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Bill Eisenmann

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Friday?s Finds From Godaddy?s Auction Lineup 12-7-12

 Mark As Read    

It's a great day for bargain hunters at the Godaddy auction house. Most of the domains I really like have no bids at all. I'm not very found of most of the auctions that are already seeing a lot of action, most of which are expiring PR domains that don't make much sense to me

Bill Eisenmann 1462 days ago

Thursday?s Godaddy Domain Auction Picks 12-6-12

 Mark As Read    

It's an average day for inventory at Godaddy's domain auctions. Volume is up a bit but there's a shortage of "can't miss" domains among the selections. The domain receiving the most action is a 3 word hyphenated .com which is rarely a good thing. Just one of those days I guess. Check out the names

Bill Eisenmann 1463 days ago

Best of Wednesday?s Godaddy Domain Auctions 12-5-12

 Mark As Read    

Wednesday brings another solid lineup at the Godaddy domain auction marketplace. There are at least 5 more domains in the "Best of the Rest" section that I considered putting up top. There are dozens of 4 letter .com's up for grabs that have only received an opening bid. You'll have to search for those at

Bill Eisenmann 1464 days ago

Tuesday?s Top Godaddy Domain Auctions 12-4-12

 Mark As Read    

Today's Godaddy list isn't very long but there are a number of interesting entries to ponder over. There are a large number of 4 letter .com's available at opening bid prices but I didn't list them for the sake of brevity. Use the search function at Godaddy and you'll find them easily. Have a great

Bill Eisenmann 1465 days ago

My Picks For Monday?s Godaddy Domain Auctions 12-3-12

 Mark As Read    

I always enjoy creating Monday lists after getting some rest and relaxation during the weekend. The results don't always pan out though. This is one of those occasions as the inventory just isn't there today. Hopefully there is some higher quality domains available tomorrow. Have a great day. - A true expired auction and likely

Bill Eisenmann 1466 days ago

Sunday?s Top Godaddy Domain Auctions 12-2-12

 Mark As Read    

Plenty of good domains with solid interest today at It might not be the best day for bargain hunters as there aren't many selections flying under the radar. There are always a few bargains though if you're willing to put the time in and do the work. Best of luck in the auctions. -

Bill Eisenmann 1467 days ago

My Picks For Saturday?s Godaddy Domain Auctions 12-1-12

 Mark As Read    

Godaddy is offering up a pretty solid lineup today. There aren't many clear cut premiums but there are plenty of good selections that are still very affordable. Take a few minutes and review the "Best of the Rest" section or you might miss something that I didn't highlight near the top. Have a great weekend!

Bill Eisenmann 1468 days ago

Friday?s Best Godaddy Domain Auctions 11-30-12

 Mark As Read    

Things look pretty average across the board at Godaddy today. There are a few bright spots and plenty of decent domains waiting for a bid. is an interesting domain but it doesn't look like it will come cheap. Enjoy your Friday! - It's a Japanese chef knife. Williams-Sonoma sells one that costs $1000. Reg'd

Bill Eisenmann 1469 days ago

Thursday Best Of Godaddy Auctions List 11-29-12

 Mark As Read    

There are a lot of hidden little gems in today's inventory at Godaddy's domain auctions. There are a few nice ones in the "popular" section (domains that already have bidding activity) but I was pleasantly surprised to find quite a few quality entries that haven't received any love at all. Simply scanning the domains with

Bill Eisenmann 1470 days ago

Wednesday?s Best of Godaddy Domain Name Auctions 11-28-12

 Mark As Read    

I was relieved to see that quality is on the uptick today over at Godaddy's domain auction marketplace. Volume was still a bit light but I was much happier with the domains I found in today's inventory compared to what I've seen the past few days. I hope you agree. Best of luck in the

Bill Eisenmann 1471 days ago

Tuesday?s Godaddy Domain Auction Lineup 11-27-12

 Mark As Read    

Another average day at the Godaddy auction marketplace with very few high quality domains turning up. It can't stay like this all week can it? Hopefully things heat up as the week goes on. I've highlighted a few of my favorite ones below. - A nice brandable taken in many extensions. It's currently at $65

Bill Eisenmann 1472 days ago

Monday?s Godaddy Domain Auction Lineup 11-26-12

 Mark As Read    

Inventory has improved a bit from yesterday but things are still looking a bit lean as I'm just not finding as many top end domains at Godaddy over the past few days. There are still plenty of decent selections worth picking up considering a majority of them have no bids at all. - Good keyword

Bill Eisenmann 1473 days ago

Sunday?s List of Top Godaddy Domain Auctions 11-25-12

 Mark As Read    

I decided to go with an auction list today since I posted an available list on Thanksgiving. That might have been the wrong choice as there isn't a whole lot to get excited about in today's inventory. There are some decent geo product/service domains in the nursing and floral verticals. Other than that, it's pretty

Bill Eisenmann 1474 days ago

Saturday?s Best of Godaddy Domain Auctions 11-24-12

 Mark As Read    

The Godaddy expired auction lists return today with a pretty solid lineup for a Saturday. There are plenty of public auctions today but I only listed the ones I felt warranted it. My apologies if I don't respond to emails in a timely fashion today. It's Ohio State vs Michigan this afternoon, one of my

Bill Eisenmann 1475 days ago

Available Domain Names For This Thanksgiving

 Mark As Read    

I hope everyone has a fantastic Thanksgiving today and enjoys some quality time with their closest friends and family. An auction list didn't seem appropriate today since participants would likely be keeping an eye on them as they close during the afternoon hours. I opted for an available/closeout list instead. Thank you for your support

Bill Eisenmann 1477 days ago

Wednesday?s Godaddy Domain Auction Watch List 11-21-12

 Mark As Read    

I'm going to have to go with a raw list today as I'm having problems with my Internet connection and am unable to run the reports I usually do to come up with my personal recommendations. I think a lot of folks have already check out for Thanksgiving anyway. I'm not sure if I'll be

Bill Eisenmann 1478 days ago

My Best Godaddy Domain Auction List This Week 11-20-12

 Mark As Read    

I really let go of the reigns today and listed a lot of brandables that I usually filter out. It resulted in a very large list and I'm hoping it enables folks to spread their focus around a bit and enable them to pick up a few bargains at lower prices. I know it's only

Bill Eisenmann 1479 days ago

Monday?s Top Godaddy Domain Name Auctions 11-19-12

 Mark As Read    

I was hoping for a better start to the week but Godaddy didn't comply and today's list is rather sparse with little to get excited about. Hopefully things will change as the week progresses. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and you're ready to get back to work. Good luck bidding. - Plenty of search

Bill Eisenmann 1480 days ago

Available Keyword Domains Plus Godaddy Closeouts 11-18-12

 Mark As Read    

There are only a few days left in the Godaddy $2.95 .com registration promotion. This promotion can be used to register and of the 84 available keyword .com's I've listed below. If new registrations aren't your thing, you'll find over 150 current Godaddy closeout listings below that. The Godaddy drop auctions that are usually listed

Bill Eisenmann 1481 days ago

Saturday?s Top Godaddy Domain Auctions 11-17-12

 Mark As Read    

Today's Godaddy lineup isn't very juicy. I did the work though so I might as well post the list. Hopefully you see something you like but today's domains didn't get me very excited. Have a great weekend. - Godaddy has had a lot of these 3 letter .com public auctions this week. Let's see if

Bill Eisenmann 1482 days ago

Best of Friday Godaddy Domain Auctions 11-16-12

 Mark As Read    

Looks like we'll be closing out the week with another average Godaddy list. I had high hopes for this one after noticing early on, but not a lot of gems followed during my search. Hopefully the weekend brings better names. Have a great day and weekend too! - Another public auction for a 3

Bill Eisenmann 1483 days ago

My Godaddy Auction List for Thursday 11-15-12

 Mark As Read    

Overall, Thursday's Godaddy lineup is average but does have some interesting entries. I've highlighted below which is already owned by a large software company in other extensions. Have a great day, good luck with the domains, and come back tomorrow please. Thank you for your support. - This is a public auction and it...

Bill Eisenmann 1484 days ago

Best of Godaddy Domain Auctions For Wednesday 11-14-12

 Mark As Read    

Godaddy has rebounded today with a nice lineup of domain auctions. There are plenty of domains with bids but even more quality ones that haven't been noticed at all. You'll find the undiscovered ones in the "Best of the Rest" section at the bottom. Take your time and good luck in the auctions. - A

Bill Eisenmann 1485 days ago

My Top Godaddy Auction Picks for Tuesday 11-13-12

 Mark As Read    

I didn't find a whole lot to be excited about in today's Godaddy auction inventory. There are a couple nice entries in the "popular" section but they're already bid up and will cost some cash. Hopefully tomorrow brings some better buying opportunities. Best of luck in the auctions! - Already at $1000 and likely to

Bill Eisenmann 1486 days ago

Best of Monday?s Godaddy Domain Auctions 11-12-12

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to another edition of my top Godaddy auction picks. Most of the better domain in today's inventory have already got some momentum behind them but there are a few good ones waiting for some love. I've got eyes for which I've pointed out below. If I were actively buying right now, I'd be

Bill Eisenmann 1487 days ago

Available Domain Names Plus Godaddy Closeouts 11-11-12

 Mark As Read    

The Godaddy domain auction lists will be back tomorrow. Today I have a large list of unregistered, available keyword .com domains plus nearly 100 Godaddy closeout listing you might have missed over the past few days. 97 Available Domains For Sunday 11/11/2012 Go Daddy Deal of the Week: $2.95 .COM Domains! Offer expires 11/20/12! ActiveMaternityWe...

Bill Eisenmann 1488 days ago

My Top Picks For Saturday?s Godaddy Domain Auctions 11-10-12

 Mark As Read    

Volume is back up today and with it comes some decent entries in today's Godaddy auction list. The weather in Ohio is supposed to be unseasonably warm this weekend so I'll be taking advantage of that and getting the yard and exterior of the house ready for winter. It won't stop me from posting an

Bill Eisenmann 1489 days ago

My Friday Godaddy Auction Picks 11-9-12

 Mark As Read    

This is the lightest list I've posted in awhile. I'm not sure if I missed a step or was a bit too discriminant, but I didn't find nearly as many domains today as I usually do. There are a handful of good ones though so it's not a total loss. TGIF! I hope everyone has

Bill Eisenmann 1490 days ago

Thursday?s Best Of Godaddy Domain Auctions 11-8-12

 Mark As Read    

There are many domains with bids today, much more than usual. It didn't leave much for me to point out from the "Best of The Rest" section. The quality is average across the board in my opinion. Pick a winner and good luck. - I think there's a lot of room for this 13 year

Bill Eisenmann 1491 days ago

My Wednesday Godaddy Auction Picks 11-7-12

 Mark As Read    

Today's list is a bit light on volume but has a number of quality contenders that might consider your attention. is a quality keyword domain in a lucrative sector but it's already over $700 so bargain hunters are better off looking elsewhere. I've highlighted a few of my dark horses below. - Who doesn...

Bill Eisenmann 1492 days ago

Tuesday?s Top Godaddy Domain Auctions 11-6-12

 Mark As Read    

Please pardon my absence the past two days as there was a lot to get done after not having power last week. I almost talked myself out of posting today too but I'm glad I didn't as there are actually some pretty nice finds at Godaddy today. I hope you agree. Have a great day

Bill Eisenmann 1493 days ago

My Top Godaddy Auction Picks For Saturday 11-3-12

 Mark As Read    

Pardon my brevity this morning as I'm still without power and had to make a short drive in order to post this list. Not the best of lists but I have highlighted a couple of domains I like below. - Registered in a few extensions. 9 years old and has a single $12 bid. -

Bill Eisenmann 1496 days ago

My Godaddy Domain Auction Picks For Friday 11-2-12

 Mark As Read    

It's been a long week due to Sandy. I haven't had power at home since Monday evening and I have a new appreciation for my extended life laptop battery and Verizon hotspot which have enabled me to keep the lists going. I'll never take electricity for granted again. No complaints from me though as many

Bill Eisenmann 1497 days ago

My Thursday Godaddy Auction Picks 11-1-12

 Mark As Read    

There's not a whole lot to get excited about in the Godaddy auctions today but I did the work so I might as well post the lick. On a better note, Godaddy did listen to the feedback regarding the lack of "age" data in the new auction format and they put it back. Have a

Bill Eisenmann 1498 days ago

Best of Wednesday?s Godaddy Domain Auctions 10-31-12

 Mark As Read    

Godaddy has made some drastic changes to the format of their auction site and I'm still getting used to it. They no longer display the age of the domain on the auction pages and it bums me out. That was one of the characteristics I liked to point out in the top section of my

Bill Eisenmann 1499 days ago

My Picks For Tuesday?s Godaddy Domain Auctions 10-30-12

 Mark As Read    

Sandy carried very strong winds here in Cleveland during the early morning hours and the rain is still coming down. I'm currently without power and had to rely on my laptop battery and cellular hotspot to get this post out. Tomorrow's list might be in jeopardy unless power is restored soon. I hope everyone affected

Bill Eisenmann 1500 days ago

My Monday Godaddy Auction Picks 10-29-12

 Mark As Read    

I was very short on time after arriving back in town last evening and was forced to take some shortcuts. The domain list turned out just fine though. I expected the volume to be down, which it is, but there are still a handful of really nice finds which make this list worthwhile. I hope

Bill Eisenmann 1501 days ago

131 UnReg?d Available Keyword .Com?s

 Mark As Read    

Here is your Sunday list of unregistered, available domain names that I promised yesterday. It'll be good to be back home tomorrow and I'm hoping to start back up with the Godaddy expired lists on Monday. 131 Available Domains For Sunday 10/28/2012 Smokin Hot Savings! .COMs from AdventuresI...

Bill Eisenmann 1502 days ago

148 Godaddy Closeout Keyword .Com Domains

 Mark As Read    

I'm still in Colorado and won't be returning home until Sunday afternoon. There simply hasn't been an opportunity for me to create daily Godaddy lists the past two days so here is a Godaddy closeout list for today. I'm planning on posting an "available" list tomorrow and then things will return to normal on Monday

Bill Eisenmann 1503 days ago

My Picks For Thursday?s Godaddy Auctions 10-25-12

 Mark As Read    

I prepared today's Godaddy list early Wednesday evening as I'll be flying to Colorado this morning and won't be returning until Sunday. If time permits, I'll publish lists while I'm away but I doubt I'll be able to do it all 3 days. Things should return to normal on Monday once I return. Thanks and

Bill Eisenmann 1505 days ago

My Godaddy Auction Picks for Wednesday 10-24-12

 Mark As Read    

Wednesday's Godaddy auction lineup is lacking a bit of luster. Volume is down and overall quality is too, if I'm to be completely honest. I've highlighted a few of my favorites up top and most of the domains in the "Best of the Rest" section have very few, if any bids at all. Best of

Bill Eisenmann 1506 days ago

Tuesday Best of Godaddy Domain Auctions 10-23-12

 Mark As Read    

The top of Tuesday's board at Godaddy is dominated by public auctions. The good news is that most of them don't have reserves. Most of the better expired auctions have been discovered by bidders but there are a few good ones that nobody has noticed. Thanks for visiting and utilizing my daily lists. I really

Bill Eisenmann 1507 days ago

My Favorite Godaddy Auctions for Monday 10-22-12

 Mark As Read    

Saturday has finally produced a quality Godaddy list after a number of duds the past month or two. I was beginning to think there was a correlation between weekends and crappy inventory but today might change my mind on that. There are plenty of quality entries that are doing well and a nice mix of

Bill Eisenmann 1508 days ago

Sunday?s Available Domains Plus Godaddy Closeouts 10-21-12

 Mark As Read    

Here is your Sunday list of unregistered, available domain names plus nearly 200 keyword domains that are currently in Godaddy closeout status. Task 1 complete, now it's time to clean up some leaves before the football games start. Have a great Sunday! 80 Available Domains For Sunday 10/21/2012 Smokin Hot Savings! .COMs from Aromather...

Bill Eisenmann 1509 days ago

Best of Saturday?s Godaddy Domain Auctions 10-20-12

 Mark As Read    

Saturday has finally produced a quality Godaddy list after a number of duds the past month or two. I was beginning to think there was a correlation between weekends and crappy inventory but today might change my mind on that. There are plenty of quality entries that are doing well and a nice mix of

Bill Eisenmann 1510 days ago

Friday?s Top Godaddy Auctions According to Me 10-19-12

 Mark As Read    

The week is wrapping up but today's expired Godaddy list doesn't exactly end it with a bang. I'd give it a 5 out of 10 on my unofficial scale of quality. My opinion doesn't count nearly as much as yours though when it comes to spending your money. Have a great weekend and good luck

Bill Eisenmann 1511 days ago

My Godaddy Auction Picks for Thursday 10-18-12

 Mark As Read    

It's an unusual day at Godaddy auctions with public auctions getting most of the top end bids. I didn't find much to write home about in the expired auctions but since the work was put in, I might as well list what I found. Hopefully things improve tomorrow. Have a great day! - This is

Bill Eisenmann 1512 days ago

Wednesday?s Expired Godaddy Auction Lineup 10-17-12

 Mark As Read    

It's an unusual day at Godaddy auctions with public auctions getting most of the top end bids. I didn't find much to write home about in the expired auctions but since the work was put in, I might as well list what I found. Hopefully things improve tomorrow. Have a great day! - 10 years

Bill Eisenmann 1513 days ago

My Top Godaddy Auction Picks For Tuesday 10-16-12

 Mark As Read    

It looks like I spoke too soon yesterday as the volume of quality domains dropped considerably in today's Godaddy inventory. I did find a handful of sleepers that I really like and I've highlighted them below. Have a great day and good luck in your auctions. - I've imposed a buying ban on myself until

Bill Eisenmann 1514 days ago

Monday?s Expired Godaddy Auction Lineup 10-15-12

 Mark As Read    

Monday's Godaddy auction lineup is a pretty good one and volume continues to be higher than average for the past 2 weeks. There are plenty of bargains to be had too. I'd say at least 60% of the domains below don't have any bids. - A solid service domain that's registered in multiple extensions

Bill Eisenmann 1515 days ago
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