate company from its past brand and web address! Fast forward now several years and according to several articles, the business name has became limiting to them and it was time for a change via a rebranding...

Dot Weekly 206 days ago

Las Vegas Sands Corp Registers NFL Related Stadium Domains

 Mark As Read    

The Las Vegas Sands Corporation has registered at least 38 new domain names relating to a potential football stadium in Las Vegas, Nevada for a potential NFL team and or UNLV. The vast majority of these domain name are lobbying / defensive. Here is a list of domain registrations that occurred on March 24, 2016 by Las Vegas Sands Corporation: adelso...

Dot Weekly 213 days ago

Pinnacle Sports Buys Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

Pinnacle Sports Worldwide, an online betting website, has purchased the premium generic domain name from Avnet, Inc. according to whois records. Avnet, a fortune 500 company acquired Pinnacle Data Systems Inc. in November 2011 for about $22 Million, which owned the domain name. The domain name transferred out of corporate...

Dot Weekly 214 days ago

GoDaddy Sells 24 Three Letter .com Domains

 Mark As Read and its NameFind domain name portfolio has just unloaded a batch of 24 three letter .com domain names. This is the 2nd time GoDaddy has sold a batch of 3 letter .com's that I am aware of. The first occurred shortly after Mike Berkens sold his domain name portfolio to GoDaddy when 55 three letter .com's were acquired in a bulk deal, whic...

Dot Weekly 222 days ago Acquired By Recent Rebranded GrabTaxi

 Mark As Read    

The premium domain name has been acquired by Grabtaxi Holdings PTE LTD of Singapore according to domain name whois records this morning. GrabTaxi announced in January 2016 that they would be rebranding to simply Grab, as they now offer much more than just taxi services. At the time of the rebranding announcement, the company was using the ...

Dot Weekly 230 days ago

Avenue 81, Inc Domain Upgrades, Acquires

 Mark As Read    

Avenue 81, Inc (DBA LeadBrite) which operates several lead page services, announced in December 2015 a new service called "Center" and was looking for early users. At the time, they were using the domain name but have now done a domain name upgrade and acquired the premium generic domain name from past owner Inc. ...

Dot Weekly 237 days ago Acquires Hayneedle, Large Generic Domain Owner

 Mark As Read    

It was announced today that has acquired Hayneedle for an undisclosed amount. This transaction was of interest to me, has Hayneedle started out as and is also a large owner of generic domain names. Based on whois records, Hayneedle, Inc. owns over 9,000+ domain names and it is unclear at this point in the deal if and what domai...

Dot Weekly 239 days ago Lost In UDRP To Fashion Designer Kym Ellery?

 Mark As Read    

Australian fashion designer Kym Ellery has secured the premium generic domain name,, potentially through a UDRP filing. mentioned the filing of a UDRP on on January 14, 2016. I checked several sources this morning and the UDRP status (case active) has not updated at time of this posting, yet late Sunday the...

Dot Weekly 246 days ago

GoDaddy Acquired Another Domain Portfolio In Late 2015

 Mark As Read    

Several are chasing GoDaddy's earnings report from yesterday trying to discover the domain portfolio purchase price of Worldwide Media Inc. and several sources are putting that number at $35.5 Million and the "only" acquisition for GoDaddy in Q4 2015. Well, the later is not true based on information I discovered this morning. DomainSource domain p...

Dot Weekly 250 days ago

Burger King On A Bun For $1.99, Woof

 Mark As Read    

BK, aka "Burger" King has announced they will be offering Grilled Dogs, a first in its 62 year history! It's not often a huge "burger" chain is reaching at people's hearts and offers a beloved item that so many love,! Burger King announced on February 10, 2015 about the new menu item. That same day, the Burger King Corporation also ...

Dot Weekly 257 days ago VS Super Oops

 Mark As Read    

I'm not even sure where to go with this, because I'm confused but here we go. I had seen the Persil ad during the Super Bowl as I'm sure most did that watched the game. I do not recall seeing the brand before, nor was I aware of it in general. So, today I wanted to look into it. I mean, they did spend about $4.5 Million for the ad. Since Persil was...

Dot Weekly 257 days ago

Domain Name VS PPC Advertising

 Mark As Read    

Domain names are vital in the fight for the first page on search engines! Search isn't everything, but consider that 89% of customers begin the buying process at a search engine, it can not be ignored!  Domain names are key to branding AND cost savings to those expensive PPC ad campaigns and greatly help with organic rankings! How is your website(s...

Dot Weekly 258 days ago

Toys R Us Shuts Down $5.1 Million Domain Website

 Mark As Read    

In 2009 toy retailer giant Toys R Us successfully acquired the generic domain name in an auction, and set up a website on the generic domain name shortly after to expand its reach and help control the important top spots in search engines for the highly searched term. They did well with the domain/website and gained more organic SERP's bec...

Dot Weekly 260 days ago

Marketing With Domain Names

 Mark As Read    

Domain names are powerful, unique and a really great marketing tool! Domain names are a piece of the marketing puzzle but can be a very important one. There are many reasons domain names are important in marketing but here are some key points I would like to point out. Options! Domain names allow for a lot of options. Sending and getting people to ...

Dot Weekly 263 days ago

Telepathy Inc. Sells Premium Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

Telepathy Inc. which is owned by Nat Cohen and owns a vast amount of premium domain names, has sold one of them and this time around it is! The new owner is currently unknown, but it is very likely to be an end user on the corporate level. Whois records updated January 29, 2016 to the generic Matt Serlin / DNStination Inc. which is u...

Dot Weekly 269 days ago

Tracing Why A Domain Name Expires Can Be Interesting

 Mark As Read    

Tens of thousands of domain names expire every single day. That alone is pretty interesting when you consider the $ involved in simply registering a domain name. Lets say, some 85,000 domain names (which is a pretty accurate estimate) are released from the registries each day. $10 per domain on average, for 1 year registration and that is $850,000!...

Dot Weekly 270 days ago

Amazon Registers Domain With Google Trademark:

 Mark As Read    

Amazon Technologies registered two new domain names according to whois records that caught my attention on January 27, 2016 The first registration matches the sub-domain name used by Amazon for its AAP advertising program they offer. The second domain name registration is a No No IMO! Amazon is fine, adword...

Dot Weekly 271 days ago

Boost Your Brand, Cover Your Ass

 Mark As Read    

Some things to me simply make sense and "why" a brand does or doesn't do the make sense thing is not always easy to understand. We are all different is one easy answer. Maybe they simply didn't think of it, is another potential. So today I wanted to touch on a new startup and some things that I see that they have missed relating to domain names and...

Dot Weekly 271 days ago

Facebook Buys Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

Facebook Inc. has officially acquired the domain name from BuyDomains. The transaction actually dates back to July 26-28, 2015 when the domain name transferred registrars to registrar  "HOGAN LOVELLS INTERNATIONAL LLP" . "lovellsnames" is pretty common when it relates to Facebook domain names and is a law firm used by the company. I wa...

Dot Weekly 272 days ago

NamesCon Extended Domain Auction Ends TODAY on NameJet

 Mark As Read    

The extended domain name auction from the NamesCon 2016 domain name conference ends today, January 21, 2016 on You can view the full inventory here. Auctions start ending at 3 PM EST (2 PM Central) and will continue in a staggered fashion until about 5 PM EST (4 PM Central). Bidding is open to the public! The live auction portion sold ...

Dot Weekly 278 days ago

Domain Names: Location, Location, Location or Brand?

 Mark As Read    

I have been in the domain name industry since 2005/2006 time frame and I often hear people compare domain names to physical real estate, with an expression of "Location, Location, Location". So is that really true? This weekend I watched a TV series on Netflix called "High Profits" which was about a company that is in the cannabis industry. They we...

Dot Weekly 280 days ago

1,500 Of Apple Inc?s New gTLD Domain Registrations

 Mark As Read    

Apple Inc. got a lot of chatter after it was reported that they registered but IMO, that was simply a brand protection registration. Something that wasn't mentioned in the articles I read, was the fact that the domain name registrations took place on the first day of the Sunrise period for trademark holders. December 9, 2015. Same can be ...

Dot Weekly 285 days ago

NamesCon Extended Domain Auction Inventory

 Mark As Read    

The live portion of the NamesCon 2016 domain name auction is complete, with about $1.5 Million in domain sales. The second part of the domain auction is the extended auction. Of all the NamesCon domain auction inventory, only 130 could be presented in the live auction, but the total auction contained some 430 domain names. What You Need to Know 33...

Dot Weekly 285 days ago Acquires In 7 Figure Domain Buy

 Mark As Read    

A newer startup founded in 2014 simply called Enjoy, founded by former Apple Inc. retail head Ron Johnson launched with the so/so domain name, has acquired the premium, exact match domain name! I was talking with the past owner of, Steven Katz since around May 2015 and today doing a little follow-up I had noticed th...

Dot Weekly 286 days ago

NamesCon Live Domain Auction is Today

 Mark As Read is running the premium domain auction at NamesCon 2016 in Las Vegas and the live portion of the auction is today: Monday, January 11, 2016 @ 2:00 PM PST! What You Need to Know The live auction is not on NameJet as the pre-bidding was. In order to allow in-house bidding and remote online bidding, while keeping bids in sync, a speci...

Dot Weekly 288 days ago Domain Acquired By Answers Corp

 Mark As Read    

Answers Corporation, owners of the popular website, has acquired the premium generic domain name according to whois records. was part of the domain name portfolio that GoDaddy acquired from Marchex in April 2015 in a $28 Million dollar purchase of over 200,000 domain names. Early on after the Marchex deal, I had ...

Dot Weekly 312 days ago Domain Name Acquired By Automattic Inc

 Mark As Read    

Automattic Inc., most known for WordPress, has acquired the generic domain name for an undisclosed amount for its Jetpack plugin. Automattic has been using the domain name and now redirects to the .me domain, at least for now. was owned by Jetpack Design for several years and on August 4, 2015 whois r...

Dot Weekly 321 days ago

Worldwide Media Domains On The Move To GoDaddy

 Mark As Read    

GoDaddy recently acquired Worldwide Media's majority domain name portfolio announced on Monday and as of late last night, I started to detect that many, if not all of the portfolio are starting to move to GoDaddy! It was mentioned in the press release that the domains would be available "immediately" but that isn't always the case due to the nature...

Dot Weekly 321 days ago

What if Home Depot Didn?t Have It?s Website?

 Mark As Read    

While doing a little research today, I found some information on Home Depot's website that I found pretty interesting. The following was on CEO Craig Menear's page: In 2013, under Craig’s leadership, sales grew 50 percent and accounted for $900 million of the company’s total sales growth of $5 billion. So, what would Home Depot do w...

Dot Weekly 322 days ago

ITG Brands Acquires Domain Name For eCig Brand Blu

 Mark As Read    

ITG Brands, owners of the popular Blu eCig have acquired the 3 letter brand matching domain name This domain name transaction is a little bit more interesting to me, as I have followed this domain name for a pretty long time and reported when was suspended due to ownership verification back in July 2015. The reason for the suspensio...

Dot Weekly 322 days ago

Domain Movers:,, & More

 Mark As Read    

Here is the third installment of Domain Movers for today that I had a back log of data I wanted to share. All corporate domain movers., which was owned by Sunset Publishing Corporation (Time Inc.) had the domain name switch to generic whois data at MarkMonitor, going under the name Matt Serlin / DnStination Inc. The domain name then transfe...

Dot Weekly 341 days ago

Domain Movers:,, & More

 Mark As Read    

Here is another Domain Movers series that I had in my data pile and figured I would post it to the world instead of just letting the data sit around on my computer. The following data is related to corporate domain name movements, which almost always goes unpublished unless somebody digs the data. AstraZeneca AB has acquired the domain name

Dot Weekly 341 days ago

Domain Movers:, & More Corporate Buys

 Mark As Read    

I have 3 or 4 domain movers series sitting in my data pile, so I figured I would post the data for you to see other than it sitting and going to waste. This isn't hot off the press data as I have had it for a month or so but the data is still relevant as the corporations involved still did the following: Bayer AG, owners of about 15,000 domain name...

Dot Weekly 341 days ago

Connect, Communicate, Conquer! All With A Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

Domain names are extremely powerful! They are what phone numbers use to be, but highly flexible. Domain names are valuable for many reasons, even "available" ones can be just as powerful when you use them! Domain names allow you to connect! Share any domain name with somebody and they know what to do with it! That is something that is very hard to ...

Dot Weekly 344 days ago

Listing Your Domain Name For Sale On Options & Answers

 Mark As Read is the largest domain name registrar in the world and they offer several options for user to sell domain names. The problem IMO, is when a company gets so big like GoDaddy, things get confusing. This has happened to GoDaddy with the many options they have for customers to offer a domain name for sale. So I wanted to do a ?fact finding? ...

Dot Weekly 432 days ago

The Speed Of Life

 Mark As Read    

As a shooting star streaks across a night sky, it catches your eye. You may have not seen it right away, or only for a split second, but you did see it as it traveled past at 291,000 miles per hour! Our lives feel the same way, but often referred to moving at "a million miles an hour". Each day I try my best to relax for at least 5 minutes and just...

Dot Weekly 439 days ago

18,098.36% ROI In 8 Months And You Say NO?

 Mark As Read    

Lets say you hand register a domain name for $10.99 and you list this asset for sale. With-in 8 months from your initial investment, you receive an offer to purchase with a 18,098.36% return on investment. No! you say… You want 43,576.07% ROI? No Thank You says the buyer! You end up with 0% in the end on this deal. I guess it's a different wa...

Dot Weekly 458 days ago

Who Is Listed As The Owner Of ?Your? Domain Name?

 Mark As Read    

Is an IT person listed as the "owner" of your domain name? Your "web guy"? An employee of your business? If so, you may have a ticking time bomb on your hands and you need to address the issue NOW! Registrant is an odd term but an important one to know if you own domain names personally or your company does. The registrant is the ?owner? of a domai...

Dot Weekly 465 days ago

Group III International Buys Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

Group III International, who also runs the website, has acquired the premium generic domain name from Vertical Axis. According to a job listing: ?Group III International, has been a leader for over 30 years in luggage, backpacks & travel accessories. We are the official licensee of Wenger, Swiss Gear & BMW, as we...

Dot Weekly 467 days ago Website Goes Live

 Mark As Read    

On June 1, 2015 at 8:23 am Central Time I registered the domain names and in a defensive registration as I explained why I registered the domain names here. At about 12:00 noon Central Time, the Twitter account @Caitlyn_Jenner went live and news spread of the former Bruce Jenner becoming Caitlyn Jenner. Around 5 am ...

Dot Weekly 473 days ago

Big Brand Doesn?t Always Equal .com EMD

 Mark As Read    

From time to time I run into domain names that I am surprised are not owned by the "big brand" but it does happen. Here are a few that I ran into recently or simply were aware of that inspired this article and I'm sure there are plenty more, so feel free to share them in the comment section below. The fact is, just because we may be aware of a big ...

Dot Weekly 474 days ago

Microsoft Files HoloNotes and HoloShot Trademarks

 Mark As Read    

Microsoft Corporation has filed yet again, more "Holo" trademarks and in this latest round includes the terms HoloNotes and HoloShot. The HoloLens trademark and purchase of the domain name for $6,750 kicked off the holo storm of trademark filings but has really not kicked off the matching domain name buying. With trademarks filed now f...

Dot Weekly 492 days ago

Microsoft Files 6 New Game Trademarks

 Mark As Read    

Microsoft Corporation has filed 6 new game related trademarks. Those trademarks include the following: Blast Corps Trademark Own matching domain name: No. Owned by a Griffin IT Media Inc. Jet Force Gemini Trademark Own matching domain name: Yes. Was once owned by Nintendo dating back to around 2001. Jetpac Trademark Own matching domain name: No. Co...

Dot Weekly 494 days ago
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