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Twitter Shopping? They Registered Several ?Buy Now? Domains

 Mark As Read Twitter has registered several "Buy Now" related domain names in what appears to be a move towards in tweet shopping! Some of the newly registered domain names from Twitter that I could find, include: Several reports started popping...

Dot Weekly 847 days ago

Domain Discoveries: Groupon, Transamerica & More

 Mark As Read Welcome to another round of DotWeekly Domain Discoveries of domain names on the move, purchased and newly registered by large companies. Today has a large mix of different movers by several different companies. Here we go with the latest: Groupon Hand registered several "Snap" related domain names like:, SnapGroupon....

Dot Weekly 848 days ago

Did Firefly Mobile Just Vanish?

 Mark As Read Firefly Mobile is a mobile phone company that is focused at kids in the age of 5-12 years old and provides a real mobile phone with simple functions and according to CrunchBase has about $43 million in funding. Well, one thing that has vanished, is its website. I had noticed a DNS change from managed DNS to a generic DNS at Go...

Dot Weekly 848 days ago

Whois Privacy Discrepancy W/ Google Domains

 Mark As Read Here is something that I found pretty interesting while digging around this morning. I had noticed the domain name, which very likely sold at and has transferred to a new owner. I wasn't able to find a sales price btw, but while doing the research on the domain, I ran into something that was surprising to me....

Dot Weekly 848 days ago

Domain Discoveries: Ford, Under Armour And More

 Mark As Read Here are some more silent domain discovery movers that likely wouldn't be discovered without doing a fair amount of digging. These are domain movers of some large companies and here is what I found out. Under Armour Inc. Likely purchased the domain name via Snapnames with the help from MarkMonitor. UA recently lau...

Dot Weekly 851 days ago

Matt Rutledge Buys For $100K

 Mark As Read I was reading an interesting article that I ran into on Digg this evening and the story included two domain name stories in it. If your not sure who Matt Rutledge is, don't worry, I didn't either until I read the story! He started the site . Well, I didn't know Amazon purchased Woot but they did, Matt worked for Amazon for a ...

Dot Weekly 852 days ago

Direct Linking Domains For Sale

 Mark As Read I think it's very important to easily show your domain name is for sale, but this also depends on your domain name! If you own a great generic domain name, it might not be a good idea to put up a for sale sign. In this case, I think the "you want it, but you can't have it feeling" can easily drive up an offer price! Plus, having a gre...

Dot Weekly 853 days ago

DotWeekly Discoveries: Retweet, P&G, Hilton And More

 Mark As Read Here is another quick DotWeekly Discoveries with a few domain movers that I discovered and what is happening with each domain name. Most of today's entries include hand registrations but also include other domain movers from some large companies. This story is still developing, because I do not yet know who the new owner ...

Dot Weekly 854 days ago

Digging Into The New Google Domain Registrar

 Mark As Read In true DotWeekly fashion, I am going to dig into the big news from yesterday, that Google Inc. is launching it's own domain name registrar. So here is some info that I was able to dig up. The Registrar Google Inc. actually has been an ICANN Accredited?Domain Registrar for sometime now, 2005 from what I […]

Dot Weekly 855 days ago

DotWeekly Discoveries: and Other Silent Domain Movers

 Mark As Read Prior to me losing my database for DotWeekly and essentially losing 5 years worth of work and my website…. one of the article series I would write was called "Dotweekly Discoveries". This series included several small articles within one article. I often discover things and can not dig up enough data on the topic for […]...

Dot Weekly 857 days ago

ZipZing Dictionary Domain Filtering Software Available Again

 Mark As Read I had stopped offering my dictionary based domain name filtering software ZipZing awhile back and I have been having so many people ask me to offer it again, so I spent the day today getting things ready and have relaunched it! So is open for business again! What is ZipZing? ZipZing is in short, […]

Dot Weekly 857 days ago

GoDaddy Auctions FTP Full Domain List Access

 Mark As Read Here is a how to article on how to obtain the "raw" full list of all the domain names currently on auction at GoDaddy Auctions. You will first use your browser and type the follow web address: Upon visiting that address, you will likely be presented a "log in" authentication box like this: Simply […]...

Dot Weekly 858 days ago

Amazon Fire Phone Domain Digging

 Mark As Read I was following the "Amazon Phone" story for likely different reasons than most… you learn things by watching and researching! I was watching how they played the domain strategy for the new Fire Phone! Could the "name of the phone" been discovered earlier? Features? How are they "hiding" what they are doing? Services used? The [...

Dot Weekly 859 days ago

Deep Links Help Readers and Bloggers

 Mark As Read The way stays "live" and free is from affiliate commissions, advertisers and sales of products or services. Just like most websites. Well, I do not have advertisers and I really only lightly promote a couple other things I have. So my main income from DotWeekly is from affiliate links I use in my articles […]...

Dot Weekly 860 days ago

Domain Metrics Study Part 2

 Mark As Read Here is part 2 of a "live" domain metrics study I am doing in an effort to find metrics that will help "find good domains" or if there really is one! Here is part 1 if you missed it. Part 1 I looked at $10 1 bid domains at GoDaddy to see if I could […]

Dot Weekly 860 days ago

$250K Domain Expires, On Auction

 Mark As Read It was reported by several sites like that the website and domain name sold for $250,000 on Flippa in early 2010. A short 4 years later(not in tech life, but you get my point)?and the domain name has expired and is currently (6/17/2014) on expired domain name auction at GoDaddy Aucti...

Dot Weekly 862 days ago

Domain Discount Club Is Worth It

 Mark As Read The GoDaddy Domain Discount Club is worth the investment! If you purchase domain names in GoDaddy Auctions, have at least 20 domains, you are lazy… then I really think it's worth it! I am extremely cheap, sometimes lazy and I love a deal when I can find it and the discount club is a deal. […]

Dot Weekly 862 days ago

How To: Domain Transfer Out Of New Moniker

 Mark As Read just changed to a new site design and this often leads to having a hard time finding what you are looking for! Well, domain name registrars rarely ever want to see you leave, so they can make the transfer out process hard and Monikers new design does just this. So how do you transfer […]

Dot Weekly 863 days ago

Domain Metrics Study Part 1

 Mark As Read As many of you know, I like to dig into stuff! I like to look at things from a lot of different angles. Sometimes this leads to discoveries that are uncommon and another approach to look for thing. When the topic is Domain Names, there are many metrics to consider, but is there a "set" […]

Dot Weekly 864 days ago

GoDaddy Auctions Quick Facts

 Mark As Read Sometimes we learn things from facts and looking at things from a different perspective… so here are some quick facts using data I gathered on GoDaddy Auctions with some tools that I use! These facts are estimates, as data changes constantly! These are facts, because at the time I downloaded the data, these were the […]

Dot Weekly 871 days ago Registers 64 Phone Domain Names

 Mark As Read Amazon is set to announce a "new device" on June 18, 2014 but did they just tip their hand? On June 4, 2014 through the MarkMonitor service, Amazon has registered 64 domain names related to a phone! It is likely going to be a "larger phone" because they registered the term Phablet? It will likely […]

Dot Weekly 874 days ago

.Whatever! My Take On The New gTLDs

 Mark As Read A lot of buzz about the new gTLD's and I haven't said a word about it yet, well until now! Money! Money is the first thing that comes to my mind. It is a pure money thing. Money for ICANN and money for the registries of the the gTLD's and registrars playing the game. Registrars […]

Dot Weekly 874 days ago

45 .com Domains Renewed For $119

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comI have been extremely tight on money and I have been dropping domain names like flies… but I needed to come up with away to save at least some domains and be able to renew some on the cheap! So what did I do? It cost about $9 per domain to renew at GoDaddy It […]

Dot Weekly 997 days ago

Afternic Pushing Nice Five Figure Domain Sales

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comI was browsing the "recently sold" section on and they have been pushing out some nice five figure domain name sales lately! Domains always seem to amaze me, because one person can look at a domain sale and be like… wow, that was a nice sale, or I wouldn't pay that much for "that"

Dot Weekly 1233 days ago

Dr Oz Magazine On The Way via Hearst Domain Reg

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comBack in late January 2013 some rumors swirled that Dr. Oz would be releasing a magazine and was 90% close to inking a deal with Hearst Communications as reported by the …. well, Hearst Communications?just registered several domain names that nearly seal the deal with the magazine deal! Hearst Communications?has registe...

Dot Weekly 1238 days ago Closes My Account, Keeps My Money

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comI have been parking domain names with for many years. It was never the best, but I did like several things they offered and that is why I used the service. What I liked the most was the way they displayed "for sale" messages ontop of the landing pages for domains you wished to

Dot Weekly 1253 days ago

$60K Purchase of Was Coke

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comYesterday I reported that the domain name was reported sold by Mike Mann on his Facebook page for $60,000 and today The Coca Cola Company is listed as the new owners in whois records! This clearly shows that companies will spend big bucks to own the exact match domain name for advertising campaigns! Here is...

Dot Weekly 1274 days ago

EA Acquires Battlefield 4 Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comElectronic Arts has acquired the domain name for the upcoming launch of the 13th installment of the very popular game Battlefield. The new BF4 game is set to launch in the fall of 2013. EA isn't shy in using great domain names, as they simply use for the "main" domain name for the games

Dot Weekly 1274 days ago

$60K Sale Of Shows Domain Dreams

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comDomain names can be some amazing little buggers! That's why I love them so much! You never know what you are holding and who wants your one of a kind piece of virtual real estate. Domain names can be extremely powerful when used in marketing, as it can easily direct a massive amount of eyeballs

Dot Weekly 1275 days ago

I Just About Shipped My Pants!

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comKmart of all stores came up with a commercial that has gone viral and it's funny! I think of Kmart and the 80's, empty parking lots and brown shopping carts. I hate the color brown and the 80's were some 30 years ago. Well, Kmart pulled a fast one on everybody and produced a commercial

Dot Weekly 1292 days ago

Unreported Domain Sales:, and More

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comDoing some digging (it's what I do) I was able to uncover some domain names that have sold recently (likely for a fair amount) but went unreported likely due to an NDA. The following domain names have "clear" whois changes but were not reported sold for whatever reason. The sales took place via BuyDomains or

Dot Weekly 1293 days ago

Spy on the Big Boys in Domaining

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comLearn from those who are successful! Makes darn good sense to me and I'm sure makes sense to you. Well, here is a tip on spying on the big boys to see what they are doing. Lets take a large domain name company like BuyDomains/Afternic aka NameMedia. I'm sure they have a lot of smart

Dot Weekly 1293 days ago Sells for $25K, $20K

 Mark As Read has just published a couple nice five figure sales that have just cleared. sold for $25,000 USD sold for $20,000 USD

Dot Weekly 1294 days ago

Cherish Your Domain Name Sales

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comCherish them all really, because they can often be few and far between… and they can even appear to stop! The larger and more quality portfolio you have, the less likely this will happen but as your portfolio shrinks, so will the offers and sales! At least this is exactly what has happened to me!

Dot Weekly 1294 days ago KFC is Ditching The Bones From Chicken

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comKFC is getting ready to launch a full scale attack on bones! The "viral" machine they are hoping to ride on? I Ate The Bones! + a large scale ad campaign on boneless chicken. Ads will feature the tag line I Ate The Bones and KFC was wise enough to run with that tag line

Dot Weekly 1299 days ago

Domain Sale Prices Can Be Head Scratchers

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly.comI have been involved in the domain industry for over 7 years now and I have yet to figure out a rhyme or reason behind the vast majority of reported domain name sales and the prices paid for the domains. Some random terms to you or I can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

Dot Weekly 1301 days ago

Bounty DuraTowel Forgets DAH

 Mark As Read    

Procter & Gamble owns a lot of "exact match" domain names but for some reason simply never registered the exact match (IMO) name of one of the companies new products. DuraTowel. DuraTowel? is in the Bounty? paper towel family but simply sits unregistered? Being "available" to be registered is well worth the $10 to...

Dot Weekly 1323 days ago

DotWeekly Starting Back Up!

 Mark As Read    

DotWeekly was a vibrant site with thousands of visitors daily and was completely lost during a hosting change in late 2012. After doing some thinking and simply taking a little time off, I have felt the need to start sharing again! In the coming weeks I will be rebuilding to the look and feel

Dot Weekly 1366 days ago

Wii U Nintendo Domains Registered Day Of Game Announcement

 Mark As Read    

Nintendo has registered several new domain names with its announcement yesterday Pre-E3 about the Wii U gaming system. The domain names that I was able to dig up include: (Social Network) (Social Network) (New Controller) (Touch Gaming Pad) Interestingly enough, all of the above wer...

Dot Weekly 1604 days ago

DotWeekly Discoveries: Newly Acquired Domains By Large Companies

 Mark As Read    

Welcome to another round of DotWeekly Discoveries, which includes a bunch of digging by me to find a fair amount of newly registered domain names by large companies. All of the domain names are based on whois records data and some domains were registered in several other TLD's like .net, .org etc. by the company.

Dot Weekly 1610 days ago Purchased By .com Registry Verisign Inc

 Mark As Read    

The registry for .com domain names has made a .com purchase themselves and purchased the catchy domain name (Get A .com) I wasn't able to discover a price paid, but according to whois records, Verisign is now the owner of the domain name. Based on experience, it would appear that Verisign used a domain

Dot Weekly 1617 days ago Domain Name Purchased By Google?

 Mark As Read    

The single letter domain name was reserved by the .me registry for several years but a recent change in whois has me thinking that a new owner is in the works! moved from the .me registry to a generic whois contact information for brand protection company MarkMonitor. Google Inc. just so happens to

Dot Weekly 1621 days ago

Google Wins Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

Back in March of this year, Google changed some things up and changed names of it "marketplace" for apps, games and music from Android Market to Google Play. One thing missing with the name change was the matching domain name as it was owned by somebody else already. Google filed a compliant with the

Dot Weekly 1622 days ago

MLB Acquires Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

Major League Baseball has acquired the generic domain name according to whois records for an undisclosed sum. The "official site" of the Oakland Athletics resides at but it will be easier to visit the site directly, as MLB almost always does a redirect of the basebal...

Dot Weekly 1623 days ago

Apple Grabs Domain Name

 Mark As Read    

Apple Inc. has successfully obtained the domain name through a WIPO claim they recently filed. The domain name is now registered under the brand protection company Corporation Service Company, which is a domain name registrar Apple has been using lately. I would expect the whois data to update to Apple Inc. shortly. It is

Dot Weekly 1625 days ago

Ford Goes Further With $10K Domain Purchase

 Mark As Read    

I have been taking a break lately and I'm still not sure if I will continue writing as much as I did but I will see. Anyway, Andrew over at reported on May 2, 2012 that the domain name had sold for $10,000 at Sedo to a Mark Monitor client…. well, that client

Dot Weekly 1633 days ago

Farmville 2 Coming Soon By Zynga? Domain Hints At It

 Mark As Read    

Farmville lovers may get a old, new game to play pretty soon! Farmville 2 According to some recent changes with the domain name, it would appear that Zynga is getting its ducks in a row to launch a second series of its super popular game Farmville. was not owned by Zynga and was

Dot Weekly 1654 days ago Expired Domain Auction, Joe Vitt Named Saints Head Coach

 Mark As Read    

New Orleans Saints have named assistant coach Joe Vitt as the new interim head coach according to and it just so happens that the domain name (his surname) is currently an expired domain name auction taking place! The no reserve auction ends on April 14, 2012 at about 4:22 pm Central Standard Time

Dot Weekly 1658 days ago

DomainGang Buys, Shuts It Down

 Mark As Read    

After continued success of selling a gator to some French guy and gaining fast fame with the gang, DomainGang has eaten back his pray and purchased In the surprise twist nobody saw coming, the self portrait of "Mr. DG" is the only thing you will find upon visiting the once beloved! 100% not

Dot Weekly 1658 days ago Sells, Plus More Domain Movers

 Mark As Read    

Based on whois records, the domain name has been sold via I haven't seen a published purchase price but if it was a public sale, I would expect it to be published by Sedo. The domain name is still in the transfer process so the new owner is not currently known. The average

Dot Weekly 1667 days ago
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